Willow Martel

Del Cenere Gang
Los Linternas (NPC)
Luperci Arquero III, Inquisador I, Pionero I Apprentice Lapdogs, all of you! I'll scrawl my name on the bare bones of the earth
Discord Handle: HydraTriangle#9075
Date of Birth:
31st March 2021
Lupus: 30 lb (13 kg) – 22 in (56 cm)
Secui: 140 lb (64 kg) – 37 in (94 cm)
Optime: 145 lb (66 kg) – 65 in (5 ft 5 in) (165 cm)
Although carrying no more weight than your average 'yote, and coming in a bit shorter at that, Willow's doggish fur makes him look bigger than he is. It is exceptionally soft and wavy, even curly during humid weather. Willow freshens up at bodies of water when he can get the chance, contributing to his fur's shine and softness. It is one of life's little comforts to him.

On closer inspection, Willow doesn't seem built for fighting. While under the surface, rigorous training has made his body ready for any form of combat, it doesn't show even in his two-legged form: his muscles are not naturally defined and even in Optime, where it is stretched just that bit thinner, his fur does a great job at hiding them.

His hair in Optime is a wavy mess of fluff, same as the rest of him. He holds himself in a way one might consider shy. He may hold himself, or more specifically, hold his hands behind his back, arm covering a long dark scar on the lower half. Willow has only just reached full maturity and it shows in the way he carries himself around. He does not like to be the center of attention.

(Art by Despi)
Friendly • Impatient • Strategic • Paranoid • Flexible • Critical
The boy's freshly grown and it shows notably from his self-conscious disposition. Willow is more concerned with himself than anyone else, to a point that is typical of his age. While some canines find their personality this young, if not younger than him, he remains non-committal and malleable to an extent. Despite being capable of adapting quicker than the old and set, he is emotionally a fan of routine and does still get irritated when his ways are challenged. He walks a tight-rope between rebellious and obedient. Willow heeds the orders of elders yet in ways purposefully 'misunderstands' them to suit his desires.

Fiercely independent on the outside, Willow hides a soft spot that in the past cost him dearly. Because he was once punished by life for trusting too easily as a child, he refuses to do so again and is scared to be vulnerable, even around those that could obviously help him with his plights. He hates to have anything handed to him and prefers the satisfaction of hard work over shortcuts to glory or victory. His most promising talent is his dexterity and shrewdness that could make him a formidable combatant in the future, more so than he already is after being trained by the Courtrights.

Prejudiced against wolves • Disguises scent • OPTIME unless otherwise stated • Transgender Man • Will introduce himself as 'Bark' to those he doesn't trust (especially wolves)
Mother: Annabel Ellery
Father: Wade Martel
Older Siblings: Silvia Martel, Raeburn Martel, Owen Martel
cNPC: Raeburn Martel - His older brother.
mNPCs: Rustbroke (Stallion) - A raggedy older stallion that is easy to ride but not the brightest... or strongest... or fastest.
Frank (Raven) - Raeburn's raven. She is proper and loves to steal.
[Image: willow_by_forest_family.png]
(Art by Forest Family)
Born in Maine, Willow got dealt a rough hand, although this did not make itself apparent at first. He was raised with kindness, albeit with a hint of indifference, by his dog mother and 'yote father. As he grew and neared his shifting age, Willow's father was killed by a wolf during Willow's first autumn alive. His mother, distraught, abandoned her pup to his own devices earlier than she should have.

By now a teenager, in the next couple of months Willow made by with scraps, thrown to him by the same pack in the area that had killed his father. Willow, unable to hunt for himself, decided to delude himself that his father had just been foolish. He thought that if he catered to the wolves in the area, he would be able to thrive, and they would accept him - after all, he had dog blood in common with some of the pack's members. This did not pan out. During a dispute over prey, his back was scarred with a long raking claw, and he was warned he would never be welcome. It was only his young age that made the wolves take pity on him and allow him to run away with his life. Since then, Willow took on a more cynical view not just of life, but of the wolf species in general, becoming prejudiced towards them.

It was for this reason, and others, he found himself in the nearby Palisade. There, he was taken in as a Ward by the Courtright family. At first, Willow committed petty crimes of theft behind the family's back, however when caught and reprimanded he learned to live by their code and serve them well to earn his keep. Because of them, he survived to see adulthood, learning a good deal of tricks along the way.

For on-board history & skill information, see Willow's wiki.
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