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17th September 2018
In terms of pelt coloration, Lorien owes much of the hues present on his fur to his late Old Caledonian mother. She gave him (and Lothric) a light base color of cold, pale whites and warm, soothing ivories. Furthering the clash of hot and cold hues is the presence of varying shades of rich earthy browns and grayish slate blues. The latter color muddles him thanks to Rand's genetic influence on him. On each of his limbs is a dappling of these darker colors that take the shape of a more feathery pattern. These markings can appear as wings, especially when he gesticulates passionately (as he is wont to do). As another feature from his father, he has inherited Rand's violent sunburst eyes. His eyes are lined darkly as a natural marking, though he may darken them at times with paint or similar materials. His upper lids are cooler gray and his lower lids are striped with warmer brown. These colors reach his eyebrows, though the tails of them gradiate off into his lighter base. He is extremely expressive and this only highlights that.

His underbelly is a purer shock of snow white, washing out his throat, mouth and underbelly. It touches the undersides of his tail, arms and legs. It can additionally be found studding the darker swaths of markings found on the tops of his tail and limbs.

On his forehead is a stripe of warm black. This gives his Optime mane dark roots in the center and the odd strands of black growing from it into the rest of his locks. As is traditional of the Taur clan of Old Caledonia, he does not cut his hair until it gets in the way. It curls away from his head in a wavier texture like the rest of his fur, much like his father, with the density of his mother's. On occasions he is found in his Optime form, it may be seen hastily and messily tied back in short tails or low buns.

Though he is a wolfdog, his doggish ancestry is much more evident. He does have the larger frame of a wolf. He stands at 6'8" in Optime and his body shape is squared and his higher amount of muscle makes for an intimidating silhouette in the dark (especially when his bright eyes catch light). However, his half flopped ears and feathery, retriever-like tail would draw the eye first when in full light.

Lorien has minor variation between his forms. As aforementioned, he is 6'8" in Optime. In his four legged forms, he is taller than would be expected from his Optime height. As such, he is 49 inches tall in Secui (on average, this may vary due to the nature of Secui) and 39 inches tall in Lupus.

Overall, Lorien is most often found in his Secui form. This is only by a less considerable margin, for he utilizes his Lupus and Optime forms frequently enough when performing different tasks (Optime for things that require hands like wood carving, Lupus for things where speed is more useful like hunting, etc). He typically will fall asleep in Secui. When he does, he wakes up in either his Optime or Lupus forms.
Lorien is much less put together than someone like his sister, Gwenninûr. He shoots first and acts later most typically. He thinks out his actions very briefly before acting, if he thought about them at all. At a moment’s notice, his high energy can heat up into thrilled mania, high affection, or vengeful fury. He is not very emotionally mature and so his emotional regulation skills are lacking. Even when he is feeling neutral or happy, his hugs can be too tight ("you're crushing me!") or his tone may come off as rude or sarcastic.

Lorien grows quite attached to individuals over time and holds a lot of passion for his friends and family. He greatly desires approval from those that he respects. Now that his mother is dead, he may end up leaning on his father for praise. In the potential absence of this, he will try to find someone else to feed this to him. Either way, he is dying for some attention. Without it, his self esteem suffers, and he does not like it one bit when his ego is bruised.

He is a creature of habit and gives in to his own vices easily. He will accept most any mind altering substance when it is offered to him. He avoids being too high in public of course, but will very occasionally be found at least somewhat tipsy or buzzed. What he enjoys more than depressants like alcohol are things like stimulants and more importantly hallucinogens. He will make use of drugs to especially feel closer to his deity, Nanin, especially after learning more about Nanin and the other deities upon arrival in New Caledonia. While using such drugs, he is often shifted into his Lupus or Secui form and spends time in the forest doing only gods know what. Sometimes it’s just frolicking, sometimes it’s something that could be what his mother hated.

Lorien is physical and he has a short fuse. He does his best to mitigate this by developing skills that he uses as outlets. For example, he is a budding carpenter that labors without complaint until pestered. He is dabbling in carving wood but has not had the opportunity to learn much of this yet due to lack of access to the tools and security he needs. He loves menial work like this and needs to stretch his muscles daily to work off all the extra energy wound up tightly inside. He is also interested in fighting for a cause he is loyal to. Due to his upbringing, he believes in the tenets of Nanin (and to a lesser extent, Nìn), and so frequents his Lupus and Secui forms. They bring him closer to nature, which is important to him since he considers himself a Druid. Lorien has internalized the following values most as a result of his upbringing: nature and vengeance.

In conclusion, his temper can justifiably be seen as childish in the eyes of plenty, but he is still more sympathetic to traditional ideologies like the ones in the Court of Dusk. The culture of Old Caledonia is very important to him and he wants to carry that forth and into the future for his mother. Beliefs such as these keep his hot head in check, balancing him out. Without it, his wrath would make an appearance more often. Still, Nanin’s heart calls for vengeance, and Lorien is not one to resist their will when it comes…
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by Despi

Father: Rand Coara
Mother: Medlihel
Full siblings: Gwenninûr Coara and Lothric Coara
Half siblings: Níndari (and Elemmírë adoptively)
Uncle: Ark Coara
Animal NPCs: Dove, Dirt & Spot (Rats) & Yuna (horse)
Lorien Coara is the son of two Old Caledonians. His mother, now deceased, was a woman of Taur as a devotee to the deity named Nanin. His father, Rand Coara, was a man pledged to Lorn as a follower of Nin. His father was not present for Lorien’s birth or even a moment of his childhood, which has affected him to this day. Within Old Caledonia, the once harmonious Clans were warred against by renegade forces when Lorien and his littermates were only a few months old. They began to separate and individualize, creating a divide between Taur and Lorn and further separating him from his father. The war dragged on until they were all ultimately defeated. There was a political leader elected that led the united Clans to a new land, yet Lorien and his small family had fled the ruins and fires of the war before this. As such, they were left behind as the others went on to another land as refugees post-defeat.

He was assumed to have died in the fires of that war.

Lorien’s father has been nothing but folklore to him and his two littermates, Gwenninûr and Lothric. He remained in the wilderness after the others had long passed on, working and toiling to survive. Several years later, with her hand in Lorien’s, his mother died. She weakly wished to them that he and his siblings move on from her death and make names for themselves. As her final moments sifted as sand through his fingers, he promised he would. Gwenninûr stood to the wall of the room, silent in the face of her demise. Lothric held their mother’s other hand with Lorien. To the best of his ability, Lorien, Lothric and Gwenninûr gave her the proper death rites for Nanin devoted Druids; the Embrace of Eternity. They buried her body with the best nutrient-rich soil they could manage and planted the seeds of an apple tree. Lorien chose this to symbolize the immortality of her memory.

In the wake of her death, the three of them heard of a land called ‘New Caledonia’, created by their people that had survived the war. Realizing their need to relocate, they set out to travel eastward.

Now Lorien and his siblings seek out New Caledonia to fulfill their mother’s dying wishes.
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