Tor Wolfe-Knight

First Cadet

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First Cadet
Luperci Woven into shape
Date of Birth:
10th March 2022
More wolf than dog, only the point of Tor’s ears and the fluffiness of her coat reveal her as anything other than lupine. Her fur is white gray on the bottom and silver blue on top like her ghura Cedric, with the same light, almost white, blue eyes as her terokla Qyska. Her nose and paw pads are a brownish pink, and most toes end in a rounded, gray-brown claw. Her dewclaws, however, are black.

Tor’s pale fur is easily tangled, especially in the longest parts behind her legs, and her large feet are usually stained brown with mud. She’s a chubby girl in her youth, and will never quite shake the baby fat in her otherwise lean, long-legged adulthood. While unlikely to be taller than her father, much less her towering Knight relatives, her oversized feet and ears make it clear that she won’t be a small woman in adulthood.

Tor wears a small wooden statue of a wolf as a pendant, even before she reaches shifting age. The object is roundly-carved, as simple as it is skillful, and it’s one of her prized possessions. She’s also taken an early interest in clothing, and enjoys wearing furs tied around her neck and draped over her back like her packmates’ rank cloaks.
Tor sits at a contemplative middle ground between her siblings, as playful as she is mindful, and as curious as she is introspective. She adores her parents, is easily talked into sibling mischief, and is eager to learn from her pack and prove herself as a capable future Candid — after all, her ghura was one.

Despite this, Tor rarely takes the lead unless forced to; making the first move, the first choice, is scary. Knowledge is security, and without a wizened adult — or confident sibling — to guide her, she must gather that knowledge herself before making decisions.

This had led to a bad habit of eavesdropping, her puppy ears pivoting whichever way reveals the most information. She is an uncharacteristically quiet girl in these moments, practicing the art of being unseen and unheard almost without meaning to. Tor is quick to apologize when caught, but doesn’t otherwise acknowledge that what she’s doing is rude; she has to eavesdrop, or else she won’t know the things she needs to know.

Tor is also difficult to rattle and believes that the world is never cruel without cause. To her, everything happens for an ultimately good reason, no matter how terrible it is. Fear, pain, and loss are valuable lessons, and Tor had a crash course in them at a young age; any other worldview isn’t optimistic enough for her.

And if Tor is anything, she’s optimistic. The world is full of more kindness than cruelty, more good than bad, and she wants to be a part of that good.
:Mother: Kai Wolfe-Denahlii
Father: Cedric Stryder
Littermates: Dagon Knight, Lotai Stryder, Tokhaka Stryder, Tegan Wolfe-Denahlii, Pandora Knight
Half-siblings: Celia Knight, Soledad Stryder
Adopted Siblings: Parzival, Fredrick Knight
cNPC: Nayavota Wolfe-Denahlii
Born to Cedric Stryder and Kai Wolfe-Denahlii, Tor came into the world along with five other siblings. She was a happy, healthy pup from birth, and spent her pre-weaning moons wrestling with her siblings and cautiously exploring the world around her. Not as mischievous as her sisters and not as serious as Dagon, Tor was always closest to her big brother Tokhaka and less big brother Lotai. Troubles were few and far between, and were rarely more serious than a bumped nose or a fight over new toys from the Youth Fair.

This changed during her second moon, when a warm, summer’s night quickly became a nightmare. She remembered the kidnapping in bits and pieces — a loud thud from downstairs, her siblings being stuffed into a sack, being unable to control her whimpers as she hid in the corner of the room — and even less of her first night in captivity.

It was only later, after losing the battle to sleep and being tended to by their kidnappers in the morning, that Tor began to listen. And while listening did little to expedite her rescue, it did a lot to keep her captors from harming her further and even more to commit them to memory. Tor would never forget the Ember League, but her unassuming nature would all but ensure they forgot her.

While recovering from the kidnapping, Tor remained glued to her parents’ sides until an unlikely mentor entered her life. Aunt Naya, who was confusingly her ghura’s milk sister and her mahna’s aunt, had traveled all the way from the far-off land of Portland to visit her family. Tor grew attached to her aunt so quickly, and so underfootedly, that she earned the teasing nickname of “silver shadow” within a few days of meeting her.
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