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Los Inciendos
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Jackal hybrid
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11th August 2020
[Image: FoZAnpz.png]An uneven sum of several muddied parts, Tallahassee is, unmistakably, all hybrid; in size, he resembles a coyote, though he has the comically large ears of a jackal thanks to his Ma’s genes. Wolf and dog blood run through his veins, yet have little to no influence on his outward appearance, save for slightly denser fur. He is sturdily-built and broad-shouldered, though this is moreso through the repetition of physical labor than any biological advantage. In optime, his most frequented form, he is only slightly taller than an average coyote and might brush the shoulders of a full-blooded wolf counterpart. His hair is cropped short and frames his chiseled face nicely; he possesses a rugged handsomeness that is often smudged by dirt or soot, but he cleans up well, should he put in the effort.

Tal is warm-toned and a swatch of browns and creams, with darker cocoa tones blushing his face, saddle, and tip of his tail. His muzzle and throat lighten to an off-white, with more tickings along his back and to his rump. He has teal eyes, often narrowed or accompanied by a lightly pinched brow.

He possesses a single pair of fraying, hole-ridden work pants that he wears regularly and a dark, oversized pullover for the colder months.
Tempered by the quiet fury of his mother, Tallahassee has learned to keep his emotions more or less in check.

He does not often give into impulse and takes the time to analyze others and his surroundings before responding, and he can become quite frazzled when things unaccounted for throw off his careful construction. In these moments, Tal might shut down – and shut others out – because he does not want any of his tucked-away anxieties to ever be perceived as a potential weakness. Beneath layers of machismo and stoicism, he is deeply insecure, never feeling like he was enough to gain the affections of a father that all but forgot about him. Because of this, Tal often throws himself fully into any job or expectation given to him, a dutiful and annoying perfectionist.

Tallahassee finds it difficult to connect with others emotionally as he fears abandonment, and he may shy away even from those that he manages to keep around. He has lingering feelings about mother’s profession as a sex worker and it has left him jaded about romance and sex in general, so he finds it easier to avoid the pair altogether; but he can’t help but feel the sting of emotions swirling now and again, as much as it confuses him.
Mother: Annabelle Long
Father: Phoenix Whitesage
Littermates: Wichita, Denver, Sioux, Reno, Cheyenne
Half-Siblings (via Phoenix & June): Bisbee, Page, Winslow, Nogales
cNPC: Wichita Long
minor NPC: Ida May (horse)
minor NPC: Jaeger (horse)
Tallahassee Long is the bastard son of Phoenix Whitesage and call girl Annabelle Long, born alongside five siblings. Phoenix made it abundantly clear through his sparse visits that he was not invested in his first (and unwanted) litter, and his presence became more and more infrequent until he disappeared entirely. Once Tal's sister, Wichita, left the nest, most of the others followed suit, though Tal kept in touch with his mother and made the fateful decision to journey to his father's ranch.

What he found was disheartening: Nick had already moved on and started another family with little runts he felt compelled to actually give his family name to. Tallahassee, shocked and more than a bit pissed, didn't stick around long enough to meet any of his half-brothers and -sisters before marching back the way he came with a renewed determination to leave his dad the hell alone, since it was clear that he had what he truly wanted. A couple of months drifted by with Tal working odd jobs to help support his mother before he decided to vaguely follow his sister's path towards 'Soulsland, which led him first to Portland and, eventually, Palisade, where he made the unfortunate discovery that Phoenix's other litter had a similar idea in mind.

He doesn't stick around in the outpost for long, figuring it was a better idea to check out the Ashen pack proper, and Wichita decided to tag along with him.

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