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12th November 2020
Luperci Ortus
Willowy and delicate, Discord isn't of a particularly substantial build, though her svelteness gives her the illusion of added height. She'd a far cry away from her mother's formidable form, taking more after her wiry father. Nevertheless, she is undeniably beautiful, perhaps more classically than anything else. Her fine features flow together as if lazer cut, and she takes great pride in her appearance at all times, keeping hersel both neat and clean.

Colourwise, she appears as a darker version of her sister Maudlin, with her hues blending cleanly from a dark cocoa colour to the softest of creams. Her coyote heritage is unmistakeable, echoed in an angular build, hint of rust in her palatte, and tall ears, but over all there is fine harmory throughout all her features.

Rarely appearing in a state of undress, she has a considerable wardrobe and is adept enough at household chores to maintain such a collection. Skirts and blouses are a particular favourite of heras, and her outfits are often accessories with jewels from her family's personal collection. She often fiddles with these out of habit, and on the rare occasion that she does not wear them, her long hair makes a fine substitute.
Often more or less entirely overshadowed by her more confident siblings, Discord isn't shy per se, she just simply knows that keeping her mouth shut is an equally overlooked skill. Her upbringing at the hands of Narcissa Greygrief had however instilled some level of wilfulness, the young Lady Greygrief isn't a pushover by any means, but that does not mean her tender years don't occasionally lead her astray.

Discord seems to have developed some sort of affinity akin to her maternal grandfather's, though given the stories that have been passed down about him, this does not seem to be a valued thing. She's deeply sensitive to things that others find utterly unperceivable and despite her reservations about this "gift" she can't help but be drawn in by curiosity.

When her siblings are around, she finds it hard to resist drifting into the background. However her ultimate aim currently is to find her own place, not only within Salsola, but within House Greygrief. Eventually she will find that her skills may end up befitting the house better than either Atlas' or Maudlin's from time to time, and much energy will be spent on developing the power to argue her own viewpoint without conceeding.
Born at the Outpost, Discord and her sister Maudlin were born bastards, despite the fact that their legitimate brother shares both parents with them. Atlas's presumed father was Andrew Greygrief, but in actuality it is Julius Valentine who fathered all three of the favoured Greygrief children.

Narcissa was firm handed raising her youngest daughters, well aware of the fact they both had a slightly more uphill climb than their brother, though she has never revealed to them exactly why. As far as either of them are concerned, their lower position is due to some unnamed, minor transgression that proceeded them and had absolutely nothing to do with Uncle Julius.

Still, as Salsola's born and raised, Discord has thus far suffered very little for her mother's transgressions. Though all the sbilings are aware that to regain the status the Greygrief name once had (however middling) they must work hard and forge bonds in any way possible going forward.

First appearing in Salsola proper at almost full maturity, Discord has been living with her brother Atlas in an out exterior building at her "uncle's" watchtower. It had once belonged to her strange grandfather, and both Maudlin and Atlas secretly covet the space as their own, but Julius holds far more sway and neither of them are likely to make a move against him.
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