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5th June 2020
Perses is a massive mixture of heavy dog breeds and large northern wolves. He looks very similar in build to his father, with the exception of his pelt color and more wolfish facial features such as his ears and his face looking more wolf-like but still somewhat doggishly broad. His fur is thick but soft like a dog's.
  • Lupus: 43 in | 180 lbs
    Perses may use his Lupus form when needing to hunt or travel. He may also fight in it, though prefers his Secui form for combat. He doesn't like how small he feels in this form, though he doesn't reject it like his brother and father. His Lupus form is wolflike with thicker fur and a blunter muzzle. His fur is soft like a dog's and he has wide limbs.
  • Secui: 54 in | 290 lbs
    Perses prefers this form when fighting and enjoys the strength this form offers. He uses this form equally as often as his other forms. He's massive with a broad chest and a muscular build. His fur is thick, especially around his neck. His limbs are also thick as well. He is built like a tank and has large paws.
  • Optime: 7 ft 6 in | 350 lbs
    Perses's Optime form is muscular and broad-shouldered, taking up a lot of vertical space as well as horizontal space. Perses switches between feral and humanized stances, depending on his need or the Luperci around him. His mane is unstyled in this form though he tends to prefer it shorter like his Secui mane. He doesn't wear clothes in this form, preferring to be able to shift when needed. He will wear jewelry in this form. He may also take on a four-legged stance when needed, though not for long. He likes this form for its hands and size.

Perses does not wear clothes but does wear jewelry. He always wears his father's pendant on a black leather cord. He may wear a black leather collar with a raven pendant or a beaded necklace and bracelet (only in Optime form). He carries a leather satchel.
Perses acts benevolently and is often noted for his polite and calm demeanor. He's a compassionate individual and wants to protect others. He can be rather charismatic. He's grown to be something of a social expert and may grow to be manipulative. He tends to play the dumb jock or feral fool when it suits the situation.

He is a hard worker and is rarely idle, always wanting to help his pack in some way. He is prone to becoming a workaholic if left unchecked.

Perses is intelligent and clever. He is observant and has a keen memory. He is an analyst with his quick mind. He soaks up information like a sponge and uses it to make decisions. A logical man, he is a planner and a thinker. He considers his options and weighs the pros and cons based on his own knowledge of the situation and options.

Rather interestingly, he never picked up reading and writing as a skill. He learned to memorize verbal information, aided by his keen memory. He was raised in a bilingual household and learned to speak English and French fluently. His friends taught him German but he doesn't speak it with any fluency. He can also understand some Corvid low-speech though he isn't as good at speaking it.

Perses does have a temper and can be vengeful when he holds a grudge. He cares a lot about his appearance, especially the white parts of his coat. He has a prideful streak as well. He can be something of a snarker when he's being passive aggressive.

  • Feral Combat: Perses's natural skill in feral combat was expanded on by his aunts. He favors using brute strength in all of his forms but may employ misdirection.
  • Hunting: Out of the twins, Perses is a better hunter (although Skoll doesn't hunt much at all). He prefers to sneak up on prey but may pursue his prey into the water.
  • Literacy: Perses is notably illiterate, relying on his brother to read and write for him.
  • Horses: Perses knows nothing about horses or how to handle them.
  • Arrogance: Perses can be rather arrogant, especially when it comes to his own skills. This leads him to be overconfident in his own abilities.
  • Vanity: Perses's thick coat takes care of most of his scars and so far most of his injuries have been minor and healed without much scarring. He likes to keep himself without scars and also cares a lot about his appearance, especially the white parts of his pelt.
  • Size: Perses is a giant. He's not very fast. His size also requires more fuel.
** Perses views them as his full siblings
  • cNPC: Skoll Stormfast
  • NPCs:
    • Crowley: A female raven
    • Abaddon: A male raven
    • Basil (Skoll's): A male raven
    • Dahlia (Skoll's): A female raven

Perses Stormfast was born alongside his twin brother Skoll in a place known as Praegrandis. They never got to know their dad, Iorek as he died a month after the twins were born. Perses and Skoll were raised by their "Pere", Riley Rockateer with the help of their older siblings and aided by Iorek's family members.

When they shifted for the first time, Riley performed the same rite that he and his late husband had. Skoll and Perses each received two birds: a male and female raven. They also received one of Iorek's pieces of jewelry.

Perses and Skoll grew to pursuit different paths. Perses fancied himself a knight one day, having heard of Casa di Cavalieri from Iofur and Riley. Perses primarily focused on fighting, having little patience for reading. He gained two friends when he was young, a pair of siblings named Erik and Isolde who were also interested in combat. Erik and Isolde trained with Perses who grew to learn to converse with them in their language, German. He was instructed in feral combat by Hyndia Stormfast and Skadi Stormfast.

However Perses and Skoll were still close. Skoll was often the one observing the healer patching up his brother. When not with his friends, Perses was with Skoll.

When he was over a year and a half, Perses decided he wanted to go to Nova Scotia. After seeking his Pere's blessing, he dragged Skoll with him on this adventure.
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