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Reyes boasts attractive features and knows this. It is not uncommon for the young man to use it to his advantage if someone is interested. While not (and never) attracted to men, he will use their notice against them. For women? Well, he does feel a bit guilty taking too much from them. It sometimes goes away though. Sometimes.

With heavy wolf blood and a rich culture he also doesn't really care about, Reyes does not place stock in species. He is tall and lanky, with a muscular chest and strong legs. Standing exactly 7 feet in Optime, he is on the larger size. He is 48 inches in Secui, and 38 inches in Lupus. He boasts agility over raw strength and smart tactics over going in blind.

He has wavy and shoulder-length hair in Optime form. Reyes is highly humanized, taking a great deal of care and vanity into his appearance. He loves the use of his hands and is rarely in his other two forms. He likes to dress to impress, but wears darker clothing over bright. His favorite color is red, and he enjoys accessories like scarves and vests to accent.

Unlike the natural cloak of black and grey he wears, Reyes prefers to stand out in a social setting. He walks tall and proud, not hunched over and huddled up. Flamboyancy is a thing to him, as is making an entrance. While on the job, he does not display this. He is professional and does his 'work' well. The only time he uses his silver tongue is during schmoozing, flirting, and business.

heritage; 50% Grey Wolf, 30% Side-Striped Jackal, 20% Coyote
weapons; rapier (honest), twin daggers (dishonest)
scent; campfire and smoke
voice claim; Antonio Banderas
A young man still, Reyes has all the ego of one. He is neither good nor bad, but a delicate balance in between. Morally grey at the core, he can shift in either direction depending on circumstances. Charismatic, carefree, and crafty define his traits. He will probably weigh whether to sell you out or not if it gains him an upper hand. Though to note; he is fiercely devoted to his allies, and appreciates when others go out of their way for him.

Reyes likes to be worshipped casually, but in terms of a deeper connection? He prefers equal partnership. His ego does not need to be boasted any more than it already is, and he is highly suspicious and laughs off people attempting to. He knows he's great, thank you. Barely out of his yearling phase, he can be still called immature. He has commitment issues and likes to toy with others. His interests are solely for himself and what enjoyment he can get out of it.

Women seem to be able to reign him in quick. He follows after pretty females quite easily. The right girl can wrap him around her finger and while he thinks more with his body than his mind around girls, he is respectful and backs off. He would rather worship than be worshipped and does not understand men who prefer the company of their own gender. Women are powerful, sexy, and smart. What's not to love? He will hesitate to harm one, and perhaps flat out refuse to.

Reyes does not bat an eye at violence unless it is senseless. He cannot stand a lack of reason behind motivation. Logic rules his mindset and he relishes in displaying his knowledge. Though not a very good team player, he reluctantly concedes to those in power. He's not negative in his mind, but he speaks ill of those condescendingly in it.

alignment; naturally chaotic - lawful or evil - with some hints of neutrality mingled in. he's out for himself, plain and simple
carmen de la fuente; mother, deceased
mateo de la fuente; father, unknown
Coming from mostly wolf and jackal blood, the coyote aspect of the de la Fuente family is quite low indeed. The blood comes from his mother, a sharp and wily woman with a more diverse background than her husband. While both Mateo and Carmen boast wolf blood, only Carmen's family traveled from Europe to the Americas. Reyes was born shortly after their marriage on the road. A sick child, they brought him to various healers as their caravan made it through the land. Carmen, a deeply spiritual woman, would say it was the work of her gods. That they blessed her son with health. Mateo kept quiet, as he was always prone to do in such talk. The point was, the young lad got better.

Their humble travels in the convoy were more or less a vardo - a caravan of Romani people. Mateo was the odd one out, joining his wife's large family and taking her last name. He was easily a more submissive and quiet man, a contrast to Carmen's bright personality. Reyes took after his mother; easily charming and flamboyant. He was taught basic skills and the fine art of haggling by his mother and father. He shifted as regular - at six months. Life had been good to them, eventually turning sour before Reyes was a year old. Bandits would assault the vardo, culling the members and taking hostages. The women were either killed or sold off, passed around like food before then.

Carmen, seeing this to be her fate, slit her throat before they came to her.

Mateo and Reyes were spared, with the father sold off for his sturdy frame. A good worker he'd be. Reyes was kept in the now-bandit vardo due to his personality and spirit. Triggered by the suicide of his mother, the lad attempted to bite the throat of the lead bandit. He almost did too, and the man would laugh and put him in chains. It took many, many months for Reyes to earn his freedom. He suffered mostly humiliation by the bandits, kept alive by his former comrades that were lucky to stay. But Reyes was a sneaky young thing. He gained the trust of the leader and was let go; first around their vicinity and then gaining more privilege.

He would repay their kindness with a ploy. All he needed was the help of someone on the outside... someone less than savory. When the vardo came north, he began to cruise bars and taverns in hopes of finding someone to complete his grand scheme.
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