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Upon first glance at Guinevere, it is likely to note her figure before anything else. She cuts a rough, square shape with much of her body, with height and musculature that is greater than the average coyote, though perhaps not so unusual for some dogs. Medium, pure white fur covers her body, with it tending toward the coarser side. Her hair, when in Optime form, is styled short and spiky, with only a few bangs in the front.

Guinevere's eyes are what is noticed upon second glance, with a pair of mismatched ice blue, being on the left, and striking amber on the right. Her gaze tends to lean toward hard and focused, with perhaps an occasional softness when encountering something new. Of course, the eyes are noticed along with the rest of her face, with it forming for her a rectangular snout and high cheekbones.

Her ears are pricked perpetually, with them reaching an average height above her head, and her tail is longer than average, in accordance with her height. Guinivere also has a seemingly perpetual stern look to her, as if she feels like she needs work to be getting done, no matter what the time.

When possible, Guinivere wears clothing. Typically, it consists of a simple button-down shirt, and brown pants. She prefers it so that it covers a jagged scar that runs from shoulderblade to shoulderblade horizontally.
Guinevere is, on the outside, a very quiet coydog. She doesn't speak as often as most, tending to let her actions do her talking. She also finds complaining unbecoming. Why complain when you could work to fix your issue?

That leads into her being outrageously stubborn, when she thinks she's right it is quite hard to change her mind, save for someone who is a higher rank than her gunning her down. Even then, it could take some work to talk her down from her thoughts. Not only is she stubborn, but she's a hard worker. This combination has her working all hours of the day, and quite possibly the night as well. Her upbringing taught her that hard work and dedication were the only way to get anywhere ever. So to those she does not know well, Guinevere maintains this stubborn, stoic personality through and through.

Though when she can make a friend, she actually smiles. Not to say the stoic, quiet personality was a facade of massive proportions, but rather a defensive mechanism. Something to keep those who would hurt her, or anything she cared about, on the outside. When there is a friend involved, she is the most defensive one you'll know, always willing to take a blow, socially or physically, for someone she cares about.
cNPC: Jinko - Black tomcat
Guinevere was born in the small settlement of Pinnis, on the western coast of the United States, to a loving mother and absentee father. Unfortunately, her loving mother was not around for long during her childhood, as at about two months of age, she was taken from her mother and put into the settlement's pup development program. This program was specifically designed to turn pups into soldiers, a way to safeguard Pinnis against the threats of tomorrow.

It was a brutal program, with only the strongest of pups able to stay in the program. The rest were thrown to the theoretical wolves as slaves, or the truly worthless were thrown to the wilds to fend for themselves. Guinevere was one of the few that excelled, becoming well versed in combat and tactics. For Guinevere, she was particularly good with larger weapons that required strength, rather than dexterity.

During this time, Guinevere met her trusty friend Jinko, a black cat with a love of attention and a penchant for following those he enjoyed around. Though she was not technically allowed to have animals with her in her small dorm area... the others didn't seem to mind, and neither did Jinko. It did not take long for the solitary Guinevere and attention-seeking Jinko to become great friends.

It was at about nine months of age that Guinevere was forced to leave this program. There was one simple reason behind this. Civil war had broken out within Pinnis, and as with many communities, everything it once was turned to ash. Everything truly was a blur in her mad dash to escape. The enemy was quickly on her heels, with many of them being the civilians that had once been thrown from the program due to their weakness. It seemed they weren't weak anymore. As she escaped, they got one good slash at her back, creating a jagged wound that would be felt for weeks to come.

In the bad, there is the good, however. Despite Guinevere's wounds, and deep despair at the loss of her home and those she knew, a friendly face appeared. Jinko, and one of her fellows from the program in tow. Thankfully, the wolf knew how to bandage her properly, and give her a proper send-off before finding his own path. Jinko had a choice to follow one or the other, and Jinko followed Guinevere.

It took months, but around a year of age, Guinevere found what she was looking for. A place to call home, without all the extra baggage of being too... regimented. In her travels, there were always those who had spoken of the Del Cenere Gang, rarely complaining. After a while, Guinevere was tired of just hearing about the coyotes who made up this 'gang', and wanted to see them for herself. She ended up joining, and the rest... is history.
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