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Taking after the other women in her lineage, Miriel has a willowy frame with long limbs and a lean musculature. Her mother endowed her with wide hips and she owes her long, elegant eyelashes to her grandmother. But arguably the most obvious genetic inheritance from her maternal half is the tight, water-repellent curls that cover her body, naturally growing only sparsely on her face and limbs but otherwise coming in thick elsewhere. Although her haircoat requires continual care to maintain its cleanliness and keep its growth in check, this has been such a natural part of Miri's life from an early age that it has simply become routine. To help keep it from matting, she grooms her curls often with a bone comb and tries to keep her curls relatively short with one exception: her mane. This she has worked into thin, lopsided cords, with the right side ending at about her neckline and the left side concealing her face and extending down to her shoulders.

Of her pelt coloring, Miriel seems to have taken after a bit more of her father's side of the family, inheriting a wild-type agouti pattern with the characteristic dark band extending across her nose bridge approximately halfway down either side of her muzzle that her paternal ancestors are known for. Although born dark, save for the ivory toes of her right hind leg and the swath of white hairs across her chest, her fur has gradually lightened up as she has aged — this she owes to the genes that have made up her water dog heritage. Her eyes are a dull, tarnished gold and her nose and paw leathers are a muddy brown. A strip of paler brown marks the front of her nose, undoubtedly courtesy of her father's sled dog heritage.
Although quite a conversationalist (and with no shortage of stories and myths to share), Miriel maintains a shroud of mystery about her that can make her seem a bit enigmatic. While apprenticing under the troupe's Sorceress, this was something that the crone had drilled into her time and time again: never disclose the whole truth about oneself, for the truth carries power and that power can be held over one if one's truth falls into malign hands. As such, Miri learned how to weave grand tales about herself, with bits of folklore mixed in and often featuring fantastical creatures, to share with others. Theatrical and spirited, with moments of histrionic flourish for effect, Miriel's stories (whether about herself or when recounting a folktale) often drew folks to her, which did well for the troupe.

Outside of divining and storytelling, Miri is attentive to her surroundings and can be opportunistic if the conditions are right. Resourceful, resilient, and adaptable, she will often try to adjust or mirror her observable mood, personality, and manner so as to better fit the situation or the needs of her companions. With those she is closest to, with whom she trusts with the power of knowing her truths, Miriel is a loyal and reliable friend: a reward, perhaps, after the long journey of getting to that point with her.
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Miriel was conceived during a short, but intense, romance that her mother, Elle Cormier, had with a man named Reblin. Elle had rescued him from a gang of ruffians and traveled with him for several months, during which they developed first a friendship and, later, a romance. But for Elle, whose idea of committed relationships lead to fear and discomfort, those feelings ebbed quickly and she stole away from Miri's father under the cover of darkness without so much as a word.

After the realization of her pregnancy finally sunk in, Elle had little choice but to find refuge with others again. While following the Hudson River downstream, she came upon a caravan of traveling performers and was welcomed into their troupe. It was into this nomadic, theatrical lifestyle that Miriel was born and raised, quickly learning how to forage, craft goods, and tell stories as was customary among the traveling folk. From her mother, she learned the importance of fishing, hair care, and vigilance.

Exposed to various forms of art, music, storytelling, and the occult throughout her formative years and beyond, Miriel quickly found a strong affinity for divination, folklore, and theater. She began to apprentice under the troupe's mystic — an elderly woman who acted as their diviner and augur. The Sorceress, as she was called almost exclusively, deployed various methods of divination to portend one's future but relied most heavily on osteomancy and cartomancy. For two years, Miri apprenticed under the Sorceress, eventually receiving her own set of tarot cards as the completion of her apprenticeship at last arrived.

Once the troupe had returned from the southern terminal of the Appalachians, they stopped in Portland for an extended visit. Curious about her ancestry, Miriel joined Elle for a brief visit to Old Ironsides, where much of her mother's family and members of her birth pack still resided. Afterwards, Miri decided to depart from her mother and the troupe to travel the same lands that Elle had so many years before, promising to rejoin them when they were in Portland next.
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