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13th January 2018
Luperci Ortus
Cosmo is an average-sized canine for his species – he's larger than a coyote but smaller than a wolf, and far less muscular than the latter. Much of his bulk comes from his thick fur, which is slightly wiry and grows long around his floppy ears and face. There is a notable sheen to his pelt owing to its slightly dry and oily nature, which has made it slightly water-resistant. His head is blocky, with a medium-length muzzle. He has pale purple eyes.

Though he strongly resembles a dog, Cosmo's agouti pelt suggests some wild bloodlines in his family. He has a warm, tawny coat with red accents and black-and-gray markings on his back and head. His belly and paws lighten to a creamy color, and similar highlights can be found around his face. When in his Optime form he grows a head of dark, wavy hair and keeps this trimmed to shoulder-length.

Despite his long travels, Cosmo isn't in the best of shape. He's slightly overweight and lacks the necessary endurance to chase down prey, which has forced him to rely on trapping and fishing to fill his pudgy belly. Unfortunately for him, his less-than-stellar skills have led to a steady weight loss, and his enthusiasm has dampened considerably for his adventure.
Despite having been brought up in a family which provided much of his everyday needs, their sometimes overbearing behavior made it difficult for Cosmo to develop into his own person for many years. He desperately tries to maintain a professional appearance, which in his case means hiding his fears and doubts. A proud man by nature, Cosmo performs best when he is allowed to be autonomous. This is especially true for tasks he truly enjoys – when he's interested in his work, he goes to tremendous effort to ensure success.

Among his large and boisterous family, expressive behavior was common, and this is true for Cosmo. He makes no secret of his feelings, good or bad, and this can sometimes lead him to extremes. In his youth he became known as a troublemaker, if only due to his refusal to fall in line with rules or commands he thought were wrong. Unfortunately, this led to him becoming isolated from many of his elders and peers. While this has sometimes left Cosmo feeling terribly lonely, he has recognized that being right doesn't always conform with what society wants.

On some level, however, Cosmo remains very superficial. He values pretty things and items and materials that promote the concept of wealth, and often seeks out those who display these attributes. Unfortunately, this has meant that most of his relationships have been largely superficial. He has never had any deep, meaningful connections when it comes to friendships or lovers.
Mother: Celestino Agresta
Father: Zeno Agresta* (formerly Hanson)
Siblings: Angelina, Giuseppe, and Rinaldo Agresta

Cosmo is the grandson of Sawyer Cook, though he does not know him by this name.
Cosmo was born to a large family with a long history in Erie, Pennsylvania. His ancestors descended from the original domestic dogs of the local and surrounding area, and were among the first to reclaim the small city in the aftermath of the Apocalypse.

He and his siblings were born during the winter of 2018, during one of the coldest weeks of the season. There were always people surrounding the litter – they were raised not only by their parents, but by the overwhelming amount of relatives who made up their family unit. This pack is led by Cosmo's great-uncle, a stubborn and headstrong man who was influenced and guided by the matriarch of the Agresta family. The family-pack functioned with several different units, though became well known for its foodstuffs. To a lesser extent, the muscle-work of the men of the group was also recognized, and what often led to the recruitment of outsiders, like Cosmo's father.

For much of his life, Cosmo was spoiled. He grew up not wanting much and indulging in whatever struck his fancy. His interests jumped from one thing to another. He proved to be a lousy fighter and nuisance in the kitchen. While his siblings excelled in their chosen fields, Cosmo floundered. At the very least, he was sociable, and always managed to make friends even in difficult situations.

One of these was what would lead to him finding his true passion: raising pigs. This started with one runty piglet, and gradually grew into a modest collection of animals. Cosmo was pleased with his upward direction, and hoped to make a name for himself.

By chance, he overheard a curious bit of information – namely, that his mother's father was not the man his grandmother had married. Desperately curious to learn the truth, Cosmo began digging for details. He slowly began to piece together the identity of the man in question, and found traces of him through word-of-mouth. These stories all pointed towards Portland, and after ensuring his animals were taken care of, Cosmo packed up and set north to see if he could find the truth.
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