Yrsa Firebringer

First Officer

Casa di Cavalieri
First Officer
Luperci Healer Tier III, Tailor Tier II Lavender Staff
Discord Handle: MaytaFhang#5717
Date of Birth:
16th September 2017
Luperci Ortus
Yrsa Firebringer is an earthy toned coywolf, seventy three percent Canis lupus and twenty seven percent Canis latrans, that looks mostly like her wolf ancestors. Primarily sandal (#AB8E72)lightening to rodeo dust (#CEB6A0)on her underbelly and chin. Her mask and the majority of her cape are a mottled kabul (#544639)and sand dune (#857464). Markings of note of the two lighter dots of clam shell (#D4BFB3)at the corners of her eyes, and old copper (#77512D)on her muzzle, side, and neck. During the winter, he pelt is downy and thick with an undercoat to keep her warm during the harsh conditions. In summer she appears much more thin do to her loss of undercoat and with the help of her guard hairs, it keeps her cool on hot days. Her eyes are primarily Neptune (#6FBDB8), but can darken or lighten depending on her mood.

While in Lupus, the Firebringer stands at two foot, five inches with a weight of around one hundred and forty pounds. She will occasionally use this form when she feels the need to go back to her roots. In Secui, her size increases to three foot three inches and she gains about forty pounds, weighing in about one hundred and eighty pounds. Yrsa is hardly ever in this form. Optime is the coywolf's preferred form by a long shot and is in it at least eighty percent of the time. At full height she stands at six foot and three inches and pushes two hundred and twenty pounds.

Yrsa doesn't typically wear clothes, but usually carries a medical crossbody bag with her at all times because she never knows when an emergency may arise. The only other item that is with her at all times is the wooden pendant that hangs around her neck.

The Firebringer's hair is kept in a short angled bob, being slightly longer in the front and bangs. This way it stays out of her way and she doesn't have to worry about tying it back.
Yrsa is very much no-nonsense, though has an excellent bed-side manner. She is an empath and has the unique ability to say and act just the right way to calm someone in pain. Outside of her business she is a spit-fire and strong willed; she does not take guff from anyone. When duties allow, she likes to have a good time.

The Firebringer daughter tends to make friends easily and cherishes those friendships. She is good natured and attracts good energy. While she has gone on some dates with a couple of the local luperci, she hasn't found one she wishes to settle down with, at least not yet.

Having lived on her own for most of her adult life she is extremely independent, which means she sometimes struggles to ask for help when needed. Her stubbornness is very much a trait in-line with her Stormbringer heritage.

The coywolf aligns mostly with Chaotic Good, she has a good heart and is a free spirit. She will always provide aid when needed, especially during chaotic and time of crisis. Her family and friends mean everything to her and she believes that no matter who someone is, should be treated fairly and kindly.

When interacting with others Yrsa comes off as kind and good-natured; there is but the slightest Irish accent evident in her speech.
Yrsa Firebringer is the daughter of Akara Firebringer and TBD coyote male. She was born 16 September 2017 in her family's ancestral homeland, Solbjorg Valley. Her mother and extended family raised her until she was old enough to fend for herself. After extensive training with her grandmother Palaydrian Soul, Yrsa became a premier healer and established a clinic in a small house just outside the city of Halifax. There she lived for many years, sustaining herself through her trade; she held a good reputation with those in area, and many would travel far to seek her services.

After being attacked without warning, Yrsa was injured and ended up being brought to Casa di Cavalieri for aid. After healing from gruesome injuries, she will decide to remain in the pack after learning some of her extended family lives there, and not wanting to return to her clinic out of fear of more violence.

When tragedy struck Casa di Cavalieri during the Feast, celebrating ten years of the pack, she was in the middle of it all, where she truly shined as a healer. Yrsa helped everyone she could in an organized and orderly fashion with the help of Cerberus and the pack herbalists. While sad that they had lost four pack mates, she was grateful that they didn't lose more.

The Firebringer will eventually work towards journeyman and master healer and may pick up another co-rank if she finds something that interests her during her time with Casa di Cavalieri.
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