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Grey Wolf
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23rd June 2018
Felix grew up on the Coastline of British Columbia (see: Coastal Sea Wolf) with the rest of his family. He has inherited an agouti coat flecked with gold and bands of dark brown. He is very clearly a wolf; with a deep-set chest and small round ears above equally round eyes.

His eyes are a warm brown tone that glows brightly when he speaks about something he is interested in (most likely the ocean or fishing). Despite his age, he still appears tall and gawky like a yearling, with long legs and a blunt muzzle that he is still growing into. He has a medium-length coat that is built to withstand long and dreary rainy seasons, with a thicker ruff that surrounds his neck and trails off around his shoulders. Felix is an excellent swimmer as a result of where he grew up - the only way to get back and forth from the mainland was to swim.

Years of travelling have resulted in a lean-looking animal. Due to his lengthy stride, Felix is able to cover ground relatively easily on all fours. Years of living in seclusion have led him and his family to rely on the traditional ways of their people – not often do they shift onto two legs. Other distinguishing features are a crescent-shaped scar on the wolfs shoulder, a mark leftover from an accident in his younger years while chasing an octopus through tide-pools.
Felix is an optimistic man, with a nature that can be somehow both shy and gregarious. He is at his most comfortable with those familiar to him and can be protective of those closest to him. One of the driving forces in his life is the well-being of his sister, Willa, who due to a congenital abnormality lost her vision sometime after her first birthday. He is deeply hopeful that she will be able to see again, and it is why the pair have journeyed in the hopes of finding a cure. She relies on him for almost everything – be it food, shelter, or good company.

Traditions of the Coast are engrained in him but have been adapted as they traverse territory so dissimilar from where they came from. They have been forced to rely on others to trade knowledge and information, and this has made the young man something of a diplomat and advocate. They have travelled for most of their lives - taking up residence with other groups as they made their slow way across the country.

Felix is unable to read or write - but he has been known to make the occasional satchel or bag to aid in carrying items some distance.

He is able to find connections in most people he comes across, much to the surprise of his sister. When a situation proves to benefit his people or pack, Felix is apt to do everything in his power to emerge with something worthy of the group. At his core, he is a pack animal.

On the flipside of this, he does not do supremely well with conflict. He is not very good at arguing or debating as his emotions make it difficult for him to keep his words straight.

He is superstitious and believes that there is a reason for all things – he does not believe in luck.
Willa - Sister
cNPC - Willa (Sister)

Felix and his sister, Willa, were born along the Coastline of British Columbia in the early summer of 2018. They lived in a mostly reclusive society, tribes of wolves who long ago were infected with the virus but saw no reason to adjust their way of life. They lived between islands, calling and singing to one another as they migrated with the food supply – swimming when necessary and subsisting on a diet of crustaceans and other bounties that the sea supplied.

They spent much of their first year learning the ways of their pack. Felix turned out to be a natural provider and took to skills like hunting and fishing eagerly. There is nothing more joyful than the sea or the coastal rainforest, and Felix spent weeks exploring and navigating the islands. When Willa began to lose her vision, she required more resources – all of which Felix was all too happy to provide.

One day a traveller found them, a musty smelling fur-trapper who had managed to sail to their island on a canoe.

This birthed an idea that the pair still chase after to this day.

What if there was a way to restore Willa’s vision? They left with him sometime in 2019, and so began an adventure of seeking a cure for Willa’s failing sight.

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