Gascoigne Wick

Wolf Hybrid

Wolf Hybrid
Discord Handle: Salena#9965
He/Him or They/Them
Wolf-Dominant Hybrid
Date of Birth:
12th September 2019
Although Gascoigne is a wolf-dominant hybrid, more of his dog breed features shine through on his form. His muzzle is much more narrow than most canines', though is shorter to show some of his wolf heritage. The same is said for his ears, being much thinner, but short enough to pass as a wolf's. His body frame is thinner than usual, along with having slightly longer limbs than a normal wolf or coyote, another trait to his dog heritage. His tail is also thinner because of this. His fur is a bit thicker, but not enough to take away from showing his physical features.

He is practically the spinning image of his mother, only getting a hint of coloration from his father. His main coloration patterns range from light to dark grays, though the darker colors almost seem to hold a hint of what would be purple to their sheen. He has patches of brown over spots of his pelt, though are usually overshadowed or covered by his other colors. His eyes are a striking green coloration, just like his mother's. When he is in optime form, he grows a short mane, one matching the lightest grays of his pelt. He doesn't take too much care to make sure it's neat at all times, mostly just for events and rituals.

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Having the kind of mother he did, he was expected to dress in a similar fashion. Unlike his overly flashy mother, Gascoigne always went for a simpler look, but one that could still hold the flare that his mother and the others around her had. He wears fancy clothing, dressed with patterns and sometimes expensive materials, but it's usually hidden under a thick, long, leather trench coat. He's almost always sporting a cowboy style hat with it, decorated in some kind of mix of herbs and totems. He's always wearing some kind of decorate/embroidered collar around his neck, a staple to his family line. Whenever he is taking part in a ritual, he will ditch the coat and hat, adoring himself in accessories (ones that usually contain a mix of herbs, bones, trinkets, totems, metal, and jewels).
Ever since his youth, Gascoigne has been a bright boy. He had always been eager to please those around him, as it seemed to be the only way he was able to receive any love. He was sharp, cunning, and shaped into the perfect little minion to do whatever he was told. For a time, this seemed to work, and he had little reason not to do what was asked of him. Despite all this, he had been a relatively happy child. He didn't really think much of his life.

As he grew into his adulthood, his personality began to shift along with his view of his family, and the world around him. His intelligence lent itself to getting much better at fitting in with the crowd, as well as taking advantage of any situations he found himself in. This, unfortunately, also spread to his speech. He always held an air of confidence around himself and others, but now he was a smooth talker as well. This could be good whenever he was doing something for his mother, or those of their little coven; but, this also tended to get him into a lot of trouble. It gave him a new appreciation for the beast his mother could be, but it wasn't enough to get him to change. He learned to cut himself off before things got too far.

He became more aware of those around him, especially their skillset. Because of the way he was raised, he came to associate those with more social standing and skills meant they were better than the others around him. It sparked a silent desire to make competitions with others. It bred him to put his intelligence to another use, by using any means necessary to achieve "success" in the end. Noble or underhanded, it didn't matter. Morals don't mean much when it comes to being better. That being said, he does hold higher, "nobler" morals when it comes to those he's closer to. Not always, but most of the time.

Although he normally doesn't act like it, and certainly doesn't sound like it with how informal he can be, he does have a certain amount of respect. He is aware of boundaries, and while he will poke and prod at them, if something is clearly breaking them, he stops before it gets too far, or learns from them. That doesn't mean he won't take advantage of a person if they are the perfect person to use to get what he wants, but they will be lower on the list than someone else.
  • Father: Boone Winthrop
  • Mother: Solveig Wick
    • Siblings: Mikolash Wick
    • Half-Siblings: Ramsey, Rhodes Winthrop, Lyla Winthrop

Extended Family:
  • Grandparents: Dullahan Eternity, Peregrine, Vicira Tears, Redtooth
    • Aunts/Uncles: Sverre Wick, Vegard, Kitsch, Indra Winters, Voltaire Eternity, Antigone Eternity, Enyo Eternity, O'Riley Eternity, Merari Tears, Pontifex Troy Lykoi, Rufus Lykoi, Tesla Greygrief, Renly Greygrief
Gascoigne is the son of Solveig Wick and Boone Winthrop, along with his brother Mikolash Wick. He was born as the result of one of his father's flings, before a time when he would come to settle down with his wife. He and his brother never knew their father growing up, but little to nothing was spoken about him anyways. He only knows the man by name, and the circumstance leading to their birth, rather than any other kind of information.

He grew under the watchful and demanding gaze of his mother, blissfully unaware of what exactly she was trying to mold him into. Growing to become accustomed to the praise he received from those around him, he worked hard to stay within the good graces, none more so than his mother. Growing up in that kind of environment, he didn't hesitate to throw others under the bus so long as it would make him look good. For as much as he loved his mother though, the two of them couldn't always see eye to eye with one another. His mouth became not only his greatest tool, but also the thing that seemed to get him in trouble the most.

Despite how good he had it, at least in his eyes, he made the choice to leave his mother and strike it out on his own. Growing curious about his father and the place he hailed from. He deserved to get some answers after all. When sharing his plans, he was given a horse, and left with little hesitation. He began to make the journey north of where his mother and her followers lived, swindling and gathering information as he traveled. When he got word of where Boone might be living, he made his way for Palisade.

Currently, upon coming upon the newest location in his track, he has met up with his half-brother, Rhodes Winthrop. After an exchange of words, the two decide to travel together back home, to Del Cenere.
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