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Dog hybrid
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10th January 2020

[52% dog, 25% wolf, 23% coyote]

Smaller than average, Ciri appears eternally youthful, with her shallow chest and lanky limbs. She is wiry, lean with tight muscles around a fine bone structure, sure footed and nimble to make up for where she lacks in power. Her coat is dense and rough along her body, indicative of a working lifestyle, and indeed is often greyed with dirt, for rarely can she sit idly. The fur becomes feathery around her head and tail. It is often trimmed around her elbows and the backs of her legs, but the finer texture of the fur requires a certain amount of maintenance. The black base of her coat is heavily diluted, stormy swirls of smoky grey spread down her head and the back of her neck, over her face and behind shoulders. Along her torso, white piebalding eats away at most of the blue merle, which resumes at her hips and down her hind legs. A stripe of dark grey runs along the base of her tail. Although her tan markings are ill defined, they are present on her shins, the insides of her ears, eyebrows, and cheeks. Coming over her shoulders and across her clavicles are grey, brindled stripes, highlighting the thick ruff of fur on her chest. Her eyes are a deep periwinkle ringed with bright blue.

Ciri spends most of her time in bipedal form, although she finds short term scouting and sometimes hiding to be more convenient in her more compact, utilitarian, secui form, and has not spent any significant time in lupus form since puppyhood. Her silvery mane, pale at the crown and darkened towards the base, is usually worn in long, loose waves, giving it almost a shimmering appearance, with a blunted fringe falling across her forehead. Although her personal style is refined, she has a more casual attitude towards clothing. The pageantry of human clothes is generally eschewed by the young werewolf, who prefers to drape herself in loose fabrics that do not restrict movement. Clothes that she is willing to wear regularly are loose fitting and unrestricting of her movement.

[Optime height: 5'3"; 160cm, average weight: 130lb]
Tenacious • Feisty • Impatient • Vain • Ambitious • Fearless

Bold and confident, what Ciri lacks for in size, or perhaps because of it, she makes up for in personality; most of which is worn physically. She is expressive without being verbose, suspicious of words, and thus, relies heavily on traditional forms of communication, using body language and gestures to honestly convey meaning. Adhering strongly to her own ethics, she believes herself to be lawful, truly operating under a logical plan that, unfortunately, does not always align with what the general population would consider safe or sane. Her uninhibited bravado and innocent optimism are often catalysts for grand plans that have yet to cost her life. Each successful escapade contributes that much more to her already inflated ego.

Ciri works diligently, carefully organizing her time for efficiency. She has an aptitude for executing plans at the best of times, and a tendency to swing first, ask questions later, at the worst of times. Nonetheless, when given the opportunity to carefully lay out her ideas, Ciri proves to be pragmatic over indulgent. Believing hard work will always be rewarded, she works with dogged determination, eager to demonstrate both her capability and independence. Despite having very little issue working in tandem with her twin, she struggles to work patiently and kindly with others, finding it easier to push them away rather than work on her own shortcomings.

Her creativity is not demonstrated in esoteric arts or endeavors, but it shows in the ways she proves to be adaptable, or finds efficient solutions to problems. Ambition may cause her to come across as aloof, especially when she holds others to her own standards. Perhaps because of her penchant for withholding honest emotions, she is susceptible to bouts of rage. Her frustration is worn on her sleeve, and her temper is quick to flare. Mercifully quick to placate in the right company, her prickly personality is merely meant to defend her small stature, and those she truly cares for. She is deeply suspicious of others who remind her of herself, but comes out of her shell when those around her are uninhibited in their joy.
On the way to Del Cenere Gang's southern outpost, The Palisade, Ciri's mother became pregnant. She gave birth to four puppies in the second week of January, but did not disclose who the father was. The puppies, all obviously quite doggish in appearance, were accepted without fuss, and raised in a small, isolated cabin in the woods, under the tutelage of their eccentric, but skilled mother. Ciri in particular took delight in bridging the gap between home and pack life, often feeling happiest when out riding horses with her siblings, and in particular, her twin, Dandy.

The smallest ones in the litter, they often stuck together, and as fate would have it, were together when their trading group was ambushed by Mortimer assailants. They were fortunate to be among the survivors, but were taken back to the ghouls' stronghold, held in captivity, and tortured, first in tandem, indiscriminately, and then separately, for more deliberate abuse. Ciri was able to enact a plan to escape with her brother, but when she broke into his cell to free him, she found that she was too late. There were signs that her brother was still alive, but with her plans ultimately thwarted, Ciri had no other choice but to escape on her own, lest her captors decide to take her life as punishment.

Free, but unable to return to her home without her sibling, Ciri set out to track down Dandy, following the hints and clues that eventually led her to 'Souls.
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