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Las Piras
Luperci Inquisador I, Machetero I
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9th November 2021
Mature warning: Self harm mention

Mesquite del Bosque is the spitting image of his father, Nazario del Bosque. He could be mistaken as him perhaps from a distance and/or when not by his father's side, but as his own person, he is much lankier and somewhat shorter. He stands at an average height for a coyote at a height of five feet and ten inches. With how he holds himself, his aura is intimidatingly intense, and his body language is most typically dominant. He stares with intensity in constant eye contact. Whether or not this is intentional varies.

His Optime hair is a dark and toussled gray of a warm hue. He keeps it shorter, but it typically is 'styled' in a very choppy or windblown manner.

The landscape of bone and flesh on his face forms something more reminiscent of a coyote than a wolf, but if one looks closely enough, the angling of his cheeks and the texture of his fur gives away his wolf heritage. It is ultimately diluted by his coyote blood, which reigns supreme in his thin face and long, spindly limbs. He is well muscled in build, though is not at all as bulky as his father. As someone constantly prepared for fights, he is visibly armed with blades save for circumstances that require turning weapons over. He keeps his hands and knuckles wrapped in fabric to protect them from injury during scraps.

His pelt is a mixture of sandy, earthen tones between light and white highlights and dark and moody grays. Overall, he is warm in palette. He sports a small set of scars already, with a set of claw marks scored over the left side of his ribcage and cigarette burns dotting his thighs (self-inflicted).
Mesquite is as ruthless and uncompromising as they come. He was raised to be a force to be reckoned with, and as such he is someone that will get the job done... Or die trying. When he commits to a cause, anyway. His loyalty means he will go to the ends of the earth for those he cares about, but he is very mistrusting of others beside that. The devil takes care of his own, and Mesquite can be very bigoted. This is especially true when it comes to wolves. He takes seriously any perceived threat to those he is loyal to, and is hot-blooded enough to fly off the handle whenever this happens. He is as stubborn as a mule, and as quick to react with anger as a crazed bull. His hot-headedness can get him into trouble, but with some strings to pull and elbow grease to put in, he has managed to weasel his way out of it enough times to survive to this day. The fact that he is physically incapable of feeling pain due to congenital analgesia has only enabled his recklessness.

He has a massive fear of failure. His grandmother instilled traits of having faith and remaining protective of his community among the Ashen before she died, and stressed the importance of being a rock for others to rely on before her death. Now that she has died and he has returned with his siblings to Del Cenere Gang, he is a changed man.

He's moody, he's brooding, but most of all, he is loyal to his family and any possible friends and pack-mates he actually trusts (which may be rare). He has a lot of love in his heart but it is smoldering and given only to a select few.
Father: Nazario del Bosque
Mother: Belinda Braithwaite

Littermates: Calliandra Braithwaite, Bishop del Bosque
Adoptive sister: Catalina del Bosque
Mary the Harris Hawk
Mesquite is well bred in that the affluence and power within his families tied well into a perfect package in the form of himself and his littermates. Or so it should have been. In truth, the marriage between his parents was fraught with his mother's infidelity, producing a bastard half brother alongside Mesquite and his sister Calliandra. To make matters worse, his father Nazario was inexperienced with and wholly incapable of properly rearing his own. His mother Belinda was biased towards Calliandra and neglectful of Mesquite and Bishop, despite Mesquite's undying craving to prove his usefulness to her. He does little to show his desire for her approval, however, leaving their interactions full of resentment, pettiness and overall cool distance. Nazario attempted to raise his offspring to live up to expectations, but nothing was working.

Belinda chose to have her children stay with their grandmother Meredith in the Palisade for a time to properly teach them and raise them. Whilst Calliandra received more doting and heavy expectations of leadership, Mesquite and Bishop were given a very strong message: act as faithful protectors. The cleverness of their grandmother led her to groom them in this way, sculpting Mesquite into someone that did not value his own self as much as his family.

During his time in the Palisade, he wound up in an altercation with another around his age over a gamble gone wrong. The fight evolved into something serious enough that Mesquite was forced to take a life in defense. Having lived his whole life without feeling the biting teeth of pain (and even experimenting in self harm to try and try over again to feel something), he realized killing was the only thing that made him feel alive. Now he has gone off the deep end, convinced that the only way to thrive is through the thrill of hurting others and himself. His sadomasochism is proving very detrimental to his health, and it will only show more over time.
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