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Luperci Ortus

Big boned and well muscled, Rango gives the impression of an imposing beast, based on physique alone. His confidence is quiet, for he tends to loom in the background, surveying from a distance. Within a crowd, he is notably larger than average, his height seemingly leveraged by the width of his broad shoulders and the thick ruff of mane running down his neck.

His dense coat, a stormy swirl of black and steely greys, appears scruffy no matter how much is done to maintain it. Tufts of crimped, coiling fur, especially long around his neck and shoulders, lend to a windswept, boyish charm. The spotting of his coat is indistinct, with darker shading notably on his shoulders, his armpits and groin, his tail, and along the backs of his legs. His silvery mane is slightly lighter than the rest of his coat. Both his eyes, dazzling, as if wrapped in ruby and gold, are lined in kohl, but on his right side, dark, crescent moon mask bisects his face. A thin, off-centre white stripe forms a jagged streak from his coal nose to his forehead. Three of his fingers and two of his toes are also tipped in white, as well as the tip of his tail.
Rango is a quiet, hard working luperci. Most of his time socializing with others is spent looming ominously behind them, his stoic expression visible over the heads and ears of his peers. While he thinks of himself as a reasonable, neutral entity, his to-the-point responses may come across as aloof, or even cold. He has a strong sense of duty, often acting as a mediator or voice of reason, reluctant as he might seem to do so. His mood is often brooding, a storm brewing beneath his molten gaze. Despite his long fuse, he is not shy to make known his displeasure if he cannot assert his boundaries by outright objection.

His sense of duty is largely tied into family, and pack by extension. He honors his blood, and those he has chosen to bond with. Rules and rituals are of the utmost importance to him, the latter where he tends to spend a significant portion of his time, occasionally causing delays because things must be done just so. He has an unacknowledged drive for perfectionism, subconsciously trying to please others by demonstrating that he is at the peak of his performance.

Disinclined to personal preference, he typically defers to the popular opinion. He is ambitious, but sees trailblazing as a risk that is not worth his energy. His stoicism is liable to crack under pressure, where the impatience of a young luperci wins out for lack of practice, and lack of defeat.
cNPC: Lucinda Armistice
Lucinda is a tall and curvy luperci with a distinct red coat and a pale face. She sweetly seeks out positive interactions, but has a tendency to be shallow and superficial. Although she works hard for praise, she is somewhat ditzy, and uninterested in learning about complicated processes. Surprisingly, she does well with caring for plants, but her forte lies in being sociable.

NPC: Raven
NPC: Raven (Lucinda's companion)
NPC: Hoss
NPC: Hoss
Rango was born the first son, and second born, to a mysterious witch who lived in a forest on the edge of Palisade's territory. He was raised almost exclusively by his mother, alongside his three siblings, and although they were not in the middle of the hustle and bustle of pack life, grew a healthy respect for his brethren. As the first-born male, he took it upon himself to be the guardian of the family, to protect his unmated mother, as well as his younger (and smaller) siblings. For some time, they were happy, living together as a family until two of his siblings were kidnapped while out on a quick trade run.

Though a search party was sent out, they were unsuccessful in tracking down anyone alive. After a few weeks, the Armistice family was forced to accept that their lost members had perished, and a small funeral was held in their memory. Rango's mother seemed to move on readily from this tragedy, but between him and his sister, Lucinda, they agreed that somewhere out there, their siblings were alive. Their suspicions were confirmed months later, when a traveling group from Del Cenere Gang sent word back of Ciri's survival, and that she was still searching for her twin, Dandy.

Elated by the news, Rango and his own twin, Lucinda, packed up with the next envoy headed into 'Souls territory, hoping that they could resume their life as it had once been, this time with new adventures within the Del Cenere Gang.
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