Date of Birth:
11th November 2017
A perfect coloration mixture of slate gray and creamy white, Harley is spotted with pretty, thin fur near and around her shoulders, nose, and inner thighs. The remainder of her coat is of lush, soft fur. As she is typically seen in her Secui form, Harley has abnormally longer legs, countered by her half black and half white mane, and those sharp, bright, aquamarine eyes.

Harley’s mottled coat is a result of her mother’s heavy dog lineage, and the resulting factor of bred-in short tails. In fact, Harley’s tail was born so short her mother wasn’t entirely sure if she’d had one at all. A bob-tail to which is constantly wagging underneath her shaggy Secui form.

Although she is against the use of human-made items, the woman wears a talisman around her neck, made from a past flame, to which stays tucked into her thick fur around her neck. It is hardly shown and never taking it off has made for a rather worn spot where it sits. If she were to ever remove it one may be able to see the pink skin beneath, where it has worn it’s welcome.

Harley has only shifted into Optime form a few times, and in that form has very long legs, a short torso, and a thinner coat than in Secui. Her hair falls in odd curls around her forehead, and splits perfectly into black and white, cascading in curls around her jaw-line. An androgynous body in either form, she is very fit, and in fact could be considered “ripped” for a Lupreci. Abs for days visible even in her Secui form.
Harley is a spit-fire, with a desperation to prove herself to her old tribe, the woman strives for perfection. The desperation for proving ones self, has instilled a “harsh” idea of herself. Constantly saying things like “i could have done better”, or “I should have known that”.

A lot of the time, the hybrid is gathering odds and ends to bring and show off to anyone who will see. If they are considered a friend of hers, Harley will take the time out of the day to be the “annoying” friend, and bring them various gifts, check in on them, as well as shower them with random compliments. Although she likes giving compliments she is super hard to give compliments to, and this is where her random bouts of anger and mood-change comes in.

A fisher, and a gatherer, all in all Harley tries her best to be impressive and standout, but is often harsher than intended on herself.

Loud at times, and sometimes obnoxious, the hybrid finds herself with a short-fused temper, and a heavy bias towards females. Predominately leaning towards the same sex for comfort, Harley can been seen catering to the female’s of the area, and oftentimes mistaken for being bisexual, or homosexual. In fact, Harley would consider herself as pansexual; leaning heavily towards the masculinity of a character’s personality, and doting after the females in a show of her own masculinity.

Harley found that if she eats less fatty meats, such as fish and rabbit, she will stay leaner, and be able to work-out longer.
Priscilla— a prissy, sassy, and rather blunt fisher. Priscilla is four years old, and was gifted to the young Lupreci as a coming of age ceremony in her home-town. Their time spent together is cherished (though she likely will not admit it) and can often be found speaking in riddles, or talking down to everyone around her. Priscilla is spoiled, understands and speaks broken-high speech, and is too bold for her size.

Priscilla is around two feet and four inches in length, weighing in at around six and a half pounds, and the majority of her personality comes in the form of sharp teeth and claws.
Harley grew up in the Northern area of Canada, further north than believed existed, and within the community she was taught to be competitive as well as a perfectionist.

Since she was just a few months old, the female was taught how to hunt, fish, as well as gather useful herbs, and other materials. Her mother was constantly comparing her to her brothers’— to which plays a huge part of her masculinity and want and need for it— which in turn created a rather brash, and hard-headed woman that she is today.

Harley is fit, and has an androgynous body form countless hours of honing in on skills she was thought she couldn’t, or rather shouldn’t, be doing as a female. Harley races, runs, hunts, and does many things that were considered a “males” role in her old pack-lands. Never the perfect “female” Harley left that home two years ago, in search of a new home, and a new place she could eventually find.

Wandering into Souls, the female hasn’t really experienced or seen many Lupreci and is most definitely a “loner” of sorts. Having found not one non-Lupreci, or one who may believe in the more “animal” ways, that she does believe in.
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