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Despite generations of crossbreeding, Chase is a fairly typical Border Collie in appearance, slender and deep-chested for long runs chasing prey across fields and plains. His coat is a medium length, airy and light, and mostly black with the occasional blaze of white. Three of his paws are white, the color extending up varying lengths of leg, with his back left entirely black; there is also a blaze on his snout, extending up between his eyes, as well as a faint white tail tip and a white chest and belly.

His eyes are a rich amber, and easily one of his more prominent features--not for their color, but their sheer intensity. His Border Collie "Eye" is instinctively a part of him, and has been from the moment he could open his eyes at all. Chase has heard tell of tales where Border Collies hypnotize their prey with the Eye, but he's fairly certain that's not actually possible.

His ears sit high on his head, one a little more floppy than the other, although both will shoot straight up when he gets excited (which is somewhat often). His emotions are generally easy to read, whether he's tilting his head comically far in confusion or staring down something he wishes to pursue, entire body going stiff as his ears stand straight up, nearly quivering with sheer adrenaline.
As a young dog, Chase is still developing, ever improving towards an ideal self; nevertheless, he is highly intelligent, not for any reason but the typical genius of his lineage. This largely manifests in asking a lot of questions, listening intently to rules and requests, and learning quickly from his mistakes or successes. He's not anywhere near adept as a Luperci, though if that is because he lacks the smarts or simply the thumbs, no one can say.

Despite his wit, Chase is a bit clumsy, talking faster than his brain can follow at times and tripping over his growing paws when he doesn't pay enough attention. Focus is given readily and intently, but there are times when he simply can't maintain an attention span--especially if he's bored. He does his best to fight it, but often finds himself drifting mentally before he realizes it's happening.

Above all, however, Chase is earnest and eager, desperately seeking the approval of his peers and superiors. He is often in a place to be manipulated or hurt, as he wears his heart on his sleeve and is endlessly forgiving of others, on top of being a submissive sort who quickly bows under pressure. All he wants is to be told he's doing a good job; how far he might go for that has the potential to be extremely dangerous to his well-being.
Chase was born just outside Portland to parents that, though mixed, embodied the spirit of the Border Collie--to breed for functionality rather than aesthetics. They had five puppies, with Chase right in the middle, the darkest in coat and, eventually, the one with the gangliest legs.

Inherently distrusting of Luperci, Chase's parents sheltered him and his siblings a fair amount, trying to raise them in a world where dogs could survive on their own. Not to be misled, Chase would eventually come to find out about the nearby trade city filled with these two-legged canids and so much more than what he'd been thus far raised around. When he requested that his parents take them all to Portland to visit the wolf-folk, his parents reacted rather strongly: they decided it was time to move.

The puppies were old enough, they said, as they neared ten months of age and could largely fend for themselves if pressed. The plan was to travel south, towards the dog-run continent of Mexico, but that would be a very long journey. They needed supplies. Thus, they did as Chase asked: they went to Portland, him and his siblings in tow.

It was easy enough to get distracted in the city. One stray bird and a frantic sprint later, and Chase found himself lost, separated from his family in a place he knew nothing of. He sniffed his way back to where he'd seen them last, but amidst the crowds and with no one calling out for him, he was unable to reunite.

Dogs are nothing if not adaptable, however, and after a brief panic and desperate search through the city, Chase decided he would go elsewhere--somewhere he could flourish and thrive. He may never know what happened to his family, where they went or if they truly abandoned him, but it seemed clear what his options were: try to follow, or carve out his own path.

Portland was a good place to be to find out where to go next. 'Souls, they said, was about a week's walk away, and home to a diverse collection of canines and packs that would surely accept him. A ten-month-old would have a hard time surviving such a trip, but it wasn't too difficult to find traders heading in that direction to tag along with.

Nervous and excited all at once, Chase set out on a brand-new chapter of his young life, eager to see who he could become.
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