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Tall, slender hybrid drenched in wintry shades. Ashen colors freckle her face, covering her right eye and spreading beneath her left. A stripe of the same gray hue decorates her muzzle. Her left rear paw is this same color, fading into freckles past her ankles. On her right forepaw, her outermost toe is freckled in gray, the rest of her paw the same pale off-white as the majority of her pelt. A cape of lighter gray covers the upper half of her body, fading past her shoulders, thighs, top of her tail, and ending at the base of her ears. Her paw pads and nose are a charcoal color, contrasting with the paleness of her fur. Her right eye is a striking emerald green, her left just as striking but tinged with teal.

Truly a hybrid, she resembles both a wolf and a dog but is neither here nor there. She often decorates herself with various leather-corded gems and pendants. Her optime hair hangs long and unruly, an ashen halo draped around her head. She will typically wear a long, white (albeit a bit dirty) wrap dress that she ties in many variations and dresses up with various bits of leather and strands of colored fabric.
A woman of few words — she does not speak unless she feels it is beneficial to her. In the same vein, she does not form relationships unless they offer her a benefit of some type. She is classified as an introvert, interacting with others proving to be mentally draining enough that she avoids it whenever possible. Jekaterina is a pathological liar. She lies for the sheer fun of it and only will tell the truth when she feels compelled to do so. She enjoys formulating a variety of stories in her head and seeing how far she can take them, putting a strangely high amount of effort into convincing others of the validity.

Her loyalty is difficult to win, but she is fiercely loyal once someone has proven themselves to her. However, her loyalty is often offered as a form of deceit — she will convince others that she is dedicated to them while making strategic moves behind their back.

Overall, she is diabolical and has crossed many barriers during her time as a member of the cult and during her adventures elsewhere. At the end of the day, it seems that there is nothing that she wouldn't do to benefit herself.
See Prizmov.
Born in Moscow, Russia. A member of the Prosveshchenny cult. Jekaterina was a dedicated follower of the cult's rules and religions until 2019, when the attempted drowning of Svyatoslav took place. A lady of loyalty, she was appalled by the way the cult had quickly turned on its own — a mother on her son. When Svyatoslav and some of the other cult members were chased out, Jekaterina followed, seeking to forge her own path. She made her way to London. There, she boarded ship and sailing across the sea with a crew of merry men and women looking for a new start. She remained an outcast, the strange way she spoke and acted landing her under the watchful eyes of the captain.

The ship landed in Portland, where Jekaterina spent a vast majority of her time lurking on the outskirts. Eventually, some of the folks in Portland decided that Jekaterina had caused too much trouble, and a small mob of five men was sent to chase her off. Jekaterina fled, eventually finding herself within the northern half of Nova Scotia. Jekaterina set up shop at an abandoned, secluded cabin near one of the many rivers, laying low and staying out of trouble.
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