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Pandora is a medium/average size wolfdog pup, with predominantly black fur and large white patches on her front right leg and chest, the right side of her face and on her snout, on her feet, and the underside of her tail. Her front right paw and lower leg have black freckles starting from the pads. She has heterochromatic irises; the right eye being ice blue among a patch of black fur, and the left eye being amber among a white patch of fur. Above her eyes are black and white brow dots, sitting amongst their opposite colours.

Pandora's fur is a thick double coat, inherited from her father, which is mainly from her wolf heritage; however, her colours seem to have been inherited from her husky and shepherd-dog genes from both parents. She has her mother's frame, elegant and lithe with large ears; however, due to her upbringing and diet, she has been quickly putting on muscle around her shoulders and core.

A small falcon skull hangs from her neck on a short black cord, the remains of a once-great hunter found in the dirt. Pandora found her prize during the Casa-di-Cavalieri youth fair and now proudly presents the necklace to adults she meets.
Pandora handles adversity head-on, charging into her problems and staring them down. She makes key and important decisions in the blink of an eye, aiming to maximise reward for her siblings and herself, but often causes more trouble looking for problems to solve when they don't always exist. She always follows her nose and leads her siblings by example, looking out for them and putting herself forward to be the one to deal with the consequences.

Growing up with best buds like Tokhaka and Parzival, Pandora is never intimidated by someone's size and would stare down a grizzly bear (although it would be her only time doing so), and would take on someone more than double her size and weight. She's competitive with her siblings and close friends, keeping a keen eye out for moments to exploit and make fun of; but if anyone else made fun of her family she would need to be restrained lest she chews their throat out.

Pandora often jumps to conclusions that get her in trouble, watching any strange faces that haven't been introduced to her. She often thinks she's as strong as both Parzival and her father Cedric and won't back down from a fight.
Mother: Kai Wolfe-Denahlii
Father: Cedric Stryder
Littermates: Tor Wolfe-Knight, Tokhaka Stryder, Tegan Wolfe-Denahlii, Lotai Stryder, Dagon Knight
Half-Sister: Celia Knight, Soledad Stryder
Adopted Siblings: Fredrick Knight, Parzival, Alice Boudreaux

Best friends: Camellia Courtright, Rex Calloway, Odysseus
  • Celia Knight
  • Miny the crow
Pandora Knight was the firstborn of a monumental litter of six, a fact she's very proud of, as the litter united the two families of Knight and Wolfe-Denahlii; coming into the world as Casa Di Cavalieri needed a ray of sunshine after a dark and gloomy chapter of pack life. Daughter of Cedric Stryder, the Lune of the pack, Pandora takes this in her stride as her father leaves her in his shadow and seldom manages to have the hands-on time that she and her siblings need.

Filling the gap is Pan's best friend Parzival, as she rides on his back around her kingdom. He has been present in her life since day one and is as normal to her as the grass is green, as she often forgets Parzival isn't even a wolf. He is an older brother to her and the pups, and by far her favourite, and she likes to talk to him every day. A close second is Tokhaka, as she likes to guide her giant littermate around and get him into trouble.

A key memory of Pandora's early days is the Youth Fair, where she 'won' her falcon skull now worn on her necklace, seeing herself as the victor as she shared her adventure with Tokhaka. She was in her element in the brawl of Tumble Town and wanted to prove herself as the best and brightest of the litter.
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