Casa di Cavalieri
Creature: Cougar Guardsman Tier I, Brotherhood: Tooth and Claw
Heart of a Lion
Discord Handle: JazzytheHippo#1273
Mountain Lion
Date of Birth:
15th November 2020
Parzival is large for his kind; reaching 2'8" at his shoulders and weighing 200lbs, he was not only born to be large but also granted an easy upbringing to allow him to put on such an impressive weight. His fur has lost the dark spots typical of kittens and now remains a sandy tone with only darker patches on his round ears, tail tip and brow. The beige colours also lighten in whites around his muzzle and across his stomach.

His large eyes are a sharp amber tone, usually framed by relaxed eyelids that often give Parzival the expression of looking tired or annoyed. The thick whiskers on his lips move frequently as Parzival thinks, usually accompanied by the heavy flicking of his large tail.

Under the thick layers of fur, Parzival is muscular and strong, a fit example of his species. His large paws hide impressively sharpened claws that the cat only shows off when stretching, to avoid unnerving any pack-mates, a similar effort is made to keep his long canine fangs also hidden away.

Having grown up around canines, Parzival has a clear voice, tone changed only by the feline's grumbling voice or desire to hiss. An impressibe skill that Parzival likes to show off is his ability to scream, though the cat only really shouts like this when in a fight or when scaring off intruders.
Whatever fear Parzival felt towards canines disappeared quickly when he was adopted into Casa. After being shown just how easy his life could be; with meals given to him, affection and as many lazy days as he could want, Parzival soon made the decision himself that he didn't really want to leave. Parzival knows he is different; he'll never shift like others do nor properly belong in their society, but the large cat doesn't really mind. Being different makes him feel special, and Parzival is determined to prove that he can be just as useful to the pack as any other.

He spends most of his time lying around, typically on top of buildings or wherever the sun is hitting, but Parzival also loves to seek out attention from others. He might've been raised by Casa's most polite member, but Parzival is more than capable of making a joke and expressing himself in a more sassy manner, with a cunning that the cat is rather proud of.

Parzival considers himself a Cavalier, but also doesn't detach himself entirely from his own natural desires. Casa is his territory in the sense that the feline doesn't want harm to come to it, or anyone living there, which makes him fiercely protective of his friends and family. But as he gets older, Parizval also starts to feel an urge to explore and roam; scope out other territories to see what might be out there, just without the desire to go live on his own.
Parizval's story really began when his mother died at the borders of a pack. A pack that decided to take him in rather than chase the young orphan kitten away. It had been a fight at first, but lucky for Parzival, his new adopted parent was an incredibly stubborn man. Cedric persisted with giving Parzival a home until he was old enough to survive on his own, and the kitten soon gave in to the easy lifestyle offered to him.

Having a safe place to hide, food given to him each day, and some nice adopted siblings to play with, allowed Parzival to ease into this new life without hesitation. Enjoying it so much, when the feline was old enough to decide things for himself, he naturally chose to stick around and bask in the easy life rather than go off on his own and work hard.

But making the decision to live amongst canines came with the added cost of knowing he couldn't just lie around forever. So as Parzival grew, so did his desire to fit in to the new way of life he'd chosen for himself. He wanted to be part of the ranks, the chance to work and be a part of Cavalier culture, but most of all Parzival wanted to protect the thing he now loved the most. Naturally strong and capable, Parzival has fitted in nicely, and now the young mountain lion aims to climb ranks and show everyone that his appearance or species doesn't change who he could be.
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