Coyote Hybrid
Date of Birth:
1st March 2021
Deirdra de le Ulrich is a lithe, poised young woman. She carries herself with pride and dignity at all times, standing as tall as her 5'11" frame will allow. Deirdra is usually in Optime form, fully clothed in dark, flowy fabrics that accentuate the minimal curves she possesses. She usually leaves her long, thick curls loose down her back past her hips.

Dee's body stands out from her other siblings as the only one with golden coloring. She's primarily champagne gold with a white underbelly and black or gray markings and her hair is entirely black. Her eyes are red with blue and purple specks in them like her mother, Aani's were.

Though a relatively optimistic individual, Dee's demeanor marks her as a very broody young woman. She tends to look down her nose despite being of smaller stature. Her black curls fall in her face and darken her facial expression. She smiles sharply, always pursing her lips like she knows something you don't or alternatively showing all her glimmering white fangs.

Lately, Deirdra prefers to adorn herself simply. She wears plain dark fabrics, usually neutral in color. Dee almost always wears dresses and skirts rather than pants and very rarely wears any accessories unless she's putting things in her hair for Saturnalia.
Deirdra's whole personality is currently influenced by her recently late mother's actions. She is simultaneously fiercely proud of herself whilst being inconsolably mortified that now all of Salsola knows that she is the daughter of the Pentiti who was publicly executed for her crimes against the Kingdom. She greatly feels the need to prove to everyone that she is not her mother made over, despite being raised to be just that.

She fights against her own upbringing to be better than Aani was in every sense of the word and she doesn't allow herself to appreciate the nuances of personality. She cannot recognize that everything Aani taught her isn't wrong, only some of it, and she is terrifyingly prone to outbursts of anger like Aani was. She is currently in a state of discord by denying herself her natural tendencies. Her deepest fear is of people looking at her and seeing her mother, she often times forgets that they might in fact see her other mother, Eden, who she also greatly favors.

Dee has always been spiritually inclined. In contrast to her intensely competitive nature, she is actually quite compassionate to others' plights. She deeply enjoys bringing happiness to her people, especially children. She believes herself to be under utmost scrutiny by other Salsolans and thus hides her emotions from even her own family when she can. This means she often comes across as cold, calculating, and uncaring. Her worse attributes are highlighted by her mannerisms. People see first how ruthless she is and not how dedicated to her craft she is. They see her distrust and prejudice against others (especially outsiders) so that they miss her loyalty to Salsola and its betterment.

Perhaps time will soften her sharp edges.
Mother: Aani Aston-D'Noires
Mother: Eden de le Ulrich
Littermates: Arius de le Ulrich, Catalina del Bosque
Younger: Harlow de le Ulrich, Iverness de le Ulrich
Half: Syrus de le Ulrich (believed to be full siblings)

Grandfathers: Coaxoch Ulrich-Lykoi, Belial Massacre
Grandmothers: Faith de le Poer, Carya Aston
Aunts: Evelyn de le Ulrich, Lexus Whitlock
Uncles: ---
Cousins: Maja de le Ulrich

Mate: ---
Children: ---
Deirdra de le Ulrich was one of three children born to Salsolan Cleric, Eden de le Ulrich, and the late Pentiti, Aani Aston-d'Noires. After the pregnancy was discovered out of wedlock, Deirdra's parents were swiftly wed to make their children legitimate in the eyes of The Family. Aani still made every effort to distance Eden from their children despite their marriage. Deirdra's early childhood was marked by the constant competition between herself and her siblings that was egged on by Aani.

Dee's time truly being a kid ended swiftly with the apparent death of her only sister, Catalina. Prior to this, it was easy to pretend that her family unit was normal. Catalina's untimely demise brought forth the swift end of what was left of Deirdra's innocence. Deirdra went from being Aani's favorite daughter to being her only daughter. More turmoil only followed the addition of Lexus Whitlock to the family unit as Aani's personal servant.

Deirdra's healing process was allowed to begin only when Aani was declared a Pentiti and fled from Salsola proper. She and Arius were left alone under Eden's watchful supervision while their other mother was hunted down and publicly executed. Now with Aani's transgressions brought to light and dealt with, Deirdra is now left to figure out her place and reputation within Salsola, be it for better or worse.
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