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1st May 2013

Clyde is an average sized hound with a tough physique. Although later on in years, it is clear that the man had experienced a life of hard work, and his age only really shines through in his eyes and stained teeth. His pink nose wrinkles and dries up fast, and his deep blue eyes are ringed with pink lids. Suffering often from dry skin, Clyde also has numerous sores across his body, from spots on his lips and ears to his neck and paws, though none seem to bother the man save for occasional itching.

Clyde's fur remains somewhat silky from his setter dog heritage, years of seawater have made his fur more rough and tangled, prompting the old man to either cut his own fur short into choppy patches or tie it back. Around his long and floppy ears he has used old fishing wire to tie his ears into paintbrush-like ends, in an attempt to stop them from constantly getting caught.

Clyde isn't a large man, in fact his age and life of work have left him with a bit of a hunch, making him appear even shorter at a normal height of 5 foot 6. An old and worn green fishing hat sits on Clyde's head on most occasions, with the feather of a seagull tucked into the side of it. Clyde does have overalls that he'll wear when fishing, but will remove the top half when working on the ship.

Kind and hopeful... ways to describe how Clyde has lived out his life. Even in the worst of storms, the old dog remains positive of a brighter tomorrow. Losing things just makes him more grateful for what he has, yet gaining new things that bring him joy often push him to tears of overwhelming gratitude. Indeed, Clyde is a man driven by emotion and heart. Whilst he might not be perfect and would dare never see himself so, he strives to try and do right by those he has lost who died still loving him.

A man of superstition, Clyde will often use his faith in the sea as a living thing to explain away a lot of events. Along with the many folk tales he grew up learning in either song or story, Clyde will often have an answer for everything that whilst not always accurate, usually leans into a hopeful conclusion.

Despite appearing bright and alert for his age, with a keen eyesight and acute hearing, Clyde is being worn down by his later years. He suffers from waves of confusion on occasion, forgetfulness or changes in his emotion that he doesn't realise are happening. Whilst such moments remain uncommon and currently aren't severe, no doubt age will not make them any better for the old dog.
'The Wee Lass'

A Gaff Cutter vessel that has been in Clyde's care for the last couple of years. Fairly new in her sailing years, Clyde considers the ship to still be a youngster and as such, still going through a growing stage. However he's confident that she's a speedy little ship with some good fight to her. The ship is designed with three sails; one main sail and two front sails. With Clyde's mastery of sailing, he can control the ship on his own, but will stop frequently along the coastlines as he travels. In fair weather, the Wee Lass can travel anywhere from 30-40 miles per day. The ship is designed to hold decent storage as well as two beds for those on board, all kept within the center of the ship.

Clyde prides himself of being a man with a lot of stuff to give, though most of it is smelly fish or old things he manages to get caught up in his fishing nets. Any who meet him when the ship is settled up by the shore may find him interested in trade.

Clyde can offer:
-Fish or Fish Parts
-Fishing Nets (made for order)
-Fishing Hooks or Rods
-Clothing repairs
-Sailing or Fishing Lessons
-Random knick-knacks, most likely to be pieces of rusted metal, weird human relics mostly dissolved by seawater, or stuff Clyde has made using old fish bones that he really should just toss overboard.

Archibald Reilly
Birthdate: 05/08/2017
Species: Wolfdog
Madman of the Reilly clan, or how he was treated by his kin. Archie never agreed with how others mocked him, but he couldn't entirely blame them for being concerned for him. He was... ambitious, when it came to what he would challenge. Unlike other fisherman of the Reilly clan, Archie liked to get up close and personal to his kills, often choosing to not use nets or rods and instead spear fish. He would also often try to hunt down whales or seals in order to challenge himself. His skill with the spear translated into fighting as well as fishing, with Archie being one of the more confident fighters in Maraiche. He chose to learn the longbow as well later on in life, just to give himself another form of defence.
Clyde was born to the Maraiche. The Seafarers of the Scottish Isles, spending their time hopping from island to island, sailing from island to island and then back to their hometown of Stornoway. The Maraiche were built of various families, all specialising in various ways of mastering the water. There were the Kelly family, master craftsmen of all things wood, designers of boats that fed the very blood of Maraiche culture. The Reilly were masters of fishing, taking blessing from the Sea and respecting her creatures, whilst knowing exactly how to catch anything their nets could reach. Then there were the Munroe, Clyde's family, who were the far-seeing, far-reaching masters of the winds and sails. If there would be a ship that braved sailing out into unknown waters, it would be a Munroe ship. Collectors of stories and trackers of the stars, a Munroe could be counted on to be bold and brave when it came to tackling the Sea.

Clyde was not unlike other Munroe, in fact he could be considered the very definition of his daring family, facing many a challenge in his life just for the very sake of proving himself. Taught by his parents how to master the sails of his ship, treat the vessel like a living creature and learn how to react to every angry tantrum the Sea could throw at him, a young Clyde would often wonder where his limit would lie.

He would sail further than the others, visit coastal towns across the mainlands of Scotland and come back with wild and often unbelievable stories he'd gained from the trip. He'd see rare creatures of the Sea, argue with other Maraiche on if he was lying or not, then venture back out to see what else he could find.

One brave and stupid quest out to sea almost cost Clyde his life when the storm tore his ship apart. But the man lasted long enough to crash upon the mainland, then spending some long winter months working hard to earn a trip back home. When he got back, he greeted his relieved family by joking and claiming that he'd swam all the way home.

But jokes aside, the dangerous trip made Clyde think a little bit more about his own life. He was always willing to take risks, but now the matured man wondered when he'd finally stop, perhaps settle down and think of continuing his family line.

There were many in Maraiche willing to be with Clyde, but unfortunately Cylde never saw himself with being with someone else. He didn't understand relationships in that way, finding it incredibly hard to form a romantic attraction, but he did find it one day. Fenella Reilly, a woman only focused on her dream of catching every kind of fish that she could. She too saw little spark in relationships, but the pair did eventually bond when Clyde suggested Fenella join his ship to go further out and find her various fish.

It was slow moving, but the pair got closer together, so close that Clyde might finally offer the Reilly woman his heart.

It would be yet another storm that brought things to an end, just as the past storm had pushed Clyde towards a path of love, this next storm tore it all away. Fenella was claimed by the sea, possessing none of the luck that had kept Clyde alive so long, leaving him with not even a body to return home.

Clyde felt shamed by the insident. Mocked by the Sea. He went through a stage of hating the idea of sailing until finally deciding that it was he who needed to change, should he prevent fate from ruining his life for good. He aimed to leave alone, but was approached at the last minute by another man seeking to find himself a new fate. Archibald Reilly, considered by other Maraiche to be a mad-man of the seas. Archie was recovering from an injury on his shoulder, one he claimed to have recieved from a lightning bolt during the last storm, when he asked Clyde to take him with him. Sick of his life of feeling unappreciated and mocked, Archie wanted to see what challenges he might find in different waters.

Clyde and Archie then left the Maraiche, going from the mainlands of Scotland, down through England and then across the ocean to the far larger lands of America. Archibald then parted ways from Clyde to look for work along the shores, rather than be tethered to a ship. From there, Clyde continued his sailing with various other crews, working for the chance of seeing as many different coasts or islands as he could find.

Eventually, in his older years, Clyde managed to claim a ship for himself once more. A young sailing ship that he named the Wee Lass, promising to take her on as many adventures as he could dare fit into the remainder of his life.

Just as Clyde reached Nova Scotia, sailing around towards the south, searching for fish and crabs along the rocky coast of the Fundy Crossing he came across something shocking. A wounded pup, tossed from the cliffs, lucky to be alive. Clyde took the child and did his best to tend to him, feeling heartbroken for this abandoned child and deciding to do all he could to both keep the pup alive but also give him a good life.

This child, with no memory of his old life or name, would then be called Orca Munroe.
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