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Camellia is a leggy, big-earred puppy who doesn't want you to notice her paws are too big for her body still. As she is still growing into her adult body, she has a very gangly look to her. All signs point to the fact that Camellia will be on the taller side of normal for her sex and species type. Despite still being a long-legged, disproportional cub still, she walks with an air of great confidence. There is not a meek hair on this young coydog's body. Currently she is only capable of being in her Lupus form due to age. Much to her annoyance.

She has fur that is a mix of fawn, brown, tan, and reddish brown hues. The insides of her legs, end of her tail, and all four paws are white with a tan freckling courtesy of her father's dog heritage. Overall she has a "creeping tan" pattern. Her ears are tipped in a darker brown, as is the shadowing around her face. She has fairly hooded dusky rose-colored eyes. Cam also has a dark mark on her left cheek that is reminiscent of a classic "beauty mark" on humans. Camellia has a short, dense coat due to her dog lineage.
Camellia is very critical, both of herself and of others. She expects the best of everyone she meets but most of all she expects the best of herself. Her mind is her most important tool and she makes sure to hone it like the weapon that it is. Cam is constantly seeing to improve herself, because no matter how good she is she can always be better and she wants to be the best.

She is family-oriented and dedicated to the Gang where she was born. Camellia is sweet and playful with those she knows well, but closed off toward those that she doesn't. Her tongue is as sharp as her eyes, which notice many things even as a young coydog. Cam believes firmly in balance: an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth. In her head there is a running tally of what is owed to her and what she owes. She makes sure to pay off her debts quickly and expects others to do the same for her. A strong value is placed in intelligence and diplomacy, with violence seen as a distasteful last resort.

She is particular about who can call her by nicknames and has a strong sense of propriety about such things. Similarly, she doesn't call others by their nicknames unless she feels close to them. Familiarity without connection is not something she likes. Camellia is adept at picking up languages and loves learning them; she also mimics accents well and is very interested in both intrapack and interpack communication.
Camellia was the solitary pup of her litter, born to parents that already had two young daughters to raise. As the youngest child of a prominent Del Cenero Gang family, she has known a life of prosperity and safety. Though she was born during the spring flooding, she has no real memory of a time where she wasn't safely kept within the borders of the Gang's territory.

Since birth, she has been raised to be a proper young lady with impeccable manners and a steadfast loyalty to her homeland. They have also instilled within the girl a love for family that has stuck with her to this day. Most of her days so far have been spent learning the skills that all young pups learn: pack hierarchy, hunting, play fighting, language, and the layout of her territory.

Recently, her parents have separated which has left her living with her mother and sisters. This has removed some of that feeling of stability from the girl's life, but not enough to shake her confidence. She still remains close with all of her family, though there are certainly fissures the young Courtwright can feel beginning to take shape beneath her carefully managed childhood.
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