Battalion Fir-Chlis


Luperci Mate to Lossë Stand Unshaken Thistle Trader
Date of Birth:
13th October 2019
The most notable thing about her appearance is her ears, which are longer than would be average for a wolf of her stature. They probably don't stand out as much to others as they do to her, but nonetheless they are a differentiating feature.

Her fur is primarily a dark brown with a countershaded almost-black brown across her back, ears, and a mask around her eyes/muzzle. Bat's eyes are a piercing blue, which does stand out well against the darkness of her coat.

She is slightly below average in stature and emphasizes that by generally trying to go without notice. Bat doesn't normally stand tall and announce herself. Instead, she shrinks inward and shows submissive gestures. Her posture in her Optime form when she is around others is particularly abysmal. She tends to be slumped with her head canted to the side so she can more easily look at the ground.

In her Optime form, she dresses casually if at all and keeps her hair loose unless she is working. Then she will often tie it back more to avoid the nuisance of her mane in her hair than anything else. Most of the time she will have a belt with a simple dagger on it, as well as a recurve bow and quiver with a smattering of arrows. Bat also owns a backpack which is where she stores what clothes she does possess and any other items she is currently carrying with her. This might not always be with her, though, as she often hides it when she doesn't need anything out of it during a particular venture. She is not highly humanized, prioritizing the practical over the aesthetic.
Bat is an anxious creature at her core. As she became the very thing her parents loathed at a very young age, she has low self-esteem and often second guesses herself. She is eager to prove herself as useful, a trait encouraged by both her parents and the traders that eventually raised her to adulthood. Though she has been trying to break this cycle of self-hatred and reliance upon others for confidence, it creeps into her behavior still.

Bat is fairly logic-based when she is comfortable, preferring to avoid letting her emotions lead her whenever possible. She also doesn't like to be around others who are overly boisterous or emotional in general. She tends to be withdrawn even in the best of circumstances, but in a group with a lot of talking she is likely to be silent and observing. Being introverted, Bat prefers her own company over the company of others.

She is curious and most at home in nature rather than anywhere with walls. In fact, walled in areas tend to make her claustrophobic and more anxious than usual. Bat enjoys learning new things and has a quick mind for learning new physical tasks. In general, she prefers physical action to mental work as she is not well-versed in strategy or coercion. Though she hasn't had much opportunity to try and is fairly adaptable; a lot of who she could be without the restrictions of those who raised her is still very up in the air, as she has only been free from that for a short time.
Mate: Lossë Fir-Chlis

Mother: Snowflake
Father: River
Older Siblings: Mist, Oak, Loam, Sunset, Lilac
Littermates: Polliwog, Amble, Maple
Note: her birth name was not Battalion, but she doesn't admit to that or tell what her birth name was. Battalion is the name she chose for herself later in life.

Bat was born in an isolated community that held the idea that all forms other than Lupus are an abomination against nature. Her parents were both non-Luperci, which was a point of pride and perceived purity within their pack structure. It meant that they were physically incapable of becoming either of the forms that the pack considered taboo. However, during her pregnancy, Bat's mother was infected by the Luperci virus when she was attacked by a loner near their territory. Unbeknown to her, she carried a viral immunity that kept her from changing to a Luperci. This did not keep it from passing to her cubs.

The first six months of her life were fairly normal. She was taught to hunt, how to behave in a pack, how to fight in her Lupus form. There was also a heavy dose of indoctrination into the belief system of her pack surrounding the "purity" of wolves that had either chosen or were only capable of being in their Lupus form. Biases and prejudices against Luperci (especially those with humanized ways) were heavily.

That all changed when she hit six months and the strangest thing happened: her ability to shift manifested. Though she was the lastborn of her litter, she was the first to change. Her parents were horrified when they found her in a form other than her four-legged one and they chased her away from the pack in fear that the pack would discover the "impurity" of their daughter. They assumed that she was at fault for receiving this "curse" and didn't even consider that their other children might also bear it. Presumably, they did find out eventually. Bat doesn't know the fate of her littermates, as she was not around to see it.

Luck was on her side, as a wandering band of traders was moving through the mountains when she was forced from her home. The likelihood would've been low of her survival otherwise. They weren't exactly benevolent - more opportunistic - but they did teach her how to be useful to them. Which, in turn, made her useful in general. Most of her skills are in the area of trade and procuring/creating items that are useful in trade. Hunting in her Optime form was one skill particularly encouraged by the band, as they could sell and use all parts of animals she hunted. She enjoyed it, too, since it meant getting away from the group for a while and praise when she returned successfully.

After two years spent with the traders, she grew weary of her place within their band and sought a place where there was opportunity make more of herself.
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