Date of Birth:
14th February 2022
Ivy is a mesmerizing coloration of pallid cremello, chocolate and coal. Coal decorates her arms-- just as Eden-- but go all the way to her shoulders, breaking off into a chocolate coloration (another resemblance towards that of her dead mother), and is highlighted with coal through her spine, in a rather ominous marbled look. The entirety of her belly side is a solid cremello coloration, breaking off to her inner thighs, and allowing the mottled colorations of chocolate and coal to pull forwards and give her an interesting, yet pleasant, appearance. Her fingers are the creme, where as her rear feet are a mixture of coal and chocolate.

Taking most after her coyote heritage, the young woman sports tall, radar ears, a slender muzzle, and is rather slender in comparison to her mother, or other siblings. Ivy's eyes are the only true aspect she got from their deceased mother, sporting those sunset hued eyes with some confidence and deep intelligence behind every calculated move.

In Lupus she sports long, slender legs, her coat is thicker than a normal coyotes, and otherwise resembles wolf in her burlier coat. Standing at only twenty three inches tall she's on the smaller side of the siblings, weighing only fifty seven pounds.

In Secui form, the wolf heritage becomes more apparent, her mane becoming thicker and longer, hanging between her ears, and the base of her throat, giving her a bulky glance. Standing at around thirty four inches, and weighing in at eighty pounds, she looks more wolf than coyote.

In optime Ivy sports a head of gorgeous, wavy, and luscious locks. It is the coal color with natural highlights of her cremello coloration. It's often kept natural, hanging around her shoulders, to her mid back, or wrapped up in a bandana. The coyote becomes more apt, sporting a short five foot two inch figure, and appearing more filled out, due to her short, small, stature. Iverness is decorated in a dress at all times, or a pair of trousers, and a short sleeved shirt. Oftentimes, she dresses her hair up with flowers or otherwise plant-life. Weighing only one hundred and thirty one pounds, it gives the small female a better way to maneuver through the crowds often unseen or unheard.
Shy and reserved, the mousely child is often in the rear of the crowds, allowing any of her litter-siblings to take control rather than herself. Hanging back, that sharp, intelligent gaze is always reading the situations for what they are. Iverness is gaging in reactions, and others' involvement with the world of Salsola. Focused, she is easily entertained by any and all things.

Please-able, the youth enjoys making others' happy. Perhaps a downfall on her part, but otherwise, she is spending her time smiling and trying to make her brothers' happier than they've ever been. Even if that means doing things that don't necessarily make her happy.

A determination is seen--although somewhat confused by her timidness-- once she is comfortable with a person, she can appear business-like and friendly.

As she grows older, Ivy will become almost meticulous in her tasks, obsessive even. Taking it upon herself to do the job herself for it is always better if she does it. This can create strife in her life as she grows older because of her hesitancy to let others' help her. Most of her tasks thus far, are taught by Eden, and Lexus, developing her own regimine, and allowing the process to continue with her own hands.

Wanting to leave not one stone unturned she enjoys her adventures with her brothers' but is cautious, and "motherly" towards them.

Ivy, all in all, is Conscientiousnes, (given her organizational habits-- almost obsessive to an extent-- responsible, punctual, too punctual, and reliable business-like demeanor) calculated, highly intelligent, friendly, agreeable and even an excellent conversationalist, Iverness is sunny and bright, only a slight disposition for moodiness and more dark scenarios.
Born in the thistle kingdom, the young coywolf doesnt know much else besides Salsola. Oftentimes, she is terrified of the outside world, beyond Salsola, though naturally curious of stories. With time, she may become more adventurous, but is content staying within the walls of the Thistle Kingdom and not contesting for a loners' things, let alone her own.

Iverness has had a relatively calm childhood compared to her eldest siblings. It was happy, full of love, and great memories. Growing up in a loving homestead with Eden, Lexus, Arius, and Dee. From a small age she learned about Salsola's history, their horses, and (aside from her history) she knows about a trifling time in Momma Eden's life. Though it is not often said, the young de le Ulrich is perceptive enough to know not to question her mother too much. Ivy is basically oblivious to all things negative, and --try as Eden might-- the outside world is almost comically cruel, which will ultimately result in Iverness becoming a somewhat stoic individual in the future, yet retain most of her selection for the positive.

Though they all live together, her closest siblings are her two littermates, Syrus and Harlow. Mainly Harlow given his calm, and overly bubbly personality, and the way he seems to just get her. Syrus, oftentimes, gets her in trouble, or blames her for his antics. Given her niceties, she is known for giving in to Syrus' bullish ways, and can easily be pushed around, or bullied by her brother.

Having limited relations with Arius, or Dee, Ivy often looks to Lexus for advice, or other such life lessons. (Of course, Momma Eden gives her these lessons as well). But when her eldest siblings speak, she listens, follows orders, and is otherwise happy to just be in their company. At least without their other parent involved, they seem happier if not a little confused and struggling with themselves.

The closeness of her and Lexus has proved difficult once the older, projected sibling, moved out. Ivy is confused as to why they cannot remain together at all times, but is understanding of Lexus' want to be separate. Though this creates another rift as Lexus was her way to communicate and be involved with Egregore, and their wholeness.
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