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Wolf hybrid
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28th October 2019
Luperci Ortus
Though on the slightly smaller side for her kind, Evie is nevertheless a full-blooded wolf; her fur is thick and coarse, her face boxy, and her frame larger than other canines. This is not to say that she has actively used any of the muscles passed down by her heritage, and Evie was raised by merchants that had little use for combat or self-defense — as a result, she is somewhat skinny.

The colors of her pelt are of a cool-toned and mute, beginning with a metallic gray base that darkens as it reaches her back and neck. Still darker marks dot her eyebrows, bridge of her nose, tail, and all four paws. Her eyes are a curious pink hue, and her ears are each pierced once with dull metallic studs.

Evie is most often found in her lupus form, which is a bit of an adjustment for one previously so humanized; although she does occasionally still revisit her optime form when she misses the feeling of wearing clothing and having hands. In her fully-shifted form she has long, painfully straight hair, and her curves are subtle, almost nonexistent.

In all forms, she has a simple pull-tie bracelet with a pearl in the middle worn on her left paw.
Evie is, for lack of better terms, spoiled.

While her family was never necessarily rich, they lived in relative wealth — though perhaps not quite to the extent that Evie had been led to believe. In her youth, she didn't worry herself with her father's troubles as he struggled to keep his business afloat, blissfully ignorant that her life was not as perfect and fretless as she had assumed.

Now out in the wilds on her own, Evie is very naïve to the way the world works outside of humanized luperci society, and she is all but a novice in the basic skills of survival. Still carrying resentment from her forced marriage and all the trouble it brought, she can be somewhat standoffish to strangers at first, but she carries a certain amount of social grace and pride, holding her head high and speaking with a crisp, lightly accented voice.

Though a bit of a ditz, Evie is snooty and aloof at the worst of times but curious and eager once she grows comfortable letting down her defenses. She currently holds great bias against more "feral" forms of living, but these notions will be challenged in the coming months.
Geneviève Baumgartner, or Evie for short, is a Dutch native and recent runaway from Portland after being wed to a man she has never met, much less loves.

Born to fortune-seeking merchants from Amsterdam, Evie and her family relocated across the ocean very soon after her first birthday. Once arriving in the port-side city, the Baumgartners quickly got to work, peddling their foreign wares and accruing a small cache of wealth.

Though it was not enough. One bad business decision had Evie's father frantically looking for favors all across Portland, writing IOUs and making deals where he could. Evie was more or less oblivious to his questionable habits, instead being led by her mother in the prim ways of a socialite.

Her world came to a grinding halt when her father returned with what her parents believed was a golden opportunity, a way to cancel all their debt with one dogged collector: an arranged marriage.

The thought horrified Evie, who at that point had become fiercely independent; the idea of marrying anyone she hadn't formed any sort of bond with terrified her as much as it angered her. But their parents quickly shook hands and the deed was done, much to her dismay, and one dowry later, Evie was a married woman.

This, of course, could not stand. Feeling utterly betrayed by her family, Evie really had no choice but to salvage what dignity she could before being forcibly moved-in to the house of her so-called husband. Abandoning all that she knew, Evie stole away in the dead of night, leaving nary a word of where she was going.

Truthfully, she didn't know — she ran and ran as fast as her four-legged form could take her, eventually ending up in Nova Scotia after outpacing the small search party her outraged father sent after her trail.
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