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Edelweiss is very slender and curvaceous, full of feminine charm and beauty. She has inherited the earthy colors of her unknown father, yet not his eye hue. Still, the greens are very remarkably uncommon for the del Morte family. Mostly found in Optime, she does not stand straight but so much crawls and crouches. If she was to be measured, she would stand at 5'8 inches.

There is something almost ethereal about the way she holds herself and acts. She has a gentle touch that can turn violent if provoked. While no scars yet litter her form, she has the endurance and stamina to back up the speed she boasts. A heavy coyote-hybrid, her muzzle is thin and her ears are large. Her nose is softly salmon pink.

Inspired and bred into her are tell-tale signs of dog heritage - specifically, she carries the waterproof and double pelt of a Spaniel. Her brown-white piebald pattern is striking. Though her fur is shorter due to her coyote heritage, she is able to keep herself warm without resorting to modesty at times. Preferring to be nude, Edelweiss does not take to clothing.

However, she likes to accessorize with animal parts and flowers. The most tell-tale sign of humanization she wears is her antler-like crown. When bored, she braids her long Optime hair; it shows she has the capacity to be civilized.

species; 20% wolf, 50% coyote, 30% welsh springer spaniel
scent; moss & grass dew
name meaning;
female, german origin
edel as in noble, weiss as in white
del morte as in of death

Once content to live her life in seclusion, Edelweiss has grown reckless as of late. Without companions, she is deceptively lonely and seeks comradery. Cautious and skeptical of humanized Luperci, she is no less drawn to them like a moth to a flame. She views the world almost in a child-like manner, all wide-eyed and more often than naught touching things she shouldn't. She is in awe of raw strength and has the capacity to stalk if intrigued enough.

Almost entirely feral, she has been raised away from civilized Luperci. Her past dalliance with an outsider has taught her that not all are bad, but most can do more harm than good. She views travelers, traders, and caravans through the trees but rarely approaches others. She skulks about, taking. Stealing. She gives fleeting glimpses of herself before she rushes back into the wilds. Edelweiss is considered something of an urban legend around the Tides.

While no cannibal, many whisper she is a wendigo; touched by madness and driven by greed. If one got to know her, they would claim she is more of a primitive pagan. Raised by feral Luperci who saw their two-legged form as a sign of the moon and nature's power as a blessing. She reveres nature as a result. Edel defends the lesser creatures, making friends with rabbits and birds. She does, however, eat meat like any canine. She prefers not to be friends with her meals and treats; and sends a prayer over every fallen prey. She has a deep reverence for rituals only she understands now.

Edelweiss has the capacity to be loving, kind, and gentle. Depending on who associates with her and what type of attention she is given, the hybrid can be one of two things. Almost innocent looking, she has a soft touch and a caring nature. In defense of herself, she will bite and snarl. If she feels threatened enough, she lashes out. Not understanding many things, Edel falls behind (at least right now) in some intelligence. But behind her green eyes spark a fire, a cunning... She has but to unlock it.
silas del morte; biological father
unnamed coydog; biological mother
only child, never knowing them
WARNING; the below contains mentions of abuse and slavery!

Edelweiss had been born, yet not named. A passing interest in a sex slave resulted in the unplanned and unwanted pregnancy of the woman. She never knew anything about her mother, who unceremoniously dumped her in the Northern Tides as soon as the baby was born. Edel would have perished, if not for the passing kindness from a band of Luperci native to the area. They were rough, tough, and above all primitive. Thankfully, the matriarch of the group had recently birthed children - and this led to Edel gaining nutrients and a family.

While never given a name, it mattered not. The Luperci, while able to shift and use Optime form, crawled about on all fours during the best of times. They did not seem interested in the civilized world. Edel was taught at a young age to fear outsiders, never straying far from their 'camp' without an escort. She was taught to speak only Low Speech from her family, who only spoke that in return. They were rather infamous; the woods about Metepenagiag Mi'kmaq Reservation were considered haunted by spirits. In reality, it was just the primitive Luperci. They worshipped nature and spirits, doing strange and abnormal rituals.

For quite some time, Edel was content to live in such a band. She never took to curiosity about outsiders or their world; roaming and practicing the near pagan crafts of old on their land. Outsiders were chased and scared away, either by their imagination or the fleeting glimpses they spied of Edel's family. Set in their ways, she would look back and assume they had always been like this. But to what end? Why and when? That was something she never got a clear answer to. Apart from her mother figure, she had been blessed with a brother. He would often tease her, nip, and pull on her ears. Although taught they were siblings regardless of where Edel came from, he never saw it as such.

Six months passed and Edelweiss shifted for the first time. Her brother had already done such a thing, lording over her for a time being. The two had more fun now, chasing and getting used to two legs. It would be normal for them to act like children for some more time. Nothing really changed for the group until Edel spied a stranger through the mist. She prepared to chase them off, only to smell blood. They were hurt. She wasn't sure what compelled the then yearling to help. Curiosity? Sympathy? It would be her first excursion with an Outsider. She was nervous, scared... But she didn't want him to die.

If he died here, more would come looking for him.

So she helped him out, took him to the edge of her world and into his. Bewitched by her beauty, he asked to see her again. This was surprising - for he spoke in Low Speech like her. The sparse times she talked to him, he knew she was different. It didn't matter. He wanted to spend time with the strange girl. The two met in secret for months on end. She enjoyed his company after a while, developing a crush on the young man that led to intimacy. He taught her to speak broken High Speech, and she would have been taught more... Alas, it was not meant to be. No matter how much she was taught by her love, a jealous streak remained in her brother. He slew the Outsider and dragged her back to their abode.

She considered it a prison now.

Edel wept for her first love but moved on quickly. Fate was funny, and her brother had been reckless. Her lost love's friends found him and invaded the primitive Luperci. Edel came back from gathering to see the remnants. Blood. Death. Everywhere. No one remained out of the group. With no ties to the world beyond the eerie woodlands, she remained. Unwilling to put herself out there again, only to fail? She would not grow close to an Outsider again, out of concern for their life and her own. None dared to remain in the Reserve for long, from what she could see. Edelweiss kept up the fa├žade it was haunted. She chanted, performed rituals of warding... And sometimes, if one was lucky... They saw the outline of the woman through the mist. And sometimes, if you were unlucky, saw her chase.

She calls herself Edelweiss - a name whispered by a lover of times past.
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