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23rd May 2017
Grisha is a rather handsome fellow, and it is clear that he is of wolf and dog descent with the combination of his feral markings and fur type, and his lower-average height and build. He sports a lean figure with pleasant muscle toning for someone whose talents lie in map-making. Perhaps unsurprisingly with his work, he also has a sharp pair of eyes to go with an often stoic, intelligent expression. While he is not an individual to worry and preen over his looks, Grisha is certainly noted and prided for his sharp and clean appearance, be it in one of his lesser forms, or, in Optime. His style — from his physical appearance to his wardrobe choice — is well-kept and somewhat plain despite the subtle, smart and elegant notes to it. He has little desire or need to collect or dress in excessive baubles and trinkets, however, he may wear the occasional bangle or brooch.

His hair is medium in length, and naturally falls in a way that helps him maintain a sleek, professional look. His longer bangs are typically swept to one side, though, they may be brushed back for overly formal occasions. When he adorns clothing, he tends to prefer neutral colors with subtle or minimal patterns or designs, if any at all.

  • Lupus: 32 in (81 cm) ↔ 75 lbs (34 kg)
  • Secui: 43 in (109 cm) ↔ 145 lbs (66 kg)
  • Optime: 5 ft 10 in (70 in / 178 cm) ↔ 195 lbs (88 kg) (Preferred)

His personality undoubtedly matches his appearance and way that he conducts himself. Grisha was raised to look at problems and to solve them, to see an obstacle and to find a way to overcome it, to take what he sees of the world and dissect it. As a result, he's a calculating individual, and notably astute and observant. Combined with his scholarly pursuits, gifted talents, and calm, sharp expression, Grisha is — rightfully — viewed and regarded as being an overly intelligent individual.

He is a man that strives to maintain a certain level of professionalism, and, thus, often tries to school his expressions and reactions. He is not perfect, however, and will occasionally slip, only to quickly correct himself upon realizing as much. He can be blunt, and may dip slightly into sarcasm when annoyed. In general, Grisha is a rather calm and stoic individual, and may be described as having a "cool" or "frosty" personality.

In reality, Grisha struggles to open himself up to others, as he secretly fears abandonment; which is, in part, why he chooses to keep things business-like with others. He's not often thought of being overly friendly or "warm" as a result, however, with those that he inevitably finds himself opening up to, they may see a softer and more caring side of him. He quietly enjoys being appreciated or praised, especially for his work, though, is not someone to go out of his way to receive as much. On the flip side, however, Grisha's mood can be soured by being overlooked or being dismissed entirely.

Summarized: intelligent, stoic / calm, blunt, poised / professional, solitary
  • Mother: Unnamed
  • Father: Unnamed
  • Siblings: None
He is the only son of a cartographer (mother) and a warrior and adventurer (father). Grisha was born in Austria, though, spent much of his youth traveling with his parents and their band of comrades. He saw much of the world from a young age, and learned many of his talents from his parents, his bandmates, and from various Luperci met during their travels. Eventually, the group sought to travel overseas to the New World to chart and explore vast territories unknown. However, the journey by ship was a terrible and unbearably long one, and illness ran rampant through the crew and its passengers. By the time the ship made landfall, Grisha had lost most of his bandmates, as well as his parents. What remained of the band attempted to carry on in their fallen comrades and love ones' memory, however, the strain of their losses eventually caused them to fall apart from one another.

Grisha made his own way, finding trade and work through his valuable map-making skills. He found his loyalties amongst many groups, the final of which was a band of mercenaries. After an intense and longtime-coming falling out with one of its members though, Grisha attempted to leave on his own. He was pursued by his harasser, and the altercation caused him to run into Argive Hemlock (Thanasis) and to be saved by Kamari Kaiser (Unknown name). Feeling indebt to their aid, Grisha offered to make them a map. The completion of such map, unknowingly, acted as his trial test that led to him being recruited to Salsola.

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