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20th March 2019
Luperci Ortus
Standing at 6’2” in Optime form, in what is perhaps a throwback to his Uncle Tybalt, Thistle outstrips most of his immediate family in height. His physique is athletic, backed up by some muscle, particularly over his calves and across his shoulders. Thistle’s body is well-toned, though the texture of his fur makes the firm outline of his frame a bit fuzzy.

The coat itself is wiry and clearly designed to protect against inclement weather, more often than not giving the young man a scruffy appearance. He lacks the beard sported by his Mother and some of his siblings; instead, his legs sport a small amount of feathering. Thistle lacks the thick ruff and cheek fur of his wolf ancestry.

Thistle’s ears are never quite sure what they want to do with themselves. It would seem that the cartilage in his right ear is better formed than that in his left. When alert, the former can stand almost entirely upright, while the latter can only lift so far and never straightens fully.

His features are strong: his cheekbones and brow are prominent and his jaw is square. His eyes, though, are a soft almond shape, slightly too large for his face.
Thanks to the security offered to him growing up in Old Ironsides, Thistle stayed immature longer than most. At three years old, he’s learning to settle and take life more seriously - not that he can resist a spot of mischief every now and then.

Protective of his family, particularly his beloved Ma and elder sister Cora, Thistle is quick to leap to his family’s defence, and to defend the Cormier-Parhelion name. Sometimes his eagerness to ensure he makes his parents and siblings proud results in actions playing out before he’s fully engaged his brain.

Most of the family’s most traumatic periods were played out before Thistle was born; this is a blessing and a curse for the youngest Cormier-Parhelion son. He feels he needs to prove himself to be as heroic as his family members yet, at the same time, doesn’t truly believe he can live up to them.

Thistle can be prone to jealousy and resentment; this is usually quickly followed by guilt and a period of social withdrawal. Generally an outgoing and cheerful individual, when Thistle turns quiet it’s usually a sign that something is very wrong.

Thistle has certainly inherited the sharp wit of the Cormier side of the family and is more than capable of delivering cutting remarks but he strives to accompany his quips with a smile.
Parents: Eliza Cormier & Milos Parhelion
Siblings: Willow Cormier*, Logan Cormier & Bramble Parhelion¹, Percival Parhelion, Daisy Parhelion & Cora Cormier²

¹,² - position of litter in birth order
Sidonia, Golden Eagle
Thistle’s parents had faced trials and tribulations from day one of their mateship, enduring several traumatic events which - thankfully, for Thistle - the boy remained largely oblivious to as a child. He was the youngest and last born of the Cormier-Parhelion litters, with three older brothers and two older sisters. Thistle was little more than a whelp when most of the family departed for Old Ironsides, where he enjoyed a settled childhood.

As a youth, Thistle grew closest to his elder sister, Cora Cormier. He loved listening to her stories of Nova Scotia, where her littermates still reside, and of New Caledonia, the pack Percival and Daisy had settled into. Cora and Thistle had a tight bond which might have been unbreakable if Thistle hadn’t met a man in Portland in late 2020.

His name was Dunlin Orarian; Thistle first met him near the docks in Portland and the Cormier lad - now fully grown but still naive in many ways - took an instant liking to him. When it came to light that they both had large families and an affinity for water, Thistle insisted on showing him the hospitality of Old Ironsides. There, Dunlin met Cora, and a fledgling romance formed between the two.

Thistle loved hearing stories from Dunlin’s adventures across land and sea; he revered his cherished sister’s boyfriend and was initially glad they were together, assuming it would mean more time spent with both of them. And that was the case for a few months.

There was no singular moment to pinpoint; things changed gradually. Dunlin suggested Thistle embark on his own adventures and Cora agreed. Not wanting to be a third wheel, Thistle reluctantly started spending more time alone. He saw the pair less and less until, in the Spring of 2021, Cora announced that she would be leaving Old Ironsides and finding a home with Dunlin.

At first Cora would pop by to visit her family regularly, usually with Dunlin in tow. Thistle noticed subtle changes in his sister’s demeanour but thought little of it. The visits grew less frequent and in the Summer, Cora tearfully informed her family that she and Dunlin would be going on an extended trip. Thistle was devastated - but he desperately wanted to be happy for his closest sibling, who insisted she was happy, so he waved her off with a hug and suspicions niggling at him.

There were letters but even those grew sparse - and Thistle grew seriously concerned for Cora’s safety. The words said that she missed them, that she wanted to visit - but she never did. One day their Mother’s golden eagle, Sidonia, turned up - alone - and Thistle’s fears became grave. He was intent on getting Cora home safe but with his parents getting older and his siblings otherwise occupied, he didn’t know where to start.

When a letter arrived at the start of 2022, informing Thistle and his parents of the trouble recently put to bed in New Caledonia, Thistle decided to reach out to the siblings who were settled there.
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