Anactoria Cersine

Date of Birth:
31st October 2018
She is an even mixture of coyote, wolf, and dog with her features a blend of all three. She has the long ears of a coyote but her muzzle while tapered, isn’t as narrow as a coyote’s. Her fur is plush like a collie’s with a longer ruff around her neck. Her tail is a bottlebrush and fox-like in appearance.
  • Lupus: 32 in | 75 lbs
    Anactoria is wiry and slender. She is elegant and moves with grace. She is tall in her Lupus form but while wolf-like in stature, she takes after her coyote blood in build.
  • Secui: 46 in | 125 lbs
    Her Secui form is fairly powerful, seeming taking after her wolf blood. She has thick fur around her neck and looks fairly powerful.
  • Optime: 5'10" | 166 lbs
    Her hair stretches to the middle of her back and she has a feminine shape to her. She stands with a humanized stance and wears clothing as well as jewelry. She has a lovely figure.
Anactoria is fairly humanized, however she doesn’t shirk her feral forms. She sees value in her different forms and uses whichever shape may be most appropriate for her needs, however she defaults to her Optime form. When in Optime she wears clothes and jewelry. Her ears are pierced.
  • A red tunic
  • A black cloak
  • A black leather corset
  • A blue dress
  • A black skirt
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Art by xxBlackRabbitxx
Anactoria is good with others, affable and charming would be a good way to describe her. But most of this is usually an act. She is concerned with her reputation and will stop at nothing to maintain it. She is charismatic and a social expert.

Anactoria is a persuasive person. She is very manipulative and is a natural liar. She is intelligent and notices a lot, though doesn’t indicate that she does and uses it to benefit her later on. She is capable of putting on a mask and has no problem with playing along until she gets what she wants. She's observant of others and is quick to notice when something is off.

She's aided by her keen memory. Anactoria is also a polyglot, aided by her upbringing in a multilingual Coven. She can speak English and Greek fluently. She can speak Italian and German intermediately.

Anactoria does have boundaries though she may be pushed to color outside some of those lines if she really wants something. However she does have lines she will not cross and is repulsed by people such as rapists. She also does practice some religious tolerance as she may look down upon certain religions but can appreciate them in her own way.

Anactoria is also cunning and ambitious. She desires power and wishes to be respected It is fueled by her beliefs and her visions. But also her own desires for respect and self-righteousness.

She believes in many gods and performs fortune telling. She tends to blame misfortunes on fate or bad luck.

She doesn't trust others easily and tries not to get attached. She has walls and masks that do not come down easily. She will go to great lengths to not show weakness in public and keeps many secrets.

She can be rather ruthless and dangerous. She will do anything to protect her interests and has no qualms with murder if she believes it is "right". She will bide her time until she can gain enough power.

Anactoria can become rather paranoid and bottles her stress up until she cannot hold it in. She uses drugs both in religious context but also to calm herself down.
  • Anactoria is knowledgeable of several of pantheons of gods, having been raised in a religious setting. She has been taught Greek, and Norse, Christian mythology however knows some other religious figures in other mythologies.
  • She believes the different gods of the pantheons are facets of each other if not are different names for the same gods. She celebrates different holidays and will call upon or pray to the gods in times of need. She performs many different rituals.
  • Anactoria sometimes uses hallucinogens to "commune" with the gods. She also may have very vivid dreams and nightmares she may believe are from the gods.
  • Anactoria was raised in a witches’ place and has been exposed to it her whole life. She practices many types of divination such as tarot, osteomancy (casting bones), pendulum-reading, and other sorts of ways of telling the future. She may also see signs in fire or bones.
  • Craftswoman: Anactoria has been a craftswoman since she was young. This is mostly tied to her faith, though she does craft things for trade. She is most practiced at this. She can carve wood and bone.
    She can create dyes, dye cloth and has some success with dying leather. She can also sew garments and crafts, though would need help making larger pieces. She can also craft jewelry, usually necklaces and charms. She often scavenges materials to use or gathers them from other sources.
  • Grandmother: Ajak Cersine
  • Mother: Lilura Cersine
  • Father: Morwen Spiers*
  • Siblings: None
  • Half-Siblings: Laskarina
  • “Aunts”: Bernice Goldstein, Amaris Yadriel, Colette Regine, Carina Genoa, Sigrun Valdis
  • cNPC: N/A
  • Mount: Chernobog | A draft horse with a black hide
  • Companions: Heather & Saffron
    A pair of crows
Anactoria was born in a coven of witches. The coven, known as The Coven of Salem had been around for generations. Their founders took over an abandoned town in a forest and since then the Coven has grown since then. Due to their closeness to the coast and a trading port, witches of all backgrounds found their way to the Coven, bringing with them their own practices, gods, and languages. The Coven was composed of mostly women, though there were very few men. A caravan of witches would often make the journey to the trading port to trade surplus, skills, and crafts. They captured or traded for slaves, preferring the Non-Luperci ones to transform them.

Anactoria was born to a woman named Lilura Cersine, the Queen of Witches and daughter to the Crone, Ajak. She was the only child in the Coven as the other witches were not allowed to bear children unless given the blessing of the Crone. Anactoria grew up surrounded by other witches, given only the best education and gifts the heir to the throne deserved. At the age of five months, she accidentally consumed mushrooms and had visions of the moon turning red and of blue eyes. The shock caused her to shift early. She came to in her Secui form in the healer’s den, crying about the blood moon and blue eyes to her Grandmother. Ajak told her to keep the dream a secret as it wouldn’t come true if others knew.

As she got older, she took the vision as a sign she would become queen one day, perhaps on the night of a blood moon. She trained hard for it. She learned what she could from anyone willing to teach her. She learned as much as she could to be worthy of the title of Queen. She found her love for crafting. She even purchased a Non-Luperci slave when she was a year and a half, transforming him with her blood. She thought with patience and hard work, she would become Queen and perhaps even Crone. She gained two crows named Heather and Saffron whom she trained to spy for her, learning Low-Speech and teaching them High-Speech.

When Anactoria was three, her mother bore another child on the night of a blood-red moon. A daughter with bewitching green eyes and of silver and red fur. It was rumored the girl’s father was one of the male warriors of the Coven, a powerful man named Dagon. The Crone declared that this child was the foretold heir apparent, claiming she had been the one to dream of a child born on a blood-red moon with green eyes. Anactoria was outraged, screaming that it had been her who dreamed of the blood moon and blue eyes opening. The Crone declared the former heiress a liar and claimed Anactoria was planning on usurping her mother tonight. Anactoria was exiled, taking what she could but having her slave taken from her.
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