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31st August 2019
Todd, undoubtedly, is a hybrid, a physical enigma and a well-blended balance of his many parts. His coat's colors are undeniably that of a dog: a brilliant fox red, the fur sleek and brindled with rippling stripes, and a distinctive white blaze and chest. His muzzle is boxy, but proportioned into a taper similarly to a coyote's. However, the balance of his ears harkens perhaps more so towards his wolfish blood. He has a short tail that rests in a crescent sickle shape. His eyes are a pale rose-amber in coloration.

His expression is generally placid and calm, and difficult to read, making him appear much more intimidating than he really is. His broad structure and solid bulk emphasizes his imposing presence; his mongrel blood suggests hardiness and his laborious activities only build upon this. He is well-kept with hygiene, though it is not unusual to find him dirtied with earth after a long day's work, which suits him fine. His auburn mane is cut short and minimally stylized; tousled and absentmindedly pushed away of the way.

Todd is most often found in his Optime form, but frequently occupies his other forms as well. He dresses in a modest and muted fashion, leaning more on practicality than aesthetics.

Lupus: 64 lbs (29 kg) — 26 in (66 cm)
Secui: 110 lb (50 kg) — 38 in (96.5 cm)
Optime: 220 lb (100 kg) — 6 ft 6 in (78 in) (198 cm)

One of Todd's most prevailing characteristics is his quiet. A man of few words, he is reserved with his thoughts and emotions, his expression calm and subtle, often leaving others to wonder what's on his mind. He is difficult to read at the best of times, and his still and rigid posture gives off a severe and imposing aura. His silent intensity can be discomforting and mistaken for unfriendliness.

Underneath the veneer of his stoicism, Todd is a gentle and good-natured soul. His quiet belies his nervousness and anxiety; earnest and sociable in actuality, he suffers from a bit of foot-in-mouth troubles. He struggles to communicate beyond the simple exchange of information, often saying strange things in an attempt to connect with others. His ineptitude frustrates him, and when he does form friendships, he can be overbearing as a form of compensation. He falls easily into peer pressure and is eager to please, holding others' opinions of him in high regard. However, this can come into conflict with his desire to hold true to his integrity and identity.

Todd is something of a romantic; unbeknownst to most, he has a creative imagination that shies away from any limelight. He idealizes the nature of the world, hungry to see its sights and talk to its woodland inhabitants. He's quite nosy and a gossip—or at least he would be, if it weren't for his cottonmouth around canines. He tends to learn things through his quiet observation and letting people reveal information to fill in the void of conversation.

Todd isn't of the malicious sort, being rather soft-hearted; he wants to support his peers and can be quite generous with acts of service. His nurturing side especially crops up with animals, having an unintentional Disney Princess-esque affinity for them. He cannot stand for the harm of innocents.
Mother: Niamh O'Doherty
Father: Gethin Langley
Siblings: Hamish Langley, Edwin Langley, Verity Langley
Ringtail, Eastern Raccoon, July 2021

Subtly more cream than the average raccoon, and definitely rounder. Confident with canines, and a bit of a schmooze if beneficial. He is every bit an opportunist and perhaps a bit too comfortable with making himself at home where ever he wanders. For the most part, however, he rarely strays from Todd's side. He can be mouthy and has a bit of an attitude with strangers.
Todd Langley is a member of the Del Cenere Gang. As a Encender, he is learning the ropes of the Gang (and pack life in general) while seeking to prove his mettle through his probationary period.

Born in the Vermont hinterlands, Todd grew in an isolation that encouraged his survivalist talents, showing promise with archery, scouting, hunting, and forestry. However, his family's seclusion notably stunted his sociability; in spite of his eagerness to form bonds, his eerie calm (masking nervousness) lends well to accidental intimidation and he often fumbles conversations with fellow canines. Alternatively, he finds companionship easy with woodland creatures, having a certain charisma with small predators and gleaning information from the unassuming beasts in exchange for food.

He struggled to find his place in his hometown of Rutland and, desiring adventure since boyhood, took to the road. He ventured to Palisade, where he settled in as a ward under the tutelage of the Courtright family to refine his skills. As he mastered his talents and picked up new ones, his sociability did not improve and he continued to stumble his way through interactions. Upon Josiah Courtright's suggestion, Todd joined the Gang to expand his horizons, gain more worldly experiences, and branch out.

by Mel Shaw
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