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20th March 2018
Amos is a peculiar mix of coyote and dog. His features are mildly blunter than that of a pure blooded coyote, and his ears a little narrower, though no less smaller than a pure blooded coyote's. His frame is leggy yet muscled, and his tail is a sickle-shape to denote his doggish blood. He is broad-shouldered in optime form, and has a boyish, winsome charm to his appearance and his generally perplexed or thoughtful gaze. His hair is relatively short-cropped and ticked with a white stripe.

Amos's dense, short-to-mid-length coat varies wildly in its consistency from its thick ruff to his sleek body with coloration largely reminiscent to landrace sled dogs. His dark brown eyes are reminiscent of his father's, and in them lies a quiet and contemplative air.

Amos generally prefers his optime form, as he believes it offers more in terms of working utility. Though the work-worn pads of his hands are calloused and rough to the touch, there is little hardness to the rest of him. He is both unassuming and of gentle stature, appearing as if he does his best to not draw attention.

He dresses plainly, favoring practicality over form. His wardrobe consists of several thick button up shirts, a few of which are patched, that he wears bunched up at the elbows and a few pairs of simple trousers.
Amos Courtright has always been a bit of a simple soul.

Never quite as keen as his brothers, Amos believes in a straightforward and honest way of life. He often sees the world in rigid black and white, rather than the shades between. There's always a right way and wrong way to do something and Amos strives to do everything right, even if it's hard.

Amos is quiet, and when he does speak he's very soft-spoken and seems fairly unsure of himself. He can sometimes come across as awkward in conversation and finds difficulty picking up on certain nuances in the behaviors of others. However, he is exceedingly polite and will often go out of his way to avoid any offence caused by miscommunication, unfortunately resulting in a tendency to nervously dither.

Despite these shortcomings however, Amos is generally a pretty friendly, good-natured guy. He's fairly easy going and exceedingly patient. He is dutiful and loyal; often placing the needs of others well before his own.

Temperament aside, Amos is perhaps best defined by his incredible work ethic. He is very much a team player and is always eager to contribute however he can.
Amos Courtright is the middle son of father Josiah Courtright and Melanie Roanoke, born in Palisade alongside brothers Hosea and Trelawney. Their early life was relatively peaceful, if stringent - each of the boys grew up beneath Patriarch Josiah's tutelage and strict training regiments to become proper Courtrights - technically proficient and adept with weapons and diligent, as well as gentlemanly.

Amos took to the driven work ethic as a fish takes to water - and, while not quite as keen as either of his brothers, he functioned largely as the trio's simple-spoken conscience, whether it was keeping Trelawney on track with training or keeping Hosea grounded. Both of his brothers departed for Del Cenere Gang's territory in 2019 to protect one of the trade envoys. Amos stayed behind and anxiously awaited word from his siblings.

In the wake of the political unrest of the Del Mar conflict, Amos hung back within Palisade to help maintain the peace, working in tandem with his father to bring the upheaval back into check as Sofia Ardoix returned and took up the mantle of the trade town's figurehead. With the calm restored, Amos decides to rejoin his brothers within the Gang lands.
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