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4th August 2019
Luperci Verto
Despite standing at an average height, Coriander is somewhat oddly proportioned. Her forelimbs are muscular and support a barrel-like chest, which tapers into narrow hips and slender hind legs. Her scruff is thick and heavy across her neck and shoulders, as is the fur on her tail, and she appears not to have fully grown into her ears. She is not agile or graceful by any means but can throw her weight around when necessary–evidenced by an assortment of scars that mar her body. The most notable sits just below her left ear and stretches down the side of her forehead. Her features are soft and girlish, but appear gentle only in sleep.

Her coloration is somewhat bland, a smokey black that encompasses the whole of her body and faintens just the slightest across her undersides. This lighter color is most pronounced across the toes of both her forelimbs and hindlegs, as well as at the base of each ear. In winter, the overall color lightens to nearly a dark grey, but even then no discernable pattern or markings of interest can be visible. Her eyes, perhaps the most interesting thing about her, are mismatched. The left is a reddish shade of rust, and the right a deep shade of lavender.

Newly turned (luperci verto) with no prior knowledge or guidance, Ria has taken to viewing the transformation to her Secui and Optime forms as frightening and traumatizing. Thus, she prefers to spend as much of her time as she can in her Lupus form.

Lupus: 33 in. 90 lbs.
Secui: 44 in. 165 lbs.
Optime: 6 ft. 4 in. 250 lbs.
A product of a harsh upbringing, Coriander is no stranger to the concept of “survival of the fittest.” In fact, it has been drilled into her head that she is of a superior breed, that her whole lineage is, and it is why her family has been able to survive the merciless climate of her homeland for so long. Because of this, she is prideful and vain, convinced she needs no one outside of those who share her surname, and becomes irritable when any flaw or shortcoming of hers is pointed out. Her emotions always run close to the surface, and an impulsive nature mixed with a misplaced sense of self-importance land her in many-a rough spot.

Beneath her pompous exterior, however, is a young wolf addled by feelings of inadequacy and guilt. Always, Ria has been the “lesser” sibling among her kin, and so has always been the scapegoat when things go wrong–so much so that she has become conditioned to readily accept any blame from those she respects. One such incident led to her being exiled from her homeland, and she has since wandered purposeless and alone, berating herself for her failures and questioning who she is now without them. She wants nothing more than to prove herself among her lessers, among her peers, to herself–and most importantly to her beloved, estranged family.
Born of the unforgiving tundras of the west, Ria was raised in a small but tight knit wolf pack composed solely of individuals who shared her blood. She recognized each not only by a name but by a familial title–Aunt, Cousin, Brother, Mother–and despite the apparent impression of unity she learned early on that each of them were required to carry their own weight. Even as children, she and her siblings were taken from the den early to learn to hunt, and fight, and protect what was theirs. Infighting and aggressive displays of dominance were an everyday occurrence, even among her siblings, and lacking their same ambitions Coriander often submitted to them.

Her devotion to the family and readiness to submit to their whims led to her brand of kindness being taken advantage of on numerous occasions, though if she recognized it she never complained. Even when her two sisters, the lights of her dear brother’s eyes, became lost unexpectedly some months ago and their disappearance was somehow her fault, Ria said nothing against it. Of course it was her fault. She should have been watching them–no matter that they were her age and capable enough to fend for themselves. She should have been with them–no matter that her duties had drawn her elsewhere that day. She should have prevented this–somehow.

In her brother’s fit of rage, she was exiled, driven from the land that had raised her, from the family that had molded her into the selfless, faithful follower she now was. Directionless, she wandered, taking herself far from her family in the hopes of pleasing them still and ignoring the ache in her heart to return. Each mile brought new difficulties, matters of safety and sustenance, and her own behavior turned more deplorable simply to get by. Fights were not uncommon, but her most recent–with a monstrously tall, bipedal wolf of frightening stature–left her feeling…even more out of sorts…and led to some unexpected changes in her physicality that she is finding difficult to accept.
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