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13th October 2019
Polliwog is a burly black timber wolf with a general posture that says don’t talk to me and a gruff voice to match. He has a tail that seems slightly longer than it should be, although it’s not generally noticeable unless someone is doing a tail length comparison. He stands about 6’11” when in his Optime form and weighs in around 280 lbs, a large amount of which is muscle. He is a trained swordsman and his stance shows it.

He has copper-toned eyes with a brighter gold center. There are a smattering of small scars across his muzzle and other various scars across his body in general, none large enough to stand out specifically. It would certainly be noticeable that he has a lot, though, as there is visible gray skin where they’ve healed. His fur tone is black mixed with darker gray. There is noticeably lighter gray around his muzzle, shoulders, the bottom half of his tail, and his belly.

Most of the time he is in his Optime form, since most of what he likes to do requires hands. He generally wears a loose tunic, linen pants, and well worn boots in neutral tones. Almost always carries his bastard sword on one hip and his dagger on the other.
Polliwog is a gruff wolf of little words. He prefers to listen over speaking and doesn’t really enjoy the company of strangers. Wog is the sort of wolf to find a dark corner at a party and post up there looking gloomy. Given the choice, he is intensely introverted and self-sufficient, preferring to spend time in his own company over anyone else’s. There are exceptions, but they are rare.

His favorite topics are sailing, swordsmanship, and stars. The last of which he has studied extensively on his travels. If there’s one thing that will attract his attention quicker than anything, it’s discussing how the celestial bodies change our lives and alter our destinies. He’s got several well worn astrology and astronomy books that he has read multiple times. It’s one of few topics he will discuss extensively and with enthusiasm.

He likes things that he can do with his hands and has dabbled in a variety of things. If it is needed on a boat, he probably knows a bit about it. Although he really liked the fighting part of his job out on the high seas over the sailing part, he didn’t hate it either. He just isn’t as in love with the ocean as some of his fellow sailors.
Mother: Snowflake
Father: River
Older Siblings: Mist, Oak, Loam, Sunset, Lilac
Littermates: Battalion, Amble, Maple
Avarice - stallion
Theodora - pack mule
Polliwog was born alongside three sisters, the second litter for his high-ranked parents in a pack that promoted the feral lifestyle above all else. His parents were both non-Luperci and very proud of it. Unfortunately, during his mother's pregnancy with him and his sisters, she was attacked by a Luperci. She bore an immunity... her cubs did not and all received the virus before birth.

His best friend and sister - the wolf now known as Battalion - was the first in their litter to shift. When his mother returned from driving her daughter away from the pack, Polliwog ran away from home. His intention was to find his sibling, but he was not successful. In fact, he was barely successful at staying alive himself. Polli stumbled onto a town at the base of the mountain where he was raised just shy of collapsing from dehydration.

The couple that found him was older and had raised cubs to adulthood before. They cared for him and were there for him when his own shift happened a couple months later than his sister's. Polliwog was taught the basics of swordsmanship from his adoptive father, who had been a mercenary in his younger years. Once Polli reached an age to venture out on his own, he left the town behind to seek his destiny. And most of all, to find his sister, who he was certain was still alive.

He decided to go to the ocean, since he figured he'd be in more cities if he traveled by sea than if he traveled by land. He always asked about a girl with bright blue eyes and a mask marking around her face. Sometimes, he got a lead; it was always a dead end, though. Either the rumored wolf had recently left or it wasn’t his sister when he caught up with her. It probably didn't help that the name of the wolf he was asking for had been changed, so he wasn't asking for Battalion; otherwise he might've had greater success.

After almost two years at sea, he has decided to try his luck on land instead.
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