Skoll Stormfast

Date of Birth:
5th June 2020
  • Lupus: 43 in | 180 lbs
    Skoll doesn't use Lupus form often, if not at all, taking after his father. He may use Lupus if he needs to be small or when absolutely necessary but prefers Secui form when needing to be on four legs. His Lupus form is wolflike with thicker fur and a blunter muzzle. His fur is soft like a dog's and he has wide limbs.
  • Secui: 54 in | 290 lbs
    Like his father, Skoll prefers his Secui form when not in Optime. He's massive with a broad chest and a muscular build with a bit more than healthy enough fat layer. His fur is thick, especially around his neck. His limbs are also thick as well. He is built like a tank and has large paws. He's over five feet long in this shape.
  • Optime: 7 ft 6 in | 350 lbs
    Skoll's Optime form is muscular and broad-shouldered, taking up a lot of vertical space as well as horizontal space. He does have a softness to his torso. He has a more feral stance, though may switch to a more humanized stance if needed for short periods of time but he does tend to hunch slightly. His mane is unstyled for the most part though he does decorate himself with jewelry. Skoll doesn't normally wear clothes in Optime, seeing as his fur is still fairly thick in this form. He occasionally drops down to all fours for short lengths of time. He uses this form when he needs to use his hands.
He comes off as reserved as he's rather shy. Skoll is often quiet and when he speaks he's soft spoken. He does have a thirst for knowledge and is very curious which sometimes wins against his otherwise quiet nature. He tends to observe rather than make his presence known at first.

Skoll is a fast learner and very observant. He also has an elephant’s memory. He has an unsettling ability to mimic things he’s seen as well as quickly figuring things out by observing them for a while. However this mimicry can be very shallow unless he practices it or expands on it more. He learns best from observing the world around him. He’s also very analytical. He also loves reading and has a good memory for thing's he has read.

Skoll is fairly passive and is uninterested in learning to fight. He appears lazy at times. If he sets his sights on something, he will work until he has it.

Skoll is somewhat materialistic and can be greedy at times. His primary interests include shiny objects and anything that looks pretty. Skoll is also fairly possessive, like a dragon guarding its hoard. However he is very against thieving though it depends on the situation. He will rob from the dead.

  • Botany: Skoll has always been interested in plant life. He learned about different types of plants, especially flowers. He does know basic herbs and was being taught by an apothecary. He likes making tea. He also knows how to care for plants.
  • Healing: Skoll did learn some basic wound dressing along with herbs. He can patch up minor injuries, although he isn't a fully-qualified medic yet.
  • Languages: Skoll was raised in a bilingual household and speaks French and English. Skoll can speak and understand Corvid low-speech to some degree.
  • Literacy: Skoll can read and write.
** Skoll views them as his full siblings
  • Basil: Male Raven
  • Dahlia: Female Raven
Skoll Stormfast was born alongside his twin brother Perses in a place known as Praegrandis. They never got to know their dad, Iorek as he died a month after the twins were born. Skoll and Perses were raised by their "Pere", Riley Rockateer with the help of their older siblings and aided by Iorek's family members.

When they shifted for the first time, Riley performed the same rite that he and his late husband had. Skoll and Perses each received two birds: a male and female raven. They also received one of Iorek's pieces of jewelry.

Skoll was drawn to botany and healing along with reading and writing. He was more introverted and allowed Skoll to speak for the both of them. He grew up studying under healers and watching them patch up his brother along with others. He also grew close to his ravens.

When Skoll and Perses were over a year and a half, Perses decided he wanted to head out to Nova Scotia, to Casa di Cavalieri -- having heard about it from his Pere's stories. Skoll didn't want to but he didn't think he had a choice.

With their father's blessing, Perses led Skoll on an adventure to Nova Scotia.

There, the twins joined Casa di Cavalieri.
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