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Coywolfdog 18.75% Plains Coyote 68.75% Dog [18.75% Golden Retriever, 50% Australian Shepherd] 12.5% Great Plains Wolf
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27th January 2021
Bis is a mixed breed and shows it. Her coloration is that of a red merle, with distinct dark brown patches around her eyes, dark brown socks on her legs and a covering on her tail. Otherwise, she looks like a coyote, with a heavily dog like face and floofy doggy tail. She managed to miss the scragglier genes and is built sturdy and somewhat stocky but still feminine. She is still a bit awkwardly proportioned as she's growing into her body. She is average for her size, standing only 5'3" in Optime form. She can move very quickly but is often a klutz, her energetic nature getting the better of her. However she typically recovers swiftly. Her eyes are bi-colored: the left a buttercream yellow, inherited from her momma, and her right an apple green, from her papa. She doesn't mind getting down and dirty, but tries her best to keep her pelt looking nice regardless.

She most often can be seen wearing a sage green, checkered bandana around her neck and a tan cowboy hat with a hawk feather stuck in the brim. She has yet to really experiment with outfits. Although in the spring of 2022, Peony Braithwaite gifted her a green knee length dress which she uses for parties and other official social gatherings.

On a belt on her person she carries an antler knife and a coil of rope for lassoing. She's not very good at using either instrument yet, but practice makes perfect! Sometimes she will add tools of her trade such as a hammer or chisel to this belt.

At this time, Bisbee does not have any piercings or scars, but she will eventually picks some up as she works and learns more about the world.

Bisbee speaks with a western accent. In her Optime form her hair is medium-long, a deep, dark brown with some stray blonde hair here and there, which she keeps tied back in a braid or up in a messy bun under her hat. Some strands fall into her face, a constant annoyance.

by Nat
Enthusiastic, cheery and eager to learn, this gal is green and ready and raring to go. As soon as she was old enough to explore the world, that is exactly what she set out to do. Her parents made sure she learned the basics of survival and horsemanship straight off, so she absolutely adores anything and everything to do with farming and livestock. As for real life lessons and skills, she's got a lot to discover yet.

She loves adventure, helping others, and will stand up for what she believes is right. Bisbee will grow to be a dedicated, hard working but forever curious individual. Because of her naivety she will encounter tough times for certain, but that's all part of growing up! She looks forward to making mistakes and making friends while figuring out who she is along the way.

This little cowgirl can have a bit of a temper. When frustrated, while she doesn't give up easily, she can get into trouble when her brain overloads and overwhelms her. She has a sharp tongue and as she comes into her own, she will be an open and flirty little lady.

Overall Bisbee is a fresh face, with an optimistic personality, bringing light and positivity wherever she goes. If she gets to be too annoying, all you gotta do is tell her to buzz off. She's used to it, she's got siblings...

Dedicated and hard working she puts her all into a job and may forget to stop and rest. Prone to small injuries, stress and strain, Bis sometimes needs reminders to take it easy.

by Westy
Mother: June
Father: Phoenix Whitesage
Sisters: Page Whitesage, Winslow Whitesage
Brother: Nogales Whitesage
Stepsisters: Wichita Long, Cheyenne Long
Stepbrother: Tallahassee

by Jazzy
Horse: Tusayan (Quarter Horse, Gelding)
Born to June and Phoenix and raised on the Whitesage farm in Sedona, Arizona along side three siblings. Bisbee is the runt of the litter, but that doesn't stop her. She has been full of life from the beginning, and always fighting to prove her worth.

She was raised by her loving parents and taught how to care of livestock and horses. She could ride a horse as soon as she could shift forms, and now at a year old she's set off to find the pack that her step sibling, Wichita, belongs to off in the lands to the East. Having heard about her father's wanderings Bis is eager to make her own adventures in life, but never will forget where she comes from. She is instilled with the Whitesage family ideals and ethics and will carry them all the way to Del Cenere Gang and hopefully join their ranks come late Winter.

She rides her horse and faithful companion Tusayan across country, trading a few items and meeting a few faces along the way and now finds herself at the borders of DCG. She is excited and looking forward to a new life among the Ashen. She hopes to meet her step sister soon.


Having just missed Wichita it seems, Bisbee settled into pack life regardless. She has been climbing the ranks steadily, proving her mettle with her tenacity and busy hands. Already she has made and lost friends, and has discovered alcohol and marijuana for the first time. The gang has opened her up to new opportunities and although there have been mishaps along the way, Bisbee is thriving and looking forward to new adventures to come while doing her best to contribute to her new found home and family.


Over time, even more of her family, both distant and close (including Wichita) have found their way to the Gang. Bisbee has continued climbing in rank and now hold the title "La Constructora" in the Enkindled tier. She keeps constantly busy when not entertaining and exploring her feelings for fellow Ashen Ring member and El Diente, Freddy. She is excited to see what becomes of their budding relationship. Her hard work has paid off and she is also currently Proprietor over the free company Freeman's Foremans. Overall the Whitesage gal is thriving and making a name for herself among the Ashen slowly but surely.

by Despi
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