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Dog Hybrid (1/4 Spaniel, 1/4 Dalmatian, 2/4 Retriever)
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19th October 2019
As a non-Luperci, she finds herself limited in anything beautiful like clothes and hairstyle. Rue is a cross between a Spaniel and a Dalmatian; she has no 'wild blood'. It is something she has come to see as lacking. There may be other dog genes in her, but the strongest of her blood are those two. Tall and lanky like a Dalmatian while having the floppy and wiry hair of a Spaniel, she takes the coloring from the larger breed. Black and white are her natural hues, with periwinkle blue eyes that seem glazed over. In reality, they are diluted blue with rings of darker pale blues.

With a heavy streak of black from her snout all the way to the tip of her tail, Rue has duo-colored back legs. There are streaks of black on her front as well, but they fade the more it rises. The young woman has a bib of very diluted beige that contrasts into black. Her chin is also black. Various small spots and specks over her body remind another that she has Dalmatian heritage. Her eyes appear always tired, for there are rings of ebony under them almost like mascara. She has a subtle gray V-shape across her shoulders. Rue boasts a long and fluffy tail and large floppy ears.

Her hair is curly and thin, with long legs and a compact body.

If she was ever turned into a Luperci, Rue would stand at 5 ft and 6 inches in Optime. She is of the Normal size, on a smaller scale. Her Secui form is 40 inches and her Lupus is 28 inches. Rue will hold herself daintily like a submissive lady, with odd bursts of random movements. Voluptuous of body, she boasts a nice figure that is often covered in gothic-styled Medieval clothing. The woman loves dresses and skirts. She tends to favor red, black, and white colors. If gifted jewelry, she prefers monochrome colored with a nice ruby red accent. Will take special care of her Optime hair, to the point of washing it regularly.

She will style it in various designs.
Rue typically carries herself with the sort of manic energy one would expect a child to have. She is wide-eyed and bushy-tailed at the world, eager to learn. As a non-Luperci, she is more in tune with her animalistic side. Hunting is a form of sport to her, and she will spend hours chasing something down if it catches her eye. If she ever was to be turned, Rue would always express delight at seeing everything in a new light. But while seemingly naïve to other folks, even childish, she hides a clever and adaptable personality. Outwardly optimistic, she does not seem to know right from wrong. It will not take much to be turned into a dangerous way of thinking. While she seems to be shaped solely on others, depending on them, Rue has her own basic desires to fall back on.

In an eagerness to 'help' people, her assistance may not be with wholly good intentions. Inquisitive to a fault, she is more like a child with a present. She'll rip the paper off to see the inside; like Rue will do with people if given the chance. Weapons especially are interesting to her, and she will covet and collect them - only to use them on unsuspecting prey. But she still enjoys doing everything by way of paw and claw. Her ideas are quite morbid, with her barking out seemingly gory suggestions to simple problems. Have a headache? Chop your head off! Simple! It's quite unclear if Rue is doing this for shock value or she really does not understand. Her outbursts can be almost endearing and innocent - if not for the fact she's quite eager to do the chopping rather than stuff you full of herbs.

The woman does not 'suffer' from anything, be it mental or physical. She's drawn to the macabre and has an almost pious lady-like way of holding herself around strangers. She knows her place - it is biological to submit to those of power - but one day she will be among them. This desire for power can help or hinder. She values learning from the experienced in life, takes their lessons to heart and uses them against others. If not for the fact she is an opportunistic two-faced bitch, she would be sugary sweet. Rue hides behind her ignorance until she is confident enough to be truthful.

Rue will oft speak in poems of her own design, rhyming in a sing-song way while tilting her head. She does actually sing when no one is looking; perhaps the only shame she has is being judged because of her voice. Her tune is haunting and almost sweet. Maternal and affectionate, Rue clings to people she finds interesting. Though if they were to be lost - dead or missing - she does not deal with their emptiness in a healthy way. Believes in the spirits, though has no true religion. Open to exploring and being converted.

singing voice claim; Amy Lee of Evanescence
Mother; unknown whereabouts
Father; unknown whereabouts

Adopted Parent; Marie Blight, deceased
Mercy; female. 1-year-old mourning dove. pet. low speech capable. found shortly after her mother's death. useless but sings nicely. expendable.
Rue Blight was born to a non-Luperci couple living on the outskirts of New Orleans. She was never named by her parents. Highly suspicious and paranoid, they saw the only living child of their almost stillborn litter a burden and a curse. She was more or less tolerated. When Rue was able to live without milk, she was traded away to a Luperci for food and supplies. The older woman was a hunter, who made her living putting meat on the table of others. While at first, Marie only wanted a servant to assist her. She grew to love the little pup as her own, raising her and giving her a name. Though there were chances to turn the girl into a Luperci, Marie always thought it should be a choice. Rue seemed quite happy in her four-legged body and never noticed any discrimination. Perhaps she placed it behind a wall in her mind.

Though there existed a game for Marie and Rue; entering towns and other settlements biased against non-Luperci, Rue was to act the part of a simple hunting dog. A servant. A slave. And while Marie never treated her as such alone, Rue desired and loathed. They roamed the lands near New Orleans for close to two years alone. Marie did not like company and was suspicious of anyone that tried to befriend Rue. Once the girl was ready to hunt, Marie taught her all she knew. Rue also learned how to read and write. While a practical woman, Marie spoiled her girl when she could afford to. While the single mother wanted to give her little girl more, fancy things would only attract the attention of the unwanted.

During a hunting trip North, Marie would be felled by a game she had always struggled with; bear. And while Rue tried to help, her mother screamed at her to run. The details are fuzzy when the girl looks back on them. Sometimes she berates herself for her ignorance. Sometimes Rue even envisioned leading the bear to her parent on purpose. These darker thoughts consume her. Woken up, hungry, and saw the little dog first - the bear attacked. Marie threw herself in front of the animal. A valiant effort to save her adopted daughter ended with the woman's death. Rue could not even bury her, for the bear saw fit to take the body. The violent way her parent died in front of her only solidified a need to understand death. And perhaps, just perhaps, spark a desire to see more of it.

Rue took to scavenging from others to survive. She pretends she is a simple beast at times to avoid the bias (and violence) of most Luperci, knowing how to be patient and quiet and play the fool. This hides an envious feeling toward them. Jealousy of their abilities and their beauty. Want to be like them. To be powerful. One day, she might be. One day, she would see the world tremble at her paws. Wouldn't that be something?
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