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Lyn is most often seen in his Optime form. In fact, he can't recall the last time he used his Secui form, and he hasn't used his Lupus form since he first shifted. A coydog that has much of the body structure of a coyote but with extra weight and heft to him, Lyn's ears are also decidedly smaller than a full coyote. His pelt, too, could not be mistaken for a full coyote. That being said, his bone structure suggests the coyote heritage, if little else does.

Standing at 6'2'', or 188 cm, Lyn is rather tall but doesn't reach the giant sizes. More than that, though, he has the body of a lean hunter. Living alone, far from society and always on the chase, Lyn isn't quite bulky so much as he is fit. His muscles stand out only because he doesn't have much fat in reserve. Loner life is hard, and harder still when one never stops to rest.

Lyn generally looks very comfortable no matter the situation he is in. This is a testament to his overwhelming confidence, which leads him to believe that he will be fine no matter what trouble he gets himself into. He also usually looks rather gloomy and mean, and tends to sulk and glower when he doesn't get his way or is at all bored. Happy expressions make their way onto his face rarely.

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Charming in a rugged and surprising sort of way, Lyn rarely struggles to get what he wants. Though he is mean and moody, somehow he consistently manages to get folks to think that this is simply a rough exterior. That deep inside he has a heart of gold, waiting to be revealed. Lyn knows this and plays it to his advantage.

Generally speaking Lyn has a frown pinned to his face and a gloomy expression. He doesn't speak much—he doesn't have to. He can get his point across with just his expression and body language. Often, though, the reason he isn't all that chatty is because he doesn't particularly care. There is little that Lyn cares about, and an air of apathy and disinterest hangs about him. When he does care, though, when something does catch his interest, Lyn focuses all of his attention on it. This can be either incredibly charming or deeply disturbing depending on the context of the situation.

Worst of all, Lyn has a violent temper that can spark with little warning and build into a blazing fire which can only be stopped with time and space. Too easily, Lyn will turn to violence, and though he doesn't particularly enjoy harming others in a sadistic sense, he does have a deep desire to control them and doesn't really feel bad about harming anyone.

Despite this, Lyn is intelligent in a sick and conniving way. He knows how to get out of bad situations and how to manipulate others into believing his story—and only his story.
Mother: Beca Nest (dead)
Father: Dylan Nest (dead)
Siblings: Bryn and Ewan Nest (younger littermates)

Extended: Caden Nest (Uncle)
Lyn’s father, Dylan, was an ex-gambler. His mother Agnes was a drunk. Somehow, his father and his uncle Caden were as thick as thieves for much of his childhood—even though Caden was a flakey addict that would have sold all their belongings and Lyn for his next high. Lyn remembered the day that his father realized that he should have cut Caden out of their lives a long time ago. Remembered the strangers showing up at their door and his father closing the closet door on him and his brothers before answering it. A part of him wondered whether it would have been better if he could have seen them killing his father—though really his father didn’t die until the next day, a long and miserable and painful death. Sometimes when he thought that his mother didn’t love him he was reminded of that day, of how she’d returned to see their father beaten bloody on the floor and screamed, and how when she couldn’t find them she’d thought that the gang had stolen him and his brothers to sell. He remembered her relief when she’d opened the closet and found them huddled together, too scared to leave the closet even when they’d heard her calling for them.

Later, they’d learned that Caden had sold them out to pay his debts.

With his father gone, Lyn was left at the mercy of his mother, who only got worse after her husband’s murder. Somehow, him being the oldest, he got the worst of her abuse. By the time he was nearing his second year, he hated her more than anyone in the world. Well, almost. He hated those gang members for killing his father more. And he hated Caden for betraying them even more. Lyn was a boy full of rage.

When he'd heard Caden returned to town, something in Lyn snapped. He would have killed his mother in that very moment, had his brothers not pulled him off her. What he didn’t know is that, like his father, his mother died a day after his assault. At the time though, he just grabbed his things (which were few) and left. By this point Lyn had grown up and his rage had pushed him to fight. Often. He walked to the old building that said ‘Police’ that the gang lived in and strode in without a care in the world. Lyn often put himself back in that moment, when he’d stared those men down and they’d gaped back at him. The moment before he’d raised the pipe above his head and bashed it into the nearest man’s head, only twice before he dropped to the floor. It made him feel powerful.

Lyn walked out of that police station hurting like he’d never hurt before. At the time, he remembered thinking how he should have gone after his uncle before doing this, and how he was going to die before he’d get to kill the man he wanted to kill more than anyone he’d already killed. By the time he healed, Caden was gone. So began his hunt.
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