Date of Birth:
25th November 2021

Rex's coat is a splatter of soft colours, from a light cream to small sections of darker brown. His coyote fur is relatively thick, though isn't kept in the best of shape due to Rex's lack of personal hygeine. His eyes are a mint green colour and the various colours around his face seem to all point inwards towards his snout, with darker tones on the bridge of his nose and on the top of his head. In his Optime form, his hair takes on these dark brown tones, but is also very short and scruffy.

Rex is average in size, perhaps a bit small for a male coyote at 5' 5" in his Optime form, not helped by the boy's common slouch when he walks around. The boy is often found wearing tattered clothing that he found himself, probably abandoned by their previous owners but considered like gold-dust to the scavenger child. All a bit big on him, Rex still loves his green cloak, often tucking himself up into it or pulling it high enough over his head to wear like a hood. The clothes stink of age, but Rex himself doesn't smell much better, having a tendancy to avoid water and therefore keeping himself 'clean' with dirt and muck.


Rex was not raised to resent his father, in fact the boy is still proud to consider himself a Calloway, even if that name holds little to no weight to it anymore. With his father no longer around, Rex considers himself to be the legacy of Pirate and therefore strives to act just like his father. Though given the boy only knew the man for the first few months of his life, hasn't given Rex much to use other than the stories he remembered his dad telling him.

Rex views himself with a lot of confidence and cunning, some of which he can actually back up, though mostly just through his childish mettle. Knowing the pressure to be just as good and cool as his dad, Rex is determined to become skillful and clever, often leaning on others to teach him things to ensure he can fulfil his purpose.

The kid is pretty brave, perhaps the only part different from his father, though Rex has yet to learn the dangers of trying to never show fear or always acting confident. In time he might learn to be cautious, but that's only when life finally starts biting back at the boy, though given his overly positive nature it's hard to tell when that might be.

Pirate distilled in Rex a desire to want things. Things such as recognition, but also material. However Rex doesn't have much taste when it comes to what 'things' he wants. His tattered clothing prove that the boy doesn't care what he has, just that he has things. And taking things had never come with much of a conscience, so Rex cares little for what he steals, nor who he steals from.

Father: Pirate Calloway
Mother: Unknown

Half-Siblings: Fredrick Knight, Dynia de la Croix

Well if the name wasn't a give away. Indeed, the failed captain of a dead crew and the estranged father of Fredrick Knight had another kid, this one not entirely on accident, at least that's what Pirate would say. Mothered by the one who nursed Pirate back to health and then put him to work whilst she took care of their 'accident', the moment Rex was born he was used as an excuse to kick Pirate out. The father and son were sent on the road once Rex stopped nursing, Pirate immediately working on ensuring this offspring would properly behave and work as intended, having a new ambition to turn his son into something of a legacy.

Of course that worked out fine until Pirate got himself killed in the floods. Leaving a 4 month old child to try and survive on his own. Rex didn't think Pirate was dead, he saw the man get swept away but knew he'd just come back later, the kid just needed to wait. Until then, the tenacious pup would try his best to survive, a plan that fell apart when Rex learnt how tough things could be. So it was fortunate that Rex was soon found by some others living on their own cunning and what opportunities they could find. It probably helped that Rex claimed he was the son of the greatest thief to ever exist, but even if no one believed that, Rex also remained determined to learn and do as he was told. As the months pressed on, Rex finally started to doubt his dad was coming back, so his mind went to his future and the 'legacy' he was supposed to be to Pirate. If the man was no longer around to teach him, then Rex would just have to learn on his own.

Heading towards Nova Scotia, the place of many of his father's stories, Rex is looking forward to finding his footing there, as well as whatever cunning opportunities he might find.
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