Wren Baines

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luramine of TH
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Hybrid (40% Dog, 30% Jackal, 30% Coyote)
Date of Birth:
18th October 2020
Wren is a pretty thing, all things considered. While outwardly attractive, her personality can be more awkward than certain. There is a standoffish, almost anti-social, vibe coming from her stances. She takes no shit from others and doesn't give it in return. Upfront and abrasive, she has a scowl on her muzzle if it isn't pondering. Her mother attributed her appearance to her "no good" father, blessed (or unblessed) to be more like him than her.

There is no doubt that Wren is a hybrid, having attributes of a dog over other species. Her right ear is floppy, while her left is tall and narrow. She has wilder species like coyotes and jackals mixed in her blood. She is tall and lanky (6 ft) in Optime form, with a slender almost hourglass figure. Her Lupus form is 24 inches while her Secui is 39 inches. She has wild, almost annoyingly untamable Optime hair, in beach curls.

Her coloring is steel-blue, with lighter and darker mixtures. Highlighting her coat is white. She has a darker upper body than her lower, with a dark gradient pattern on her legs. Her toes on both feet are white. Wren has three brindle stripes on her ribs, with dark steel-blue between each. Her eyes are neither dark or light brown, an acceptable middle child of the color.

sub-species list; nova scotia duck tolling retriever, golden jackal, northeastern coyote

scent; sandalwood
typical attire; tunics, shorts. nothing overly feminine
A product of an affair, Wren's father left the moment her mother told him she was pregnant. What started as a mutual agreement to not get attached resulted in Wren's mother falling in love with the man. He did not return the feelings and left to be with his family. When the pup was born, she had the misfortune of being a spitting image of her father. The woman did not like this, and would often take her frustrations out on Wren. She even named the girl after what she assumed to be weak; the tiny brown bird. Wren grew up in the ruins of what is known to be Toronto, Canada. There was little in the sense of community with fellow Luperci, and scavenging took time. The mother would leave Wren alone for hours before returning and would eat the scraps first. Leaving the rest for her daughter, it was no wonder the girl grew up almost malnourished, too weak to fight back. Wren would shift early (5 months) after a nasty spat with her mother resulted in the girl huddling and crying in the corner. Her body felt like it was on fire, and soon she would stand. It would be the first time she stood up and yelled at her mother, and it resulted in more punishment afterward. Far from being proud of the moment, her mother grew annoyed and scared that Wren would leave once she got old enough. Using fear techniques and scary stories of the outside, Wren was conditioned to live with the only family she knew. Deep down, she even loved the abusive woman. Around her eighth month, the woman went too far. Having tracked down her ex-lover, she tried to goad Wren into killing his family with her. This did not work while they watched and stalked. Wren felt hatred for the man who abandoned them and left them to survive alone. But she could not turn her teeth on his pups. Mother was displeased and left it be. Or so she assumed. Wren would follow the woman after a particularly silent dinner, seeing her go in the direction of the man's family house. It was a long trek, but close enough. The scorned woman killed his family, turning her Secui fangs on the children. Her half-siblings. Wren flew into a rage; she had been too late to save the man and his wife, but she would not abandon the pups. Tearing into her mother, she tried to fight back. It was clear the older Luperci had the upper hand, and Wren watched miserably and fearfully as she killed the children. But she took her chance and attacked while the woman was grinning over them. Holding her neck in her jaws, Wren clamped down with all her strength until the woman was no more.

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