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18th September 2020
Luperci Ortus
Weighing in at 100 pounds and standing 29 inches tall, she is an average-sized Northern Wolf. Atarah's undercoat is a golden color with reddish-brown highlights throughout. Void of complicated markings, she has basic stripes of color that come to a blended smooth creamy base on her underbelly. The most vivid of markings resemble stripes across her backside and across her shoulders and act as transition markers for her coloration. It is as if her color darkens at the top and fades to a creamy golden color once it reaches her underbelly and paws. In fact, her paws are almost void of color and are all dipped in the lightest of her color palette. Her amber eyes set her apart from most of her former pack, they shine with the same fire that fuels her temper. Possibly her most distinctive marking is a scar that runs from the top of her skull and under her right eye from an unfortunate run-in with a senile elder wolf when she was a pup. The mark did not leave her blinded, but it did leave behind a nasty scar. The fur has grown back around it but a sliver of pink slithers its way down the side of her face. While traveling, she stays in her lupus form as it is most familiar to her and more comfortable for long-distance travel.
Atarah is an outgoing, straightforward, and welcoming kind of gal. She enjoys helping her friends, socializing, and learning about new healing herbs and recipes to help strengthen her remedies. In fact, some may say that she is consumed with the idea of healing other creatures as it is the only thing she talks about. She approaches healing as if she is afraid of pain, suffering, or sickness. Her fear can sometimes cloud her judgment and she often will push herself to the breaking point out of a desire to help the other creature. She has been known to sacrifice her own health, sleep, wellbeing, and overall happiness for the sake of her patients. This assertiveness has also brought her a great deal of trouble in the past as it makes her bolder than normal. When faced with a task that may mean going against the norm or breaking a rule; if it is for her patient she will do it- even if it risks her own life. She has been known to smart off at those that dare attempt to quell her spirit. Most of the time, however, she is meek and mild, choosing love and peace over violence and toughness. Unless it is for the sake of her patient, she will take orders from her established leader without question and rarely speak up about much of anything.

As an empathic young wolf, she is able to connect with her patients on not just a physical level but an emotional and spiritual level as well. She has an uncanny ability to soothe even the most stubborn of creatures with her calm spirit and easy-going attitude.
Don't let her calm, soothing demeanor fool you, she is a hothead when you push her past her breaking point. She may be calm, cool, and collected most of the time, but don't mistake this for passivity and weakness.
Currently, she does not have any relationships as she is a joiner with amnesia.
Her mother died while giving birth to her and her siblings (2 brothers and a sister). Growing up her "Auntie- Jemma", the pack healer, raised her. Her siblings were never quite as interested in medicine as she was and were often making fun of her for being a nerd. Outwardly she did not let that show, instead, she used it as fuel to study harder. She wanted to be able to heal those around her and not lose them like she had lost her mother. She has studied medicine since she was a pup and while she may only just have come out of her puppyhood, she knows more than the average wolf. However, she would be the first to belittle her skills.

When she was a pup she went out with Auntie Jemma collecting herbs. She did not realize that she had come across a most disagreeable elder wolf from another pack and discovered what it meant for a wolf to go senile. It attacked her unprovoked. With just a few swipes of her paw, it almost killed her. If it had not been for Auntie Jemma leaping to her rescue and fending off the wicked assailant, it would have killed her. As it turned out, the elder wolf thought she had stolen something from her. Auntie Jemma was able to put a stop to things peaceably and teach a lesson about how some ailments are not treatable.

She never knew her father, he died in a tragic pack hunt while her mother was pregnant.

After the recent death of her Auntie Jemma, she decided to leave the pack in search of a fresh start. Auntie Jemma was the only one that really made her feel accepted and not like a curse that had killed her parents. With her gone, there wasn't much holding her here. After a private ceremony she headed to the coast, she'd never been and had always wanted to see the ocean. She took with her Auntie Jemma's cloak and sachel. It would do well on her travels. While it was not in use, she kept the cloak folded or rather rolled up in the satchel and carry the satchel in her mouth by the strap. Unless in optime form in which she wore both items.

Along the way, she fell and hit her head and memories became faint and blurred. She could remember some, but not all of her past. It seemed like a dream.
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