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The Family
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Luperci - Wolf with a touch of coyote
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14th February 2022
Appears as prankish as he acts. Syrus often flaunts a mischievous smile and a very alert demeanour.

He stands tall and confident, despite his awareness and slight frustration at the disproportionate size of his ears.

The contrasting size difference between his mother and father dictated that Syrus land in the average size bracket.

Despite having inherited his mother's slender, lean build, he was blessed with his father's freakish strength, and an impressively muscular physicality. He has broad shoulders, a wide back, and powerful limbs. Even at a young age, he's a strong little bugger.

Mostly of a chocolate colouration, except on his ears, face and chest, he looks as if he has performed a swan dive into a soot-filled fireplace.

His eyes are rather striking. A pearlescent luster underlies a striking mix of his biological parent's peepers. Mostly a sunset orange, that when they catch the light issue a metallic magenta or pink.

Clearly of some coyote blood, what with his big ears and sharp features, Syrus' body shape (if not its size) appears more wolfish and powerful than that of his coyote heritage.

Still young he has a neat row of pearly-white teeth. His canines perhaps slightly larger than average, another paternal gift, apparently.

Lupus: Height 33"

- As described above

Secui: Height 44"
-As described above, but muscles are more pronounced, tending to be relatively heavier in this form than others. It's in this form he bears most resemblance to his father.

Optime: Height 80"
-A little bit leaner in this form, but still a powerful/athletic build. He has long, wavy, black hair, worn either pushed back or messily draped everywhere with a ill-defined parting.
Although still developing at a rapid pace, and about to have his world turned upside down, Syrus is still a fun-loving kid. Though he is troubled about his familial arrangement—and often keeps these concerns to himself—he does tend to be able to compartmentalise his issues and turn his attention onto the rest of the world with ease.

He's full of energy, and is always jumping, climbing, running or even tackling unsuspected practice prey (like Mom!). Always alert or on the lookout for ways to cause mischief; finding unusual hilarity in even the lamest practical joke.

He is annoyingly talkative, which could be inherited from his father.

He can be affectionate, but only to those he trusts, such as his mother or close friends. Depending on his mood, he can be standoffish with strangers, but will occasionally make an effort to talk to new people; an insatiable curiosity being another trait he shares with his diabolical dad.

Although Wrath will eventually step into this young wolf's life and undoubtedly play a part in issuing darker motives for the kid to explore, Syrus is a very independent child, and tends to be quick to make his own mind up, without requiring too much input from others.

He's a scrapper. He has very little fear of consequence when going into a fight, but then again, he's only gon up against small—although deceiving sharp—puppy teeth so far, he doesn't really have a reason to fear combat, in fact, the urge to win is driven by a clearly competitive nature.

Syrus always wants to win... everything. He is a very sore loser, unable to fathom why anyone would be able to do anything better than him if he put in all of his effort.

Syrus is still under the assumption Eden is his biological mother, unable now to recall the traumatic events closely following his birth, and so does show her a good deal of affection and trust.

Syrus' closest relationships are with Eden and Lexus, basically his mother and his sister for all intents and purposes.

That is until Wrath steps into the picture, the real father...
Syrus was born along with his sister Iverness and brother Harlow in the wild lands outside Salsola, by the side of a small pond, in a clearing of trees, on a bed of mud and overseen by two horrendous individuals that are his parents:

Sociopath and infamous Pentini Aani Aston D'Noires, and the black Alaskan Timber Wolf that craves nothing more than his own notoriety and to see the fear in the faces of his cannibalised prey, Wrath.

He was 'rescued' by Eden de le Ulrich (Aani's wife and biological mother to Harlow and Iverness), under the assumption that the litter belonged entirely to her and Aani.

Some might say young Syrus was fortunate to never meet his mother Aani, but far less lucky still to have a father like Wrath showing a tentative interest in getting to know the boy.
However, Syrus still does not know anything about either of his biological parents, and whenever he raises the subject he's becoming sharp enough to discern that nobody really wants to say too much.

When Eden found the littler, clinging to a rather dishevelled-looking Aani , they were alive, but filthy and underfed. Eden took Syrus and his siblings back to Salsola, announcing all three to the boss as being the litter belonging to herself and Aani.

Syrus is currently being raised in a house full of caring creatures, and he has a strong bond with both Eden and Lexus, who he knows only as his mother and big sister.

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