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The Family
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Hydra Triangle (Lines) + Viktory System (Color)
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27th February 2018
Luperci Ortus
Lupus: 80 lb (36 kg) – 27 in (70 cm)
Secui: 145 lb (66 kg) – 40 in (101 cm)
Optime: 165 lb (75 kg) – 72 in (6 ft 0 in) (182.88 cm)
If one manages to catch Innokentiy without their usual fanciful ensembles, it can be noted that they have a markless pelt. It stands though as unsoiled snow, not a single footprint to be seen. This allows them to blend stealthily in with snowy or generally light scenery and also to appear 'plain' enough to be overlooked when desired. However, they are more typically found in the drapery of some amount of intricate ornamentation by a sweeping margin. They do not weave the clothes they wear, but they do create the jewelry they wear (and also use to trade for clothing).

Their skin is a light rose, a result of their dazzlingly white pelt. Their paw pads and nose are pink with it, adding to the overall appearance of purity and innocence. This is how they earned their name at birth. One of their eyes is a bright white to match. The remaining left eye is a steel blue, contrasting with the former.

They keep themself well-groomed, bathing more often than one would on average, even going so far as to scrub their teeth clean with leaves and fabric. Their scent is perfumed with the floral fragrances of their teas. They are careful to conceal their assigned sex through these scents and to obscure any clues one may use to guess at their gender. Their androgyny is something they take pride in by either contradicting typically 'opposing' gender characteristics or by hiding them as much as is possible. Overall, it is difficult to call them bland with how they present themself so uniquely.

Lineart by Despi
Disciplined • Apathetic • Calm • Deceitful
Before the 'accident' that caused Egregore to flee their birth cult, Innokentiy was meant to become an advisor to him once he had ascended. Though these plans have been discarded, their intelligence is plain to anyone who spends time getting to know them. Mind games are an enjoyment to Innokentiy, though they no longer take pleasure in outright manipulation like they once did. They now get their fill of brain challenges in less harmful ways, typically by engaging in skills that take high levels of concentration and know how—this is how they became an intricate jeweler, not to mention a brewer with a love for experimentation. These skills stimulate them because they are always looking for the next, new thing. They get bored by routine and prefer to work smart, not hard, unless more elbow grease is necessary to get what they want.

Innokentiy views their skills as both a puzzle that is stimulating mentally and something practical to do with your hands that is stimulating physically. Due to their value on logic, they also have pursued jewelry for its financial value to some of the nobles within London. Trading high value jewelry has historically been what has fed, clothed and sheltered them since their departure from the cults in both Moscow and St. Petersburg. They work very hard to maintain a quality of living that is lavish or at least superficially opulent. They do not enjoy having to 'rough it out' in the wild, especially on their own with no one to help or to complain to.

They are apathetic to most people, but they will at least recognize the logical value of getting on the good side of some, so this along with plain old habit has kept their talent at manipulation alive in some ways. Though they have a measured greed for things that afford them a more comfortable lifestyle, driving them to be deceitful and any manner of other questionable things, they have matured to understand that they should explore alternative options of what they want to prioritize. Their curiosity and dedication, especially when it came to finding out what happened to their cousin, has meant they have come to be somewhat of a detective—or at least they view themselves to be.

OPTIME unless otherwise stated • Non-Binary (They/Them or, rarely, He/Him)
Mother: Diana Chernbelov
Aunt: Lyuba Chernbelov
Cousins: Egregore Prizmov, Lev Prizmov, Stepan Chernbelov
cNPC: Polymorph Prismshard

(Art by Viktory System)
In Moscow, a month before the last litter of Gavriil and Lyuba Chernbelov, Innokentiy was born to Lyuba's sister, Diana Chernbelov, and an unknown father. Given that they were born into a brain-eating cult of the Prosveshchennyy (Enlightened/Luminous) ran by Lyuba, Innokentiy learnt quickly that they needed to do terrible things to survive. Rather than become all brute strength, Innokentiy became a sly manipulator, controlling their siblings and cousins with honeyed words rather than wrestling (though there was a fair bit of wrestling, too). During this time, however, Innokentiy also had an uncontrollable temper, and would abandon words for pure brutality if pushed too far. Because of this, they did commit murders while in the cult, and became 'supremely enlightened' (in the eyes of the cult) by cannibalizing others.

Their first murder and cannibalization being a cousin, Stepan Chernbelov. Innokentiy was eight months old and had shifted. Stepan was six months old and had not. Stepan had abused Innokentiy before either of them had shifted. Once Innokentiy shifted, they bided their time until one night, they killed Stepan in his sleep. This was following Innokentiy experiencing an episode of flashbacks to how Stepan had abused them, far after Innokentiy had physically healed from it. When found nearby Stepan's dead body, their mother demanded they not let this opportunity go to waste: eat his brains and become illuminated in the eyes of both her and all that believed in the cult. Innokentiy did as they were told.

Despite the horrors Innokentiy lived through, they still valued their remaining family. The way they saw it, as long as they respected them, they should be protected and kept close. While not all of their family fell into this exception (including murders like Stepan), when 'Svyatoslav' (Egregore Prizmov) was nearly killed by his mother Lyuba, Innokentiy felt horrified. They were one of the few, if not only, cousins that joined Egregore and left with him to Saint Petersburg. Most of their littermates stayed behind in the Prosveshchennyy cult, seeing Egregore as the problem.

When they arrived to Saint Petersburg, they were accepted along with Egregore's siblings, although Egregore himself was rejected. This always bothered Innokentiy, and was why, after a year of staying in Saint Petersburg, they decided to follow Egregore to London, England. However, when they arrived, they found out that Egregore, who had been working under a new name 'Zero', had just recently fled, leaving a trail of blood in his wake. Innokentiy spent some time investigating what had happened, and learnt that he had sailed to Nova Scotia after murdering his teacher, Dalton Thornton. Innokentiy thought heavily on the decision to continue following Egregore, while receiving training and practicing his skills in London. After two long years, he finally sailed after him.

Since the horrors of their birth cult are behind them, they have since blocked out and repressed many of the more gruesome memories of it.

At first unbeknownst to them, Egregore's brother, Lev was tracking them to find Egregore as well. However, by the time Lev revealed himself, they had successfully deduced they were being followed and invited Lev to join them on their journey, to which he accepted.

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