Date of Birth:
29th December 2016
Optime: 86 in (7 ft 2 in); 300 lb (136 kg) [Preferred]
Secui: 50 in (127 cm); 175 lb (79.5 kg)
Lupus: 40 in (101.5 cm); 110 lb (50 kg)

His fur it thick like a husky's would be, with black being the main coloring. He keeps his fur cut short, not even having enough to have a hairstyle. There is also white that graces his pelt, the most noticeable markings being the ones over his eyes, which are yellow in color. There are also noticeable scars on his head near his right eye. His body is muscular, well-toned, and solid looking.

Thedric can normally be found dressed in leathers and furs, the amount varies in the season. He also has a leather made chest strap that keeps his two hand axes on his back. Around his neck, he wears a leather cord that holds a bone charm with small carvings in the shape of a tooth. This added to his tall nature adds to his intimidating looks. Which can include his almost always stern looking expression.

He often uses this to his advantage in a fight, hoping to scare any opponent away, even if he does know how to fight. Anyone who is not scared away from him will find that all that muscle is for more than just looks and that he is more than able to the strength behind them.
Thedric is quiet at the best and worst of times and doesn't seem to change his expression much, likely causing others to be cautious of him. He is also loyal and tough, he takes others' lives into consideration before his own, and has gotten hurt often due to this. He doesn't mind if it means his family and loved ones are safe and bears the resulting scars with pride.

He is also kind and gentle when he doesn't need to be on guard or work to defend those he loves. He does his best to face every new day hoping for the best, but also being prepared for the worst, while he also does his best not to dwell on what failures he might have, using them as a way to learn. When it comes to teaching or speaking with others, he seems to have an unending patience and isn't very quick to anger.

When he does get angry, he can be a force to reckon with, relying on his training to his full advantage. Deep down he is a gentle soul who only wishes to protect those he cares about and therefore strengthened himself for that goal.
Maisie- younger sister
Maisie- younger sister

Eir- Gypsy Vanner mare
Draven- male raven
Thedric comes from a much colder land, which he refuses to even name, no matter how well known you may be to him. It was in these cold and often harsh lands that he learned how to fight, hunt and survive. The reasons he left are known only to him, and it isn't likely that he will ever speak of them. He doesn't really feel like the reasons really matter all that much anyways, leaving his life and past shrouded in mystery.

Since then he has traveled where he pleases. Often only pausing long enough to teach his skills to others. Perhaps one day he will find a place that he feels like settling down, but for now he is content with his nomadic nature. It at least gives him a chance to see and explore new lands, which he enjoys. As he travels, he might also volunteer his services to others as a bodyguard. Or he is also willing to hunt for someone who might be lacking in skill, or be too hurt to do so themselves.

He is always to offer aid where he can, though he doesn't often get many people who approach him openly.
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