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Canis lupus lycaon
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25th February 2019
Luperci Ortus
Merrick's coat is predominantly white with a dusting of dark and tawny brown across her shoulders and mid-way down her back. This colouring continues from the base to the tip of her tail, and around her shoulders, almost like a cape.

Her ears are rimmed with the lighter tawny colouration but otherwise her face and muzzle are white. Merrick has heterochromia - her right eye is a caramel-tinted hazel, and her left eye is sky blue. Her nose is black but has a small dash of a scar going across the top diagonally.

In terms of body shape, Merrick could be described as sleek. True to her sub-species she's slenderer than your typical Grey Wolf, but larger still than a female coyote. Her face is narrower and muzzle longer than a Luperci of the Canis lupus subspecies. She has a lean physique, with long legs but a shorter torso, with her full Optime height at 5'5" and weight at 150 lbs. Despite her small stature her Optime form is quite feminine, with curved rounded hips and a narrow waist. Merrick considers herself too small, and actively tries to put meat on her bones.

Merrick's body language is polite, unassuming, but not timid or overly submissive. She walks with her head up and eyes forward and has good posture.
Merrick is a calm, young Luperci who is confident in herself, secure in her beliefs and eager to make friends. Raised by loving parents in a large pack, she values connections with others and seldom likes being on her own. That said, due to her beliefs in magic and rituals she does like to take time on her own to practice her craft.

Merrick is someone other Luperci can count on. She is a great listener, a secret-keeper, loyal and likeable. She loves helping others with what's going on in their lives, and while she'd rather be doing the helping, will seek out comfort when she's feeling upset.

She does have the tendency to be a dreamer, a little less connected to the real world and more in her head - so don't be surprised if she suddenly seems to zone out in the middle of a conversation. Having embarked on a new journey to see where life takes her, Merrick also has the tendency to future-ship - focusing on where she wants to be instead of the present and looking at the end result instead of the work needed to get there.

She goes out of her way never to offend anyone but finds herself getting her feelings hurt over silly things sometimes. It wouldn't be out of line to call her emotional - and normally she embraces this side of her, but sometimes she fights it, holding things in and making herself miserable instead of moving forward. It never lasts, though - something will come along, make her cry, and she'll be right as rain.

All in all, she's a sweetheart, a bit wishy-washy, but loveable and fun to be around.
Merrick doesn't have any on-board relations, but has a good relationship with her off-board parents and former pack.
Raven - Salem, Merrick's ever-present companion and scout
Merrick was born to two loving parents in a large pack based in Western New Brunswick. The pack is a peaceful one with good relationships with neighbouring packs. They are predominantly healers, focused on a pagan, earth-based faith similar to Wicca. Merrick was raised in this faith and believes in magic, rituals and the ability to direct energy for the good of those around her.

Shortly after Merrick turned two, she began to consider whether she'd want to stay in the pack. It was filled with cousins, siblings, aunts and uncles and of course her parents - but as much as she loved them Merrick found herself seeking somewhere unique to her, somewhere more interesting.

During a Yule ritual, considered the first of the new wheel of the year, Merrick asked her ancestors for guidance. In the dark and candlelight, she had a vision of rolling ocean waves battering a rocky shore, and faceless figures beckoning her, with arms wide open. When she asked her mother about it the next day, she was told that her ancestors all hailed from Nova Scotia, and that it seemed she was being called there.

After taking a few weeks to prepare supplies and say her goodbyes to her birth pack, Merrick set out for Nova Scotia to make connections - old and new.
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