Angora Valentine

The Arbiter

The Arbiter
Luperci Artesana (Jeweler), Visagista, Witch Seeing is Believing
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30th November 2021
Angora is a fastidious creature and so the first thing noticeable about her appearance might be a strong focus on cleanliness. Unless unavoidable, her fur is pristine at all times. Her general bearing is confident and self-assured.

The majority of her fur is solid white. This is accented by red accents around her face, paws, and tail. The very tip of her tail is a seal brown color. She has gray skin and dark gray paw pads/nose. In texture, her fur is silky and plush. She has a leanly muscled body with hints of healthy fat from a stable upbringing where she never wanted for food. Her eyes are a bright blue.

She almost always wears clothing when in Optime form. Most commonly, dresses with ruffles and bows like her sister Taffetta. Sometimes she wears simpler clothing if there is a reason for it, but she likes pretty things. Angora also almost always has some sort of jewelry on her form. These are usually things she has made herself.

In Optime, her hair extends to just past her shoulders. Most commonly she keeps it braided. She weaves ribbons through it for style, but mostly the braiding is to keep it out of her face while she is working on her art. Usually at least a few shorter wisps escape to frame her face, but it's preferable to the full extent of her hair getting in her way.
Angora is a girl that is adept at changing faces to work a room; acting is second nature to her and she often manipulates situations to get her way. She’s a well-spoken and well-groomed member of a prestigious family, so most of the time she doesn’t have to do all that much to get what she wants from most wolves she has met. Though, beware her mood if she doesn’t get her way, as she has a temper to match her fiery mother’s. She has an ear for gossip and information, gathering it for her own benefit as well as Salsola’s.

She covets material wealth and status. Though she does want to be someone that makes her family (and Family) proud, she is more concerned with her own personal power. Her desires are first and foremost for Angora. It’s always better if these things benefit the Revlis/Valentine family or Salsola as well, but in the end her motives are mostly selfish. Angora is never altruistic. If she is doing something, she has weighed the cost/benefit analysis and found that it was better to act than leave something alone.

She likes pretty things and admires art, as well as artists who make it. Angora collects pretty things and likes to surround herself with them, both in the company she keeps and material objects.
Mother: Morgana Revlis
Father: Brocade Valentine
Older Siblings: Velour, Tattersall, Taffetta, Intarsia
Littermates: Grenfell, Tweed

Extended: Revlis, Silevue
Angora was born into a prospering family within the Thistle Kingdom alongside two littermates. Being the second litter of her family, she is seventh born (though only six living, Rest in Peace Intarsia) and her parents well experienced in the raising of young Bambinos. She is the youngest in her family, though not exactly spoiled she has certainly never wanted for anything and yet remains hungry for that which she does not yet have. Her ambition has grown as swiftly as her body, though it seems likely to outpace her physical growth as she reaches maturity.

She is still young and her list of accomplishments is small. Mostly she has spent her time learning how to be a member of Salsola and also a member of a strong House. Her interests are beginning to form and her plans alongside them. Nothing of particular note has happened to her, though she swiftly approaches a year where she will become an adult and much will be expected. She awaits the ritual that will lead to her entering the adult ranks and beginning a whole new chapter in her young life. Then she aims to show the Thistle Kingdom what Angora Valentine can do.
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