Dolores Rivera


Casa di Cavalieri
Hybrid (41.796875% Eastern Timber Wolf 25% Golden Jackal 12.5% Coyote 6.25% Caucasian Shepherd Dog 5.859375% Sighthound 5.15625% Arctic Wolf 1.5625% Red Wolf 1.40625% Mackenzie Valley Wolf .46875% Tundra Wolf)
Date of Birth:
22nd February 2022
Lupus: 2'9" at shoulders, 100lbs
Secui: 3'8" at shoulders, 175lbs
Optime 6'11" at top of head, 235lbs

Dolores is largely a mix of various subspecies of wolf, her stature and overall strength betray this lineage, broad paws and muzzle, dense fur that requires no aid in keeping the girl warm in winter, and long muscular arms and legs culminate the wolfish appearance. She is quite tall and muscular, not encroaching on the largest male wolves but standing head above the average female, a trait passed down to her from the side of her biological father, although she does not know him. Another defining trait that betray her paternal lineage and the bit of dog blood that runs through her veins would be her ears, rather than the rounded triangular ears of a pure blooded wolf, she possesses rosebud ears that fold part way up rather than standing erect, the cartilage within them too soft to support them upright. Furthermore, the coloration of her coat displays vibrant as well as dark markings, another indicator of her doggish heritage, along with the bright ice blue eyes set within the dark fur of her face. Possessing the height and eyes of her father, despite the fact that she does share some characteristics with her mother and sister, it is unfortunately apparent that her relation to her sister is not full blooded, and that the man she knows as her father is not related to her by blood.
Dolores is a young, strong Cavalier, she was raised in a home that loved and accepted her alongside a sister whom she was close with early on in life. Despite the unwavering support of her pack and her family, the girl has realized from a young age that there is something about her that makes her not fit in seamlessly, some hidden pain her parents wouldn't discuss, some thing in her reflection not matching with the rest of her family, and because of this, Dolores feels like a bit of an outcast. She is kind and happy on the surface, but deep down, she fears that people only pretend to like her so as not to cause problems, she fears that she will be ostracized and othered, and this results in a fear of commitment and letting people get close to her. She has a tendency to float from person to person, fascination to fascination, before moving on and shutting off her contact with people before they have the chance to do the same to her, resulting in a very disconnected girl with few real connections and low emotional intelligence, though her problem solving and intellect might be considered to be above average.
Dolores Rivera was born in late winter in Casa di Cavalieri alongside sister Mirabel Rivera to mother Kira Damaichu and father Risa Rivera. Upon Dolores being born, it became apparent to her parents that she was the product of an assault that had taken place upon Kira leaving Casa alone earlier that winter while still in heat. Despite knowing this, Risa was determined to raise the pup as though she were his own in order to make her feel accepted within the family and like she wasn't different. Despite their best efforts, it wasn't too long before Dolores came to realize that she did in fact look different from her sister and their father, and for the girl to be bothered by this. Growing up in Casa was more or less uneventful, she played with her sister and their milk brother Aster who had come into the world without parents of his own to raise him. Dolores developed a fascination for Aster, following him despite his obliviousness to her feelings. At her mentorship ceremony, the girl was presented by the Lune with Zetsubou of Casa as the man who would become her first teacher outside of her small family unit.
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