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10th March 2022
Luperci Ortus
Even young, it is very clear that Tokhaka going to large, loaming over his siblings and others easily. His massive paws speak of a lot of growing to come and his body carried a density and thickness to it beyond just puppy fat and heavy fur from his dominantly wolf heritage. The boy seems to move almost in slow motion as well, though at his young age it isn't yet clear if this is from being a low-energy puppy or from something pain related, Tokhaka himself doesn't ever explain.

His fur demonstrates links to both of his parents; with a dark onyx across his back and head and a very subtle silver across his stomach, lips and belly. This almost white tone also fills the inside of Tokhaka's ears and spots on his brow, shoulders and across his shoulder blades.

Tokhaka's eyes can be best described as being a deep amethyst colour, starting lighter around the rim and going darker towards the pupils. His voice is fairly deep, for his age, and is as loud as the heavy-footed boy is himself when he moves about.

Around the boy's neck is a fish model made of driftwood, tied to a string necklace, something Tokhaka won during the Youth Fair in Casa, and he is always seen wearing it or holding it in his mouth.
Slow is a way to describe both how Tokhaka moves, but also how he acts. The boy isn't stupid, but he also isn't always keen to talk much without prompting, usually allowing others to take the lead and just follow from them. He has a kind soul, inherited from the families he comes from, something that will try to remain with Tokhaka no matter what.

His relationship with pain at such a young age makes Tokhaka less worried by bumps and bruises, often allowing the large boy to throw himself into things or not worry as much about the consequences. Knowing life with aches and pains has however made Tokhaka less likely to tell others about such issues, merely assuming them to be something normal.

Being the biggest, Tokhaka assumes himself as someone to protect his siblings, drawing inspiration from his dad in believing himself to find that purpose. As much as the big pup is a pushover around his siblings, he's also the first to check on them or offer a cuddle should they need it, considering himself like some large and supporting wall for the others to hide around. Being used often as something to sleep against, Tokhaka loves affection and touch, seeking it out whenever he himself is struggling.
Mother: Kai Wolfe-Denahlii
Father: Cedric Stryder
Littermates: Tor Wolfe-Knight, Pandora Knight, Tegan Wolfe-Denahlii, Lotai Stryder, Dagon Knight
Half-Sister: Celia Knight, Soledad Stryder
Adopted Siblings: Fredrick Knight, Parzival, Alice Boudreaux
Tokhaka was the last born of a monumental litter, coming into the world at a time where Casa needed some good news. The large pup caused a struggle for his mother but was blessed with being the last born to avoid causing further complications with the birth. Not only did Tokhaka have the delight of five littermates and loving parents, but the pup also got to grow up surrounded by others in the family. Parzival, his adopted brother, was a particularly common sight as the mountain lion frequently looked after the young puppies.

As they all grew, Tokhaka remained largest out of the litter, putting on weight very well yet also being the slowest and least energetic of all the puppies. Which Tokhaka didn't mind, his favourite thing was being able to nap around his siblings, letting them use his larger body like a pillow.

Tokhaka grew close to all of his siblings, but he would follow around Pandora the most. His sister seemed to fit well with her confidence and eagerness to take charge, often allowing Tokhaka to follow behind her like a giant shadow and just enjoy whatever adventure they went on together.

At the Youth Fair, Tokhaka got a chance to socialise with other children and push himself to be more energetic in the name of fun. He claimed the prize of a small wooden trinket and got to wrestle to his hearts content. It had been a great experience, leading up to more chances for the young Stryder to start exploring the world around him.
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