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6th March 2017
Relatively short as wolves go, but quite strong, thread looks very stocky and rocks a muscly gut. The man looks generally misproportioned with limbs that appear as if they’re too long for his body. Even his face structure seems a little off. His right canine tooth pokes out of his mouth at all times. The most deformed part of Thread is his tail. The appendage is much shorter than most natural tails, and holds a raccoon stripe pattern. There are a few kinks in his caudal vertebrae, with the end of his tail perpetually curled harshly in on itself.

His coat is a mix of bright sandy tans, and dark charcoal. The top of his head is a deep black cap, that forms a small cape down his neck and on his shoulder blades. Light sandy tans fleck and dance about from his shoulders and back. He sports a white underbelly, with tan legs. The man’s eyes are a light yellow, and he stares on with mild interest.

Thread doesn’t wear many clothes. At most most what he does wear is utilitarian leather straps and belts, or leather armor. Nudity is the preferred way of being, however he does wear what little he owns to carry it if he must travel long distances. A simple belt with loops and a knife sheath, and shoulder pads for the armor.
Thread prefers to live free. He had tasted the life of a leader, and while he enjoyed it, he enjoyed being without the weight of his people’s existence on his shoulders. The man thinks tactically in any situation, trying to find the best solution to the best outcome. Methodical, and also a tad mad, as he enjoys pulling off wild feats of prowess. Conceited in that he believes he’s the most handsome man in all of existence, Thread often walks with bravado around the folks he fancies, be them women, men, or anything else.

Heavily skewed morals guide the man as he still upholds his people’s beliefs and customs. Cannibalism is fine, as are close-kin pairings. Though the two had good reason on Isle Royale, not so much on the mainland. Outlandish is an understatement, but it is the way he conducts himself, though he knows when to hide the fact that he’s a sister-kissing cannibal. Most people do not take kindly to that combination.

Despite enjoying the sweeter meats and spending too much time with his cousins, he holds quite a lot of good in him. Children are important, and any child in peril must be saved. He’d bring any lost puppy to its parents, or if he could, remove the pup from a terrible home life. Even if someone was lost, he’d give them directions. Thread would also dive into chaos to help someone in a fight.

He is loyal to friends and family, and would staunchly defend anyone he loves.
Several combinations of close siblings and uncles and aunts and cousins, and children.

Marten- Semi-adopted child.
Thread was a part the first litter born to the patriarch of Isle Royale, and a concubine who had unfortunately run aground on the shores of the Isle. Immediately finding himself among deformed and dull family members, Thread quickly rose to power after he was old enough to take a mate. He could tell he was better and smarter than the rest of his family, save for the brothers and sisters who were born alongside him. Using his intellect and the stories his mother told him about where she had come from, Thread managed to convince his pack to go against their ingrained superstitions to leave Isle Royale on an icebridge.

He organized the largest and strongest members of the pack. There weren't many, but they listened well. Together they sped across the bridge and caught the first group of luperci they came across off guard. They captured whoever they could, took what food they could carry, and what tools looked useful, though most of the raiders had no clue what would help. Thread set up who they captured with capable men and women, and watched on in the coming months that healthier pups were being born. They did not suffer terrible abnormalities that many did.

He was elevated even further within his society. Thread was compared to Grey, the first luperci to arrive on the Isle and who gave the pack many sons and daughters alongside the gift of shifting. Thread reigned for two more years having many children with various pack members and concubines he kept.

The second raid Thread organized was far more grand than the first. Even more men and women were taken, much more food was stolen, and this time the tools and weapons that benefitted them most were grabbed. Tragically a blizzard caused Thread to be separated from his people, and when it finally ended, he found himself alone and closer to the mainland as the ice bridge fractured. He was forced to retreat to Canada, and was filled with terror at the prospect of never returning home.

Eventually he found the very same people who he led a raid on, thankfully they didn’t recognize him. Thread played dumb, litterally, by making himself seem very unintelligent. Eventually a couple took him in and fed him. He was given a place to sleep, and put to work hauling things for them. They taught him how to speak English, and Thread taught himself how to write the language rudimentarily.

In the summer of 2021, a boat was sighted coming from the Isle, and it made landfall near where the raiders launched their attacks. It was a small group from the Isle in search of Thread. Instead of violence, they only brought a search party, however, the people of the mainland were wary of the Isle Royale wolves, and attacked the party. Thread managed to get to them before losses were garnered on any side. It was there that he knew he couldn’t live his simple life with the kind folks he had pillaged. He also didn’t have the urge to lead his pack. His brother was a part of the crew, and Thread told Loops that he was the new leader. He commended his pack for finally making something new, and then got the hell out of dodge.

Following the lakes and rivers, Thread eventually found Marten, a strange young pup that he instantly felt the need to protect. Together the headed further East where Thread hoped to build a new home from the ground up. Preferably on an island in a huge lake.
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